Locronan of Finistére, Brittany.

A day after the hectic Christmas we decided to go out, I went with the Young men in the family on a car ride into Finistére, about 1h30 from our house is Locronan. This is a famous town here, only about 800 inhabitants but famous for its Grande Tromédie (second sunday of July) a religious and historical procession of 12 kms.

We came in the off season for a taste of the town, been able to walk it freely , and then come back for the big events with plans, the chance of living nearby… The tourist office is here  http://www.locronan-tourisme.com/ the town city hall webpage is here http://www.villedelocronan.fr/

The city has recognition as one of the most beautiful towns of France , http://www.france-beautiful-villages.org/en/locronan as well as one of the small cities of character or heritage in Brittany, http://www.cites-art.com/les-petites-cites-de-caractere-r/visiter-les-petites-cites/locronan

We went by car taken advantage that the weather was clearing in the afternoon, actually all day was a bit cloudy but no rain. Taken the expressway N165 (no tolls) you go to exit D770 and then take the panels saying Locronan on the D39 then D63 to Locronan. Easy.

We arrive a bit late as a boat trailer driven by a 4×4 overturn on the N165 and we were delayed by 30 minutes! Finally arriving into the parking lots just on the outskirt of town .Actually the parking is almost right in the center of town, short 3 mins walk and you are in from of the magnificent Church of Saint Renan, from a roman Church built in the year 1031AD, nothing is left, the one now dates from 1420-1480AD.

It is huge in treasures, from statues of saints, St Barbe,Ste Marguerite, saint Herbot,Saint Maurice,Saint Fiacre,St Therese de Lisieux,Saint Yves, saint Apolline, etc etc, all over, an altar in golden sculpture ,the tomb of St Ronan, the Chair done at Quimper, and a nativity scene just for the season, was great, I am terrible at detail description, but the link and the photos will help understand it is a must visit here.

The town is completively kept in the medieval stage from beautiful stone buildings to cobblestone Streets, and artists performing painting,sculptures, tissues, ceramics, intricate detail knittings; stores with Breton cookies, beeers,ciders, whisky etc, to delightful wonderful crêperies and a wonderful logis hotel Le Prieuré right at the entrance in front of the parking.

You will have easily for half a day just to see the Church and lunch, more if go into the stores, we decided that it was off season and we saw enough of what we came, leave room to come back in the season and see the people. We continue our journey to another city, next post. In all another wonderful cité town to see and have fun with history in the Finistére, dept 29 of Brittany, France. Cheers.

 Locronan  Locronan  Locronan  Locronan  Locronan  Locronan  Locronan  Locronan  Locronan  Locronan  Locronan  Locronan  Locronan  Locronan  Locronan

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6 Comments to “Locronan of Finistére, Brittany.”

  1. Beautiful photos. I’d always wanted to go to Finistere…now I don’t have to!


  2. Finistère is on my list of towns to visit next time in Brittany. Nice pictures: it certainly looks very interesting. 🙂


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