Côte Sauvage and Quiberon!

We are having quite a bit of rains non stop, and maybe hail tomorrow ,and I need to do change of chains in my car at Norauto Vannes lol!

However, this past thursday did go to my favorite place here Quiberon peninsula or the Presqu’île de Quiberon; this gorgeous country even in almost empty winter season.  The last writing on it was back on August 24 2012 wow, I did not even realise how far I have written on Quibe, see so much to see, even your favorite takes time to see it again. The tourist office webpage is at http://www.quiberon.com/

Its very easy from my house about 40 minutes by car, you take the road D768 down off the expressway National N165 off exit for Auray, Carnac, Quiberon, La Trinité-sur-Mer. You get to see the bay and the water the moment you reach the town of Plouharnel, then it becomes a peninsula with water on both sides.  Passing the Baie de Plouharnel you come to the first great beach, Le Sablé d’Or on your left hand side, you will have the Fôret Domaniale de Quiberon on the left side too, a forest with nice benches for picnics.  Next is the town of Penthièvre (part of Saint-Pierre de Quiberon) and the great fortress now a military installation but on the back open to the public showing the cave where resistance fighters from Locminé were executed by the Nazis, and a cross rises up in their memory.  You arrive at the village of Kerhostin, and immediately on the right is the port town of Portivy. Here begins the wonderful sublime inmense côte sauvage for real.

Côte Sauvage or wild coast is a cliffs hanging zigzagging road with beautiful views of the Atlantic ocean below you and passing by what was the famous WWII Atlantic Wall that the Nazis try to hold on the possible invasions which as you know was not enough thanks God. At Portivy, at the Port Blanc is picturesque and nice quaint old fashion. The road here is number D186A and changes with names but no matter you just keep going slowly, of course in summer is a bit crowded but plenty of parking for free along the road to enjoy the sights. The D186A is also, call the Route Cotiére or coastal road.

Around it, you get to see the Château de Turpault just before entering Quiberon. You come in on the quai de Houat, and the fisherman coopératives and fisherman harbor is the first you see on your right hand side. Next comes the Gare maritime with great cruises to the islands in the Gulf of Morbihan, you go up on rue du phare and see the lighthouse of Quiberon, continue back on the boardwalk to Place Hoche and the wonderful Grande Plage or Big beach.

Here we stop for lunch today at Le Tourbillon at pl Hoche, (now closed) where we hade the menu du jour, mont d’or melted cheese with potatoes and marteaux sausages, with Leffe blonde beer, expresso coffee all for 22€ per person. The service was very prompt and nice, locals only now, they all knew each other. Nice place to come back….http://www.morbihan.com/bar-le-tourbillon/quiberon/tabid/7419/offreid/1d453b1f-45a0-4151-bfbf-33e353dc3fe4/detail-restaurants.aspx

Some background info on the areas mentioned above:

Plouharnel , tourist office, http://www.plouharnel.com/ ;; some of the beaches here but remember the best one for me, at the site here http://www.plouharnel.com/seaside.html

at Penthièvre, we have in French the infor on the many beaches,camping,and the fortress , http://www.saintpierrequiberon.fr/saint-pierre-quiberon/patrimoine

Kerhostin, has a unique cross over from both sides of the bay of Quiberon, and more beaches and camping, http://www.vivre-a-kerhostin.net/kerhostin/

Here is a site golfe360 that shows Portivy better and you can also find info on the rest of the towns in French, http://www.golfe360.com/photos-quiberon-port-portivy/ ;; in addition of course to what ‘s is in the tourist web for Quiberon above.

See here the story on the Château de Turpault, http://en.quiberon.com/discover/heritage/135299-le-chateau-turpault ;; and the gare maritime or pleasure cruise terminal of Quiberon, http://www.morbihan.com/compagnie-oceane/quiberon/tabid/7426/offreid/e2c2af26-73ec-48be-a41d-4d7cad90414b/detail-se-deplacer.aspx

and all about the Gulf of Morbihan, ,,http://www.golfedumorbihan.fr/ ;; some pictures of the lighthouse of Quiberon, ,,,http://phares.du.monde.free.fr/lum20/phare/pag190.html

and the wild coast information below.


Enjoy this area , it is awesome.Cheers

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5 Comments to “Côte Sauvage and Quiberon!”

  1. We were there in October when you had that storm and we had to move inland a little bit. We really loved the coastline, a bit like Cornwall in England or Galicia in Spain. The wind was throwing up foam over the cliffs and it looked like snow! I put some pictures of that in my blog. Here is the link, if you are interested. http://fatimasaysell.com/2013/11/10/quiberon-morbihan-department-brittany-saturday-26th-october-2013/


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