Lorient is for shoppers on weekend.

Well I have written before on this town not far from me. Today after a bit scare on my father’s diabetes, false alarm. We headed for Lorient.

On Saturdays it is a very busy city, full of life and lots of youthfulness. It is a major university town here, and the Young were all over,not to mention it seems every resident out in the shopping alleys and squares of the city. Where is the crisis?

Driving here is great, the best. However, due to recent strikes on the ecotax by the Bretons, the gendarmerie was all over! Many speed radars were vandalise so the roads were fill with real cops/ We were hoping from traffic jams free ride and it was.

We left at home the workers that are doing our Garden, 1000 m2 of it; we got rid of the old trees, plants, flowers etc; now we took off the roots to level the terrain and finally in the spring we will redo the garden with Breton motifs, lots of gravel and stones. Some of the fruit trees like figs, pears and apples were left. At the same time we are redoing our front open terrace (we have an enclosed one too), we took a hit this week as the man who is doing this work was just diagnose with cancer. We hope he will recover even if we need to find someone else to finish the work; he seems like a real nice guy and very helpful to us.

We arrive at Lorient and went for our treat, yes treat. I know many people come here looking for the French culinary richness, and we love it;however, been living in the USA for so long we yearns for that special American touch, such as eating out at Subway sandwich shops in a cool grey afternoon in the place Aristide Briand of Lorient.

We went attack into our La Trinitaine store and for a surprise we finally entered the Stockmani store just before reaching city center. This is a discontinue series store with brand name items, at discount prices. It was a great find, and glad we stop by. Certainly we will be back. We got Christmas décorations, and clothings for all.


Finally ,we stop at my wife’s favorite Damart, where not only she purchase shoes but got a free small  cocotte or cooking pan in ceramics as a gift! We came back alright still with so many cops/gendarmeries out over bridges and hideouts, the drivers here blink their headlights to help out on approaching them ::)

Of course, tomorrow is my twin boys birthday ,so out again to Vannes at a restaurant they choose and like,and grandfather is coming too. Cheers and enjoy your weekend.


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2 Comments to “Lorient is for shoppers on weekend.”

  1. Happy birthday to your twins! Have a wonderful day.


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