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January 8, 2014

Some news from France CXXII

A wonderful beginning to 2014 and we have news, yes YSL movie is on. This is the day where schools are close earlier and we get to come home earlier too ::) The flooding is gone, and thanks God we didn’t get any, those poor folks down the coast had a nightmare and even in Vannes the marché was flooded. Now its back to normal and even the sun came out. The coastal areas in Brittany down to the border with Spain remain in Orange alert thus.

The movie on the life of Yves Saint Laurent is on. Out tonite with Avec Pierre Niney, Guillaume Gallienne, Charlotte le Bon, Laura Smet, Marie de Villepin, Xavier Lafitte, Nikolai Kinski ,and Judi Beecher. See some familiar last names here ::) YSL in 1957, at just 21 years old is driven to the artistic direction of the House of Christian Dior. The young designer presents his first collection “Trapèze” during a triumphant parade where he met Pierre Bergé, who became his lover. A success which allows him to build his own house with the help of his companion, but that also opens the door to a great anguish. The 1970s are those of consecration, but the excesses that are beginning to damage the health of the creator. Subject to bouts of depression, Saint Laurent takes refuge in the work, by designing collections that mark the history of fashion.  The nearest cinema to me is at Rennes, same chain we see here near me;

Galerie Yvon Lambert, is showcasing paintings by Andres Serrano, Cuba until January 18 2014.

the Disney presentation of La Belle et la bête or the beautiful and the ugly is playing at the nice  Théâtre Mogador, 25, rue de Mogador ,just near the grand magasins Tuesdays to Fridays at  20h, Saturdays  15h and 20h,Sundays at 15h, admission is 25€ to  150 €, web; and the theater

Paris Face Caché is on, from January 31 to February 2, the public is invited to go into about 90 places of unique value in the city and suburbs. Réservation is a must by January 10 and 22nd.  You have it all here, if in the capital don’t missed it.

see the victorian roses at gorgeous musée Jacquemart-André, During the reign of Queen Victoria (1837-1901), painters like Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema, Sir Frederic Leighton, Edward Burne-Jones and Albert Moore meet a great success by developing a sensual and poetic aesthetic. 11€ admission, web,

Don’t forget André le Nôtre is of the honor at Versailles, until February 23rd, entitled  André Le Nôtre en perspective. 1613-2013 at the castle.

The latest news is the boulevard Periphérique or beltway of Paris is going down in speed, tonite, from 80 to 70 KPH, so slow down. this is due to the effort by the city to reduce its polution which is already high.

and keep an eye for this one in Meaux, dept 77 Seine et Marne, wonderful town with great gothic Cathedral where rest the Eagle of Meaux, Bishop Bossuet the confidant of Louis XIV.  From Saturday June 14 to Sunday September 14 2014.  Grand spectacle historique de meaux. For 30 years the historical spectacle of Meaux relive you the incredible destiny of the city. Today, after six artistic creations of incomparable quality, show offers a creation conceived and staged by Meaux historical show. With its 500 volunteers, 3600 costumes, the sound in digital multi-source, new special effects… These are 700 years of history that you are told, combining music, dance and poetry to a few meters from the spectators. Through the narrative of a nostalgic soldier who passes through the difficulties of the first world war and remembers his years of recklessness in his beautiful city of Meaux, the show takes you to the discovery of the fascinating past of the city of Bossuet, from the middle ages to the 20th century: a total immersion in the heart of a turbulent history between dark moments and hours of glory… webpage

Until next time in hour favorite channel, ::) Cheers


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