To Vannes and my boys 20 birthday !!!

Ok today is short and sassy. It is so nice that a special date falls on a Sunday. My twin boys are 20 years old today.

I am proud of them for been good, well behave kids. Always helpful around the house, and already on their way to adult life with their first job.

One is pursuing his wish of working in a garden wooden housing building here, the ones you see as tool sheds in your patio.. The other is working with cabinet and hospital suplies Equipment, building them such as the medical cabinet you see in hospital rooms and the beds that takes you into emergency rooms and operating rooms…

They chose the restaurant today as they are not level headed kids. Vannes is the perfect town as it is lively , biggest town in the area,and beautiful inner city still preserve as nothing was damage during the wars. I was happy that my father could join us as he is a diabètes patient and Under heavy medication. He took the trip just for his grandchildren :::)))

We went to Vannes and had reservation at A l’Aise Breizh Café, right in the  capitainerie in the Le Port area of Vannes. This is the pleasure marina with berths for 3000 boats!!! You eat on top of the capitainerie and see the canal with all those boats. webpage

The ambiance here is excellent, very helfpul happy, prompt service always.  The food is great well done and well presented. You need réservations for the evenings and weekends as it is packed with locals. ON Sundays you have many families from the area bringing their eldest to eat together. The dining room was packed and I love it.

I usually don’t go into what we eat here, (don’t want to make folks jealous ::)) but this is a special date and simple eating with family. We started with the apéritifs or apéros, we have Americano, juices, water  (grandpa), and breizh mojitos;all nicely done.

After that and some chat, we went for entrées or plat main dish as each had different tastes and hunger! I had the excellent fish soup, and then the dos de cabillaud with vegetables dish of the day or plat du jour; here always call the poisson du jour(fish of the day); then a banana split, and finally a expresso coffee. All that we drank a wonderful Rioja red Navajas bottle to blend in all origins lol!!!

We took a little walk in Le Port area as my father can’t walk too much, and then went back home. In the restaurant , my twins got a nice gift as a coffee mug from A l’Aise Breizh Café ,which ,also, has a boutique on each of their location ,and more alone.

it is a chilly 8C, day started cloudy but then went sunny in the afternoon, now in the evening is back to cloudy. We had expectations of 4C during the night;winter is here early….! Stay warm and have a great Sunday  and week.Cheers!!!

2 Comments to “To Vannes and my boys 20 birthday !!!”

  1. Glad you had such a lovely time! Vannes is one of the stops planned for next time we visit Brittany. I’ll bear that restaurant in mind.


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