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December 7, 2013

Christmas shopping in Nantes!

Well after some errands today with the family, we decided to try the shopping center I always pass by but never got to visited.  This is at Saint-Herblain a town near Nantes.

As we finish near lunch time here, and hours are a ritual, not sure if going to the shopping center or not, we try a new place to eat locally in Vannes as well. So , it was like first try day all along lol!

We went to Pontivy for a work shop for our sons that began their working life at Theix and Crac’h in the Morbihan department in January 2014. The school help place them so it was great considering today’s economies anywhere.

After we came to the carrefour shopping center in Vannes where the brasserie pizzeria La Compagnie, was always bypass and always full. We finally try it.  The service was fast and friendly ,and the prices very friendly 75€ for five with beers. However, for me the pizzas could  have been better.  We then, headed to Nantes. The resto webpage

This is the shopping center Atlantis, right off the n444 on your way to the Nantes Atlantique airport. The mall or shopping center is huge atypical for the French ,this one is of international quality. Words cannot describe it.

The parking is a laberinth of lanes and all electronically managed for parking spaces, so once on the  main road lane, you see the lights red xxx no space or in green they flash the number of places available: great!!! We finally parked by the entrance to the IKEA store, one of the anchors with Leclerc hypermarché, Decathlon, etc.

We came off the N165 to the exit to the  direction N444 nantes atlantique airport, exit 1 is the easiest  just before crossing the bridge of St Nazaire over the harbor. follow signs for Atlantis and its easy. Parking you should have patient because even if a huge place and huge parking , it is very very popular place. From the peripherique road N844 you can get off at exits 32,33,and 34. Many hôtels are nearby as well as the events hall Zenith

You can come on public transport from Nantes on the tramway line 1 or buses No 73, 84, and 93.   This is TAN the transport site of the agglo of Nantes,

You have kids care, and playgrounds, banks, and 151 stores with 31 restaurants! the ones at the very top are very nice indeed , good for a second try, such as Jo le Boucher, and Le Comptoir. You have micromania video games store a must in my family, and great stores like H&M , Jules, Foot Locker, etc, a huge hypermarket in Leclerc, and bowling center and cinema, and many more ,the site will tell you nicely done webpage too,

This section can tell you the layout of where the stores are, and the names of those there;

In the shopping center sprawling space you find the Zenith , concerts events expo center.  This is the webpage on how to get there, , and this is the scoop on the Nantes tourist link

Right there is also, the ONYX, done architecturally by Jean Nouvel, with many cultural activities too. webpage

Enjoy Nantes. Cheers

 Nantes  Nantes  Nantes  Nantes  Nantes

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