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January 30, 2014

A little town near me, Brandivy.

Ok this is a small backdoor town in the Morbihan dept 56 near my home town. I past by here several times to go out into the wider world and each time the itch to see a bit of it was bypass until this morning.

First, Brandivy is the French name, for the Breton name it is Bredeui. Just over 1000 inhabitants ! Early Breton came here at about the 6C and impose their language. On an unknown date, they raise over a hill looking down at the river Loc’h, a chapel in honor of Saint Ivy or Divy, a monk and Breton Deacon who came from Armoric (what is today England/Wales/Scotland area in about 686AD.  Therefore, the place took the name of  Bré-Yvy or Bré-Divy (meaning hill of Ivy), today Brandivy.

The tourist site relating to this town is the Landes tourist region at


The Church of Saint Aubin is imposing yet simple size; from 1728 a fire destroyed it, and again rebuilt in 1732, after many efforst to preserve it ,finally in 1902 the belltower was done. The calvary of the Church was done earlier but the cross for sure  in 1837

You go down a very steep ravine on the side of the river Loc’h to visit the Chapel of Saint Laurent, built early in the 16C; a bit further and you come to the cave of Notre Dame de Lourdes, recently done in 1998! the newest of chapel in all the region. In 1912, a tall cross was put in indented part of the rocks, sort like a cave, and from them a great piligrimage is happening as the rocks looks similar to those at Lourdes. It has a huge wooden crucifixtion cross.

For a eating stop , the one and only typically Breton is the Créperie du Loch, 11 rue de la Vallée du Loc’h – 56 390 Brandivy can’t missed its the main street of the town, and all cars go by it!

Enjoy the town of Brandivy on the road D103. Cheers

Brandivy Brandivy Brandivy Brandivy Brandivy Brandivy

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