I made it to Prague!

Well last time here, lost all the photos, and now back Lucky enough to be back even if only for 3 days; Prague, Czech Republic.

I was there very short period and very busy with business matters. I did walk the city,and went to the periphery of praha 10 or Prague 10 district away from touristic center.

The airport is smallist but easy to move about, not too many stores, but a nice restaurant in El Mundo del Tabaco cafe. Where I had my lunch with a nice Czech beer Pilsner Urquel. Then there was the hotel ,very nice mansion villa in Praha 10 as well call Hotel Villa, very nice friendly service, good space rooms,and good breakfast, restaurant. http://www.prg.aero/en/shops-and-restaurants/restaurants/premium/smetana-cafe/

and the hotel webpage is here http://www.hotel-villa.cz/?lang=en it has an 8,5 rating from booking.com and they displayed proudly.

From airport to city I took a taxi AAA is very good and they give you a discount on the return leg. http://www.aaataxi.cz/index.php?xSET=lang&xLANG=2

I had great lunches at Peugeot Restaurant; very local food and away from tourist, good food and nice prompt service. I went for the menu of Czech specialties and all good. http://www.restaurace-peugeot.cz/ The owners love the Peugeot cars and the rooms are decorated with replicas and posters of them plus scènes from Paris.

Usually I do these business runs and if I like it will come back with the family. That is the case here, looking forward to a vacation in Prague and surrounding areas one day soon. Enjoy Prague!! Cheers!!!

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