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February 25, 2014

A pictorial of Paris, the eternal dream!

Following my last post, “Again Paris, do I have to come up with a line for it!!!!”  i had several photos that I wanted to include , the famous ones so won’t go into détails just show you Paris on a winter day, sunny, lively, and vibrant as always. Paris, we will always have Paris.

Enjoy the photos,and until next post.

Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris paris rue rivoli pass louvre feb14 paris tour montparnasse jar lux feb14

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February 24, 2014

Again Paris, do I have to come up with a line for it!!!!

Again too the time to go with the family to Paris. As always tell all, do not worry about the weather just come and enjoy the most. When we left it was raining than by Rennes stop, and the rest of the weekend was perfect, just gorgeous cool day in Paris.

We rode free of tolls, the best way to go, right to small towns and nice scenary than the autoroutes pavements.  First taking the N24 towards Rennes, than hookup there on the rocade nord to the A84 free autoroute at exit No 16, porte de normandie. We got off at exit 29 of the A84 at Fougéres to hook up with the N12 all the way  passing just outside Fougéres, Beaucé, Mayenne, Alençon,Flers, Le Ribay,Fontenay, Saint-Cyr-en-Pail,Pré-en-Pail, Lalacelle,Verneuil-sur-Avre,Nonancourt, Bâlines, Dreux, to taking the A12 near Montigny-le-Bretonneux to link up with the A13 autoroute de normandie for free the last leg to Paris ,porte Dauphine , to ave Foch, the always thrilling and wonderful Arc de Triomphe, ave Friedland to the Gare Saint lazare parking on 29 rue de Londres.

There we unloaded what most readers will be shocked, but I have boys born in Florida USA, and as such their tastes are younger, Wilder, and traditionally hamburgers lol!!! Yep, we try the new Burger King at the train station Gare Saint Lazare. It was pack, never had to do a line for hamburgers, but I was drag into it. Luckily with good manners and security, we moved fast and in about 20 minutes were Inside the counter, and was able to find a table as well!!! The place was packed and the lines did not stop at all, this is big. Burger King is back in France after a 15 years absent. And of course, they are from Florida !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! They will be here thru a franchise of Autogrill ,

From there we again were dragged into the obvious Micromania store in the galerie commerciale Saint Lazare, and then went over across to the passage du havre for the FNAC store where I lost some euros again for been weak and soft lol!!! Here is micromania in the train station, ,and the shops of Havre for the FNAC,

Then , the time came over to me at last. I was able to walk them in the Parc Monceau, one of my favorite areas, used to run,and biked there with friends while working in Paris. I have taken my kids when Younger many times,and now when Young adults. So we just traded stories on the things they did and how they fell on bikes trying to learn, and of course the chasers they did on me and could not catch me, now they do lol! On the bikes we ran so who will get first to the first step in the rotunda baths !Here is the site from the city parks dept in French,  and in English from the tourist office of Paris,

I try to hit the Jardin du Luxembourg but it was late and of course closed. So I had already planned dinner around the area at Chez Clement, 9 Pl Saint André des Arts, just around the corner from the place Saint Michel. This is our favorite chain of restaurant if you can call it a chain, only a handful of them. We have tried over the years the one at Bd des Capucines(near Opéra)  near my old place of work, and done my kids birthday near our home at Bougival (Yvelines dept 78). This time we try another and we had a great time with the server,an older man very funny and very capable. WE had a big laugh when folks from elsewhere arrive asking for a quick table and quick serving, he told them we don’t serve fast here….musing came to us and say well there is a McDonald’s nearby lol!!! WE come to eat the French way, one serving at a time ,and slowly to enjoy the meal with the proper apéro and a nice ending coffee. We took the menu at 35 Euros, included all from Lillet glacé apéros, to the entrée, terrine de foie gras for me, the main dish was rôti de bouef avec purée de pomme de terre, and dessert, créme brulée, ending with a expresso coffee. We had Evian or Badoit water bottles for each,and a half bottle or 37,5 Cl of white rieslings alsace, Alfred Klipfel, and a full bottle 75CL red wine of Château Le Moulin la Tonnelle,  Blaye côte de Bordeaux. Sublime with nice ambiance, belle epoque deco,and well serve, all perfect. We do tell you its our favorite chain ::)

It was a quick trip so we had only one night, one of those hunger periods where we need to get out from Brittany together , and back to our hunting ground,therefore, for one night we chose the Campanile Saint Germain en Laye hotel, I used them sometimes on my business trips and had stayed here before. It was a quick in and out from the N13 and the A13 to Paris, and other than sleeping there was no other reason to be here. The place is clean, friendly nice service as usual, and the breakfast continental light but plenty we took the offered basket of cookies, madeleines, hot choco, coffees, teas, and out we went all for 49 Euros the room with double beds and 59 the one with 3 beds, all charges included. IF you need a one nighter these are it  as well as the main competitors Ibis, which ,I ,also, use together with the Mercure.  .I must add it is surrounded by great shopping centers from a hyper carrefour to FNAC stores, gas station Total access, and another shopping center of Art de Vivre down the line in Orgeval, so passing to Normandy on the A13 exit 7 this is a great stop/rest option.

The next morning we got up early than usual and headed by to Paris with my car and the gang,this time to hit up the Jardin du Luxembourg. It was a gorgeous day, and we came in grand on rue Auguste Comte on the side of rue de l’observatoire. There was not too many people at first and by noon the park was full. The little boat in the fountain with lots of families and kiddies around, the gorgeous Senate building of France,and the park ,the fountain of Médicis, and the Orangerie all gorgeous.

We continue to be by the Panthéon, Under renovation was still very nice. And the Church of St Etienne du Mont, service going on so we would not go Inside but still lovely area. In time to get back to our car parked for free at rue Guynemer,and out onto bd St MIchel over the pont saint MIchel and the pont au change into rue Rivoli and out to pl de la concorde into the ave des champs elysées ,the arc de triomphe and avenue Foch to the A13 to Normandie and the A12 to the N12 and back home. 5h30 by car and 475 kms; with lunch in route rest stop. And Paris was visited again, so nostalgic, we are already planning to go back in May. Cheers

Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris Paris

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February 16, 2014

Vietnam at its best, a repeat visit.

Just came back from a wonderful week trip to Vietnam. This time had a bit more time and saw more of the country. All amazed on how a war torn country can come back and be so alive and working. Vietnam is spoken less than other Asian countries when it comes to infrastructure and tourism but its a sleeping giant awaiting to catch the Asian boom.

This is the official tourist bureau of the country,

I came in from my usual trek, Nantes, Paris CDG, to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) surprisingly many locals still refer to it as Saigon, the inner central districts. The airport is nice small easy to navigate; I had locals pick me up by car.  So no experience with public transport ,however, taxis are plenty just outside the terminal ,and figure its the best way to come to city center or district 1.

Once there I went to my by now home, the Hotel Grand Silverland, in district 1 ,right in the middle by the great famous market of Ben Thanh. This is as a classic hotel as you can find, old look, and modern facilities throughtout, with a great breakfast,and easy walking to the market, muséums,and lively street life of the city.  It has a wonderful rooftop pool and resto with fabulous views of Saigon.

From here ,I tasted the nightlife best for action, and the best looking women of Vietnam locals or expats try the Beirut Gardens with belly dancing shows after 20h. 74/13D Hai Ba Trung, District 1,  Ho Chi Minh city telephone +84838222188 .  Just be there and you will see.  I was surprise to be invited to a restaurant where Pres Bush even visited while there,and his pictures still hang on the walls lol!!  TIB restaurant ,It is at the end of a narrow passage street, no web but here is the contact 187 ter, Hai Ba Trung, District 3, Tel +84 8 3829 7242. This has great dishes in a colonial setting even with pictures of Vietnam last queen and king(1945).

I continue my culinary search into HCMC =Saigon, at Ngọc Sương  106 Sương Nguyệt Ánh,district 1, Tel: (84.8) 3925.6939 ; here we had a nice fireup shrimp dish that was superb. And it has a webpage with the address at least,

After this one we went to the Rose Palace, no webpage and not on the tourist page, but locals know, a big restaurant for banquets and special events, with a big event of models parading that was awesome, the food is good and the service is great so seek it out when in town.  I,also, try another local favorite of Bung Tao, no web and as was taken to them, forgot to write down the addresses, tant pis, but well Worth asking for them on your trip there.  See the pictures here on the hotpot dishes. Another one was comga Van Xuong at 74 Hàm Nghi, Dist 1 (gần bánh mì Như Lan), famous for its Hunan chicken style food of China. just ask for it.

We drove by car from the airport of Chu lai, but before we stop for lunch at Bung Tao on the road restaurant, a airy picnic type large place with local service and good food of the area, fish sea and river, and great Tiger beers with a lively table of 10, lots of cheers and happy crowd, the driver was good lol! This one of course will take a good local to take you to it, but here for the memories and good cheers, XHO cheers salut a votre santé! see the picture with the car and a country house patio.

At Chu lai airport was just a country airstrip but apparently busy as it is close to the beaches; and of course it was built by the USA… B52 landed here. we flew on VASCO domestic Vietnam Airlines.  The best info on it found this webpage

At Chu Lai, we took a car, and drove to Da Nang. Here we had a night stay across the beach at the Hotel Doan 27, 128 Trường Sa street nothing fancy ,it houses the army personnel when on manouvers,and then a tourist hotel the rest of the time, basic training, food for breakfast order before hand, and not that great chow; the beach across was great thus,and wonderful views from my room. Here again see the pictures as cannot find a webpage, the locals took me here , to get rid of me hahahaha!!! The best part is that next door there was a small cafe where I tasted the best coffee in Vietnam!!! again just in the corner of the hotel and sideways facing the beach.

We did ate here , first at Tea house Viet Nam, see the photo with the addresses as no web could find on them, very nice clean place we had good soups here,and rices, with green and yellow tea and water, very cheap I was told my friends paid lol!  Then we move on to one very special, its a patio with buddha and hills decoration, terrace out and covered, very nice place and service, again forgot the name yikes!! its me sorry, see the photos with the table and the tree in it, 3 photos of it Inside the restaurant, will need to recall those names or maybe someone reading the post can tell me.It will the unknown restaurant of Da Nang.

Here in Da Nang, we went to the airport for our flight to Hanoi, very nice airport at Da Nang, notice this is a big tourist spot in Vietnam, and famous name from previous wars. There are severail nice hôtels , casinos, and the rotating bridge as well as the famous dragon bridge that spurs fire at night Fridays and Saturdays.

Before leaving Da Nang, we went very late to the historic city of Hoi An, it was midnite and my camera did not work well flash problems; but there is the famous Japanese bridge and the many pagodas plus many restaurants and antiques gifts clothing stores all the town seems to be for tourism and preservation of houses more than 300 years old, the Japanese were here,then Chinese, then French,and Americans. Other than info found in Vietnam tourist office, here is one locally done,

I finally took my flight back to Paris at Hanoi, by midnite, the flight was smooth,and on time. This is a nice size airport spacious and easy to navigate, here is the site

In all a very nice trip,and many thanks to the local people who helped me thru the airports, road transportation,hotels, and restaurant accompanying me on everything. Looking forward to return. Cheers.

Vietnam danang  Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam Vietnam

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February 15, 2014

Some news from France CXXIIII

Here I am back, and lots to write , always invigorating passing by Paris, the eternal city of love oops its Valentine’s, did you did you!!! A late but meaningful happy Valentine’s day to all.

You need to try the chocolates of our local boy Henri Le Roux, created the wonderful caramel chocolates in 1977, and have a store in Paris at 9 rue des Martyrs, 9éme. It is now run with great Japanese flair by Makoto Ishii since 2006.

And ,continue with French flair with Guerlain parfums: hip store at 68 avenue des Champs-Elysées, 8éme.  It has been there since 1914!!! and of course the next door restaurant Le 68 is managed by chef Guy Martin of Vefour fame…

well we had our Daniel Hechter, L’Air du temps, Hugo Boss, Lacoste ,and YSL so we cover all the price ranges at home lol!!! Another great store is the Le 66, at 66 ave des champs elysées, for men and women having over 150 brands represented on 3 floors.

A great New York import we are always looking for, especially us romantic Americans ho ho ho! is La Buvette, the great west village emporium now finally in Paris too. breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 28 rue Henri-Monnier,9éme,

Talking about an out of the way museum in Paris, but in my favorite area of the city, musée Marmottan-Monet is celebrating plenty this year. Les impressionistes en privé, célébrâtes 80 years of the museum. From September 2014 to January 2015 the museum will be celebrating the 140 years of impressionistes paintings school. Get on at 6 rue Louis-Boilly,

Continuing with the smashing success of the presentation of HOW TO BECOME PARISIAN IN ONE HOUR by Olivier Giraud in the Théatre des Nouveautés, 24 bd Poissonniére. Fridays and Saturdays at 19H Sundays at 18h, and Mondays at 20h. metro Grands Boulevards, and his webpage,

Keep an eye for the French movie coming out this year of the La Belle et la Bête or the beauty and the beast 70 years after the great work by Jean Cocteau it is coming tothe big screen totally .

And on the mood of love, after all this is February, one at least me like to remember those wonderful films we fell in love with Paris,like the title of my blog paris1972 for that Le Dernier tango à Paris, Marlon Brandon, and Maria Schneider. However, don’t forget Charade with Cary Grant and Audrey Hepburn wow!  If you go to the musée Carnavalet to admire the Roméo et Juliette au tombeau des Capulet. Le Baiser by Rodin at the musée Rodin, and how about the musée de la vie romantique 16 rue Chaptal 9éme.

Visit the wall of love or the Mur des Je t’aime in the heart of Montmartre in the romantic gardens of the place Jehan-Rictus where the words of I love you are written in 280 languages!!! near metro Abbesses, up rue la vieuville. Also, have your lock at the passarelle des arts  or the fontaine Médicis in the cave of the jardin du Luxembourg.

How about a kiss in Paris, well many places he he he! but the classic ones you should try are at the very top of the hill of Montmartre on the street of vinyards near Sacre-Coeur, yes this is at the corner of rue Saint Vincent and rue de la Bonne. How about the île Saint-Louis or the île de la Cité; or get off the popular into the private of the île aux cygnes facing the statue de la liberté. Last for me should be the Butte-Chaumont park, in the temple call Sybille why not.

Yes, it is 850 years of Notre Dame, the grand dame by the Seine. 14 millions visitors last year and why not, get in line, wait, see it. its Worth it. The grand orgue or organ is the most important in France; five keyboards, 109 stops, and 8000 pipes it is also the largest. It has 10 bells . The construction lasted 107 years and a great French expression comes from this event. “Je ne t’attendrai pas 107 ans”  OR I won’t wait 107 years. or forever. Nice , tranquil beautiful Paris.

men, women looking for French outfits well go Parisian for a real fashion local look go to Zadig & Voltaire store, clothing, accessories ,and jewerly. Here is the addresses where to find them,

machines call PABLO are been installed in the airports for the tax rebate to non EU Citizen visiting France. as well as customs formalities, several languages like English, Spanish, Portuguese, Arab, Chinese, Russian and Japanese. The machines are at CDG Terminals 1,3, 2A,2C,2D,2E,and 2F. at Orly they are at Sud and Ouest terminals.

Last news that croisieurope is coming up with a new cruise on the river Loire, staring in April 2014, there will be 6-10 days cruises from Nantes, Saint Nazaire or Angers on a 90×15 boat with 48 cabins name the MS Loire Princesse.  ;

Have a great weekend everybody. Cheers.


February 8, 2014

Some news from Bretagne XV

I am on the run as will be leaving for a week to Vietnam, no time for internet then. Today in Brittany was windy, cool, and rainy with hail ice cubes and heavy rains at times, but we were out like a true Breton ::)

Something to keep in mind is to go fishing on foot (pêche à pieds) at Carnac, a popular thing here of course weather permitting. You learn to fish for clams, crabs, etc. The next outings will be February 17, 10h30 and 12h, February 24 16h15, March 10 at 17h,; and so on  admission to the event is 7€ adults: you can buy the trip at the tourist office of Carnac Plage, webpage

The best preserve WWII submarine training center is at Lorient. At the Musée sous-marine du pays de Lorient. They do tours every Sundays from 14h to 18h, resa at +33 (0) 6 07 10 69 or webpage

If you are looking for some good chow, great drinks and live music in the area then head for the Pub d’Arradon, 2 rue Bouruet Aubertot, Arradon a full line up of performers already on for February and March, Bob and Mimosa on the 15 February and Groovy Jam on the 21 February are good, more info at the webpage

In my old town of Auray, the Méliscénes festival will be on for the 14th edition from March 13-22 2014. the tickets will be on sale from February 18. great entertainement in town at different locations. Great for the whole family. the whole program from the city of Auray in pdf file here

Another great place for a great meal and all surrounded by 16C construction period; great beef, and the choucroute de la mer (seafood ) and the andouillette artisanale are just wonderful. The place has been recently renovated right in city center Vannes. the Brasserie des Halles, 9-11, rue des Halles, with webpage

We did our groceries before coming home at E. Leclerc in Vannes, and found out our favorite shopping center resto les Vannetis has close out, Under renovation it will re open as a Flunch cafeteria later on. So we came to our other restaurant the Bistro Saint Edouard, where we have the plat dessert combi for 10,30€ with Pelforth beers and coffee for 13,88€ per person, tel +33 (0) 2 97 63 83 45. For direction here is the leclerc webpage

I am looking forward to coming back with more from Vietnam, and a trip to Paris later on. Have a great weekend and stay dry lol!!!


Bistro Saint Edouard,


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February 7, 2014

Madrid is like home!

Well this one was a quick one two days meeting but always nice to take advantage to come to Madrid, my Madrid of childhood memories.

I was there from Tuesday to Thursday and staying at the now usual hotel Ayre Gran Colon was great by Dr Esquerdo.  the location can’t be beaten to be away from tourist central, you are near lines 6 and 9 of metro by Sainz de Baranda or Conde de Casal, and plenty of bus lines stop in the corner of calle pez volador and dr esquerdo. walking distance to the Retiro park.

Coming from the Airport, Barajas at Terminal 4 I try the new law on the flat rate for the taxis, 30 euros and you are at your hotel; very nice and easy, the meter already says 30,00 when you get on. This is the scoop, from official Spain airports site,

I had my rounds at the usual Cerveceria Cruz Blanca at calle Dr Esquerdo, very nice folks , prompt nice service and no tourists ::)

My luck have it was there during the Copa del Rey or King’s Cup game between my Real Madrid and the local rivals Atletico de Madrid, well it was a feast to Watch with good company, we won 3×0!!! almost qualifying us to the semifinals!!! Can’t beat watching a football/soccer game in Madrid and at a bar lol!!!  More of the football/soccer there at the tourist office and of course will only tell you about the Real Madrid FC

Until my next chance in my beloved City, in Madrid to heaven and a hole in the sky to look down on it every day !!!! Cheers have a great weekend.

Madrid Madrid Madrid

February 1, 2014

Some news from Bretagne XIIII

Here I am on a Saturday that began nice and now it is raining again in Brittany!!! My car is at the shop repairs for maintenance usual stuff,and will be in Madrid next tuesday to thursday. Temps here in lovely Morbihan is at 6C!!

Some of my favorite events planned or recommended for my region are coming up:

the 1988 Jazz Club at 27 pl du Colombier, Rennes has events Schedule such as KellyLee Evans stet, Benjamin Coum, and Bernard Allison.

La Caréne at 30 Rue Jean Marie le Bris, Brest has a whole Schedule which I will try for Nashville Pussy but won’t be here, and it is very good like hard blues music.

Espace Avel Vor, at Plougastel, by the post office follow panels,  will have the 21 February the performance of Tété, and Bobby & Sue event opener.French soul for Tété and 25€ admission.

L’Archipel, at Rue des Îles, 29170 Fouesnant, will have the great Fado music of Katia Guerreiro 20 February at 20h30; and before that the new Cuban star in France Yilian Cañizares on February 1 ochumare , she is a composer, violinist,and singer; 20h30 is today late but good mentioning that I missed it!

Closer to me at Orcade Spectacles Lorient,30 Boulevard Cosmao Dumanoir, we have the big ensemble March 30 , of the Feast of Saint Patrick, withe celtic dances, Scottish pipe band,and the Breton Bagad de Lann Bihoue group.

At my favorite site le Chorus de Vannes,Parc du Golfe, I am waiting for Franck Dubosc, a comedian actor of many popular summer movies here such as camping.6 February which again will be out and missed!yikes!

Later on February 22nd I will not missed it, is the salon de vins et de la gastronomie ,

After several years of renovation the nice Church of Notre Dame,Quimperlé will re open February 22nd.éouverture-de-l-église-notre-dame.html

The event to follow on several towns of the Morbihan is the Hivernales du Jazz, jazz all over in different sites, Nelson Veras, Lionel Suarez, Raices,Reggie Washington, Agathe jazz quartet a few of the performers. Going on now thru February 16.

Finally, at Baden, 2 Place Weilheim, you will find a unique museum, the Musée des Passions et des Ailes, or museum of passions and wings relates the story of local boy Joseph le Brix,in 1928,he does the first flight of the South Atlantic , died 3 years later trying to do the same Paris to Tokyo trip. In the same building you have the collection of Jean and Anne Farkas, with a beautiful collection of toys, porcelains,automates that attract visitors from the whole world. A room with boat models by Aimé Malry, and another on accordions by Francis le Pipec.  admission is 3,50€ adults and opens from  July 1 to August 31 every  day from 10h-12h and 15h-18h. Closed Sunday afternoons. June 15 to June 30 and September 1 to 7 is open every mornings from 10h-12h, Saturdays from 15h-18h.  Outside of these dates it is open the Saturdays from 15h -18h. webpage

Enjoy Bretagne!


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February 1, 2014

Museum or musée de la Chouannerie at Plouharnel

Its probably one of two muséums on the Chouans, the farming folks who rebels against the French revolution. There is another in the Vendée region, this one is right in Plouharnel. I am in the middle of this historic region. Plouharnel is a town on the road D768 going towards the Presqu’île de Quiberon or peninsula of Quiberon.

The musée de la Chouannerie sits in an old bunker of WWII near the beach, and surrounded by sights that tells you that this was a heavily fortified place with machine guns part of the Atlantic wall of WWII. Most of the pictures will be from this period.

However the museum is an educational fact finding beauty. Most folks think that the  French revolution was just an attack on the Bastille to get rid of the king Louis XVI. However, what they don’t know is that frontal army attacks and later guerrilla warfare was carry out in the Vendée and up to Bretagne and Normandie against this revolution. One if not the most bloody event in France’s history.

The National Day is more a day of reconciliation of these events, as the Place de la Concorde in Paris along will tell you, the concordia of people after been name place de la revolution and before place royale. The reign of terror and the guillotine are testaments of this horrific period.

This is the part in English from the Plouharnel tourist office ,

Brittany, has an old State identity ,strong, earth firmly rooted in his Christian faith, deeply rooted in its multi-centenaires traditions,
even multimillenaires, viscerally attached to its structures and his men is seen as an entity to make it disappear at any price. In order to justify the unjustifiable, to think the unthinkable, jacobins policies , particularly Parisian, will strive to do the Bretons as rebels of
Conservatives, bandits, robbers, in a word of chouans. Journalists, painters, writers… are not to be outdone, making this portion of France a land of arrears, exotic outdated and vulgar, not considering of the Bretons only that and as well as  subhumans barely out of muds of a medieval barbarian and dirty. With the union with France (1532) , Brittany will not hesitate to resume a war  to defend its rights where the case of Bonnets Rouges (name also given today to demonstrators against the current govenrment policies) in 1675 and the marquis de Pontcallec in 1719. The chouannerie lies in this logic: negation of its rights -.refusal of dialogue – insurgency – crackdown, the Central power  not knowing what to use extreme force to impose its will.  Taken from the museum text.
The war of guerrillas goes on until 1832,and the confirmation of the restoration of many rights and properties to the Bretons,not all. The museum founded in  1985 ,and open symbolicall on July 14 by  Guy Halna du Fretay,its a unique museum in France links entirely to the  Chouannerie, in the Vendée,and on the wars of the west ( Guerres de l’Ouest as they are known in Brittany);proposing over 400 items (maps, documents, weapons, customes, diverse objects, engravings from Marcel de Villemoisson, and many more, all retracing the events of the wars of the west from  1793 to 1832, showing Windows in glass cover and tables of events of the wars.
One of the main heroes is General Georges Cadoudal of Auray neaby and my former home, whre he is buried in his own property with a mausoleum his descendants open to the public. Call the Champ de Martyrs or the field of martyrs for the massacre of chouans done there in 1795, the remains are now kept in the  Chartreuse of Auray nearby.
Enjoy a history of no more révolutions. I hope that my introduction will led you to learn more of this important historical event that is still very much alive here in Brittany ,the land of the Bretons. Bretons forever , French never ::) or as the sign in Conleau says Bretons toujours, français jamais.
quiberon quiberon quiberon quiberon quiberon quiberon quiberon quiberon
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