Suscinio is Sarzeau

On of the most emblematic castles of Brittany,Bretagne is the Château de Suscinio. It is in the Hamlet of Kermoizan in the town of Sarzeau, which itself is located in the peninsula or presqu’île  de Rhuys in the Morbihan dept 56. My area.

Today was a rainy day, windy, humid, cold around 11C but we decided not to just do the routine and come home, we headed there for some sights and then on the way back purchase some cider and did our groceries.

We left late after a good morning sleep, and go to the Château de Suscinio, The official webpage is at

Here the dukes of Brittany, built a fortress in the year 1218AD, it was enlarged and embellished after that by many dukes, until the French revolution ,which finally sold it as national property in 1798. It was purchased in 1852 byt Viscount Jules de Francheville, and after an effort trying to preserved it ,was finally sold to the government the General Council of the Morbihan in 1965 that continues its renovation even as of today.

Inside there is a museum of the history of the area, Its one of the favorite résidences of the dukes of Brittany even over those of Nantes and Vannes. It is beautiful indeed and in a tranquil countryside full of charm, a must to visit when in the area.

On the way to this wonderful peninsula, which has its own tourist site and an information house on the way to the castle on the road D780,

We passed by a wonderful museum and cider maker place, La Maison du Cidre at the town of Le Hézo, delicious ciders from the region authentic and a great souvenir ; webpage here  You are told how the cider is made, the instruments to make it, and tastings, in addition to a full boutique for purchases of goodies from the area.

Finally, we did our groceries at the supermarché Casino in Sarzeau before returning home where it is still raining ::)

Another day in the Morbihan. See you around and enjoy your travels its an eye opener to the world of the Human kind. Cheers!

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2 Comments to “Suscinio is Sarzeau”

  1. So much to see, so little time! Lovely pictures. 🙂


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