Vannes, be there, its the capital of the Morbihan

Ok so after so many days of rain, today was wonderful , even warmer than usual at 14C so we head out to do our usual errands and found ourselves again in Vannes. As you know by reading my blog, Vannes is the capital or préfecture city of the Morbihan with almost 60K inhabitants. By far the best public transport system in the region, and the entry point to the Gulf of Morbihan of UNESCO fame ::)

Again, Vannes means Gwened if use the Breton language as Morbihan is small sea, mor=sea bihan=small, and you are welcome to my region, Degemer Mat !! the tourist office is at in English.

I had to do my annual car checkup or révision here, and went to my favorite place of many years and never an issue Norauto. This gave me time to walk around the shopping area, first it was Castorama for some building materials for the new house, tiles, and panneling lol!!! will have a busy spring ::) At the same time our sons were hanging around their favorite FNAC and Micromania stores , thank God no need to dish out money, they got their own work now !!!

We pick them up and went out to have lunch, we like a place that we have been before and once we like something ,we are very hard to let go, the couple owners are a delight and fun to speak with regulars of many years ,who even come to sample the wines that will be serve on the menu book! This time it was a chardonnay from the Languedoc area, but we stuck with our Rosé of the côtes de provence, les Diamantines of Domaine de l’Estan , very inexpensive and delicious rosé for about 11€ the bottle. Ahh the place is Don Camillo, 20 Rue du Port right by the Le Port area facing the pleasure boat marina in Vannes. you can find reviews in Cityvox , where I write resto reviews Under another alias (see my blogroll below) or the tourist office of the Morbihan,

We had  pizzas in mediterrannée with chorizos, and goat cheese samplers, with cafe gourmand, the expresso coffee with four different small portions of sweet from tiramisu, mousse au chocolat, apple pie, and babba rhum cake, and the beforemention bottle of rose wine all for 94€ (18,80€ per person) in addition to free parking at the underground garage Le Port for two hours!

From there we talk our usual leisure walks around the port pleasure marina area and up the ramparts to the beautiful narrow cobblestone,and wooden houses the laundry or lavoirs and the now exhibition place the old castle of the Hermine. Gorgeous photos over the city and once out, we headed home.

On our way I stop at my favorite wine place (one of them so many ::)) this is Le Gôut de la Vigne  entrance to Pluvigner on the D768 road, to get a load of southwestern or sud ouest wines from the Gaillac and Marcillac areas, which we love, as it is the region of my wife’s father side. This is the store locally owned, and well stock with the goodies of France and Bretagne as well.

We end up at the Super U supermarket in Pluvigner to finish with our groceries at least the bulky ones as we do shop all over the producers in the area. This is our town now , Pluvigner.

Now we are all set for relaxing and watching that football /soccer match Real Madrid vs Granada in the Spanish Liga BBVA first division, that my team the Real Madrid just won 2X0 with goals from CR and Benzema…provisonal leaders! and with this good news I bit you Farewell until next time in my rounds of Bretagne, France, and the world, will have a busy travel month of February in Europe and Asia. Cheers.

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