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December 6, 2013

Some news from France CXVIIII

well passing by Paris alerted me to tell you some new things going on there, and my favorite places when lived nearby and worked in the city.

The new things first, LA Belle Iloise, that great Breton institution has open in Paris! 7, rue de l’Ancienne-Comédie ,open everyday from 9h30 to 20h30, webpage

Angelina rive gauche, the famous chocolat chaud is coming to the left bank, at 108, rue du Bac, open everyday except Sundays morning.

The famous restauranteur now has a pâtisserie as well call Gâteaux Thoumieux, at  79, rue Saint-Dominique; open everyday except sundays afternoons and Tuesdays.

Disneyland Paris has a big Christmas as usual, even for a park its one of the best in the area. 46€ tickets for the event.

Histories of Parisien lifestyles: Hérmes; is now Under the sixth generation of family who owns it. Next February 2014 it will be Axel Dumas time to take the helm.  And do you know that Air France business class the cuisine is well French, tops. The winner of the Bocuse d’or 2013 is in charge of the kitchen, Thibaut Ruggieri; and now it has a new menu!! Delicious!

The Fair Lady is coming to the Théatre du Châtelet from December 5 to  January 1st 2014. Splendid,

How about going to see the insolite, the unknown of Paris. For those that always ask me what is there to see in Paris new ,unique and not too many tourists ::)

See the musée de la lettre et des manuscrits,  ; the musée de la magie,  , and musée Dupuytren, at the Sorbonne,

Visit the Buddhist Panthéon near the Arc de Triomphe, 16 avenue d’Iéna, where you can see the over 250 works taken back in 1876 by Emile Guimet, where his museum is just next door.

Take a walk alone the Petite Alsace,  that bring back memories that before 1860 and the Haussmann landscape change ,Paris was divided into 11 towns.   A quiet place but you can walk it. Done in 1912 with about 40 houses, plonging to the petite Russie at district Durval in the Buttes aux Cailles of the 13éme arrondissement.

You can visit the old hôtel de Soissons built in the 16C by Catherine de Médicis; it is not much left but a tower, next to the bourse de Paris in the gardens of the halles, you see the column tower; it is now a place of pilgrimage for those who believe in reincarnation. As the prediction by Nostrademus, that the queen built it to serve as observation tower for the reincarnated… See the plaque Under the pont neuf about the burning there of the grand master of the order of Templars , Jacques de Molay, or the hear the psychics at the cementary Pére lachaise from the tomb of Allan Kardec, father of the spirituarism in France. To finish this eery trip, stop by the librarie de l’Inconnu, 84 rue du Cherche-Midi where you will find treasures of the sorcery, alchimist,and the kabbale.

Paris has many churches, but go to the one call Church of Saint Christophe de Javel built in 1926 in a working class district and beautiful enough for all to come see it. It has cross of Christ in wood, with frescoes of cyclists, aviators, and automobilists.  28 rue de la convention ,webpage

Do you remember the old Paris stores? how about magasins Prisunic… 136-138 rue de Rennes, 75006. Done in 1906, it is today the FNAC store at Montparnasse since 1974. how about the palais du Trocadéro? , well at the hill of Chaillot, following the universal expo of 1878 a palace was built in a néo-moorish style, a new one was built at the place in 1932 for the other universal exposition in Paris.  The tower on each side you see now, were really a dome in the middle , now it is flat. At the gare de la bastille or train station done in September 1859 ,it was closed when the RER A open, in 1969. From 1984 it is now the opéra Bastille!

In 1923 before the well known cafe Le Select opens, the place was call the Dingo Bar at 10 rue Delambre; here Americans used to come way back such as Erza Pound,Henry Miller, John Dos Santos,Ernest Hemingway met Francis Scott Fitzgerald!!!

Visit the auction house of Drouot, founded in 1852 , comes out with a sale of old toys  from the 1980’s and Grendizer gadgets.

don’t forget to have a glass at the Gaîté Lyrique, it is a former theater done in 1862; a shrine of digital transformation with exhibitions.  However, at night it becomes a trendy nightspot,hosting concerts and parties with rock and electro crowds. Beautiful baroque frescoes with a boho chic crowd to tow. 3bis rue Papin, 75003; webpage

Enjoy the weekend!


December 6, 2013

More of Madrid Spain!

well Madrid was a dream that became a reality several years back, and it has been a virus of love ever since that day on December 30 1971 that I landed at Barajas international airport Madrid. I lived for almost the next four years there ,and then visited often sometimes more than once a year. Its one of those cities you won’t feel tired of coming back for more. This time was business ,but no matter, it was heavens on earth just before the Christmas, Navidad season.

I made a doubre cross journey, first going from Nantes to Paris Orly airport and then Madrid and then coming back from Madrid to Paris CDG and Nantes all on Air France/Air Europa. The trip was excellent as usual..::)

I first seek out friends met over the years and have a tapas and glass of beer of one of my favorites places there  ,the Cerveceria Cruz Blanca. Many branches so I had first at Menendez Pelayo 47 and then at Doctor Esquerdo 157. At first had me rice pilaf with squid in black sauce to kill for, and little fry fish boquerones, all wash down with cruzcampo beer and a nice cup of coffee. Then came back next day for the counter, beers of the same with an order of patatas revolconas or blended potatoes and bacon cornhusker, and torrejas (delicious old bread in cinnamon sauce) as well as that strong cup of expresso coffee. Sublime and nice to be back.

I stayed as usual on business at the Ayre Gran Hotel Colon, pez volador ,1 corner of Dr Esquerdo near metro sainz de baranda lines 6 and 9; easy connection from Barajas airport. The service is always impeccable and clean nice spacious rooms at a great price of 72 euros including breakfast.

I took my scrolls around Retiro park , memories of youth and always supreme, grand beautiful, nostalgic, romantic, daring, just awesome. I used to lived not far from there in Quintana line 5 of Metro of Madrid.

I had the chance to visit my all time favorite store , El Corte Inglés, it has been a tradition of the family for years, back back. This time I visit the nearest one to my beloved Santiago Bernabeu stadium at Paseo de la Castellana, corner of Calle Serrano ;

and to add, the Real Madrid basketball team won again on a roll undefeated,and the football team moving up just 3 points behind the leader, one game, just one game!!! Hala Madrid!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Like I said, a business trip , quick in and out, but to be Madrid even a minute it is Worth it. Madrid to heaven and a hole in the sky to look down on it everyday!!! cheers


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