Saint Anne d’Auray a simple way of life.

Sunday in the Morbihan, is quiet, family time, and getting that baguette for the big lunch of the day, raclette is in order. I took a bit of a ride with my father and oldest son, just out to nearby towns we passed often and sometimes no time for photos.

It is cloudy , humid,cool day of winter ,temp of 8C or about 47F, but no rain!!! Typically when we are home we just sit around and  its so funny in a way, sort of like an incubation of human life. I am at the internet as usual with my travel sites, my sons are playing on their video games, the wife is reading some crossword puzzle, and my father is watching his Spanish TVE. Everybody in their own little world as a microcosm of society in general. We seek what we like to do best when alone. We do things different when we are in a group.

However, while traveling I took some new photos or from another angle. Saint Anne d’Auray is a religious town, the basilica de Saint Anne is the patron saint of the Bretons, the mother of Mary ,and grandmother of Jesus. She has a huge basilica compound here, with statues, memorials to the dead,and plaques all over, even one remembering the visit by Pope John Paul II in 1996.

You will see in the photos a photo from the angle coming on the road D102, passing the necropolis or cementary of the French and Belgium troops in WWII as well as those of WWI and the 1870 war on the French side. Very nicely done, clean, beautiful resting place to keep beautiful people. Then you can see from the parking the Basilica at a distance ,and the statue of Saint Anne ,right on the park near the Mémorial to Bretons dead in WWars. Before getting there I passed by Pluneret and its Church St Pierre-et-St Paul finish in 1885, imposing as you turn the traffic circle from road D102 to D17 direction Saint Anne d’Auray.

just a reminder on Saint Anne d’Auray sanctuary;

the area tourist organisation is base in Auray, here is the link ,

Enjoy the trip in the Morbihan Breton, with a nice, tranquil, beautiful Saint Anne d’Auray. And don’t forget July 26 is the day of Saint Anne where the place becomes the second most visited religious site in France ,just behind Lourdes. Cheers


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