Is time to talk about Madrid.

I am Spanish by grandparents from Tenerife, and have the luck to live in Madrid back in the ’70’s when things were different. I used to visit after long intervals, and then luck have it came to France to live with my French wife. This was 2003, and since then, my trips to Madrid have been often twice a year and every year. Lucky me.

The city has a lot of memories of trying times, living there with my mother, and sharing with strangers that over the years became like family. Nice to know the grandchildren of those even considered you family still. My time there is never enough for the “family” there.

IF you have been reading my blog you know I recently moved again lol!! can’t stop. Now purchase a house and lots of work to make our own, plus my business travels, little time for anything else. I finally got all my pictures cdroms out and arranged in my new bookshelf ,wow! So will be digging these slowly and choosing some to post here.

I will put the one I was able to stay at the Intercontinental Hotel in Castellana with a friend price so low cannot say it ::)  anyway this is the hotel,

We had a suite for the family there and still nice to my ears. We walk all over, to the Prado museum and the Retiro park visiting the Palacio de Velázquez there.  In the old days they had temporary arts expo and exhibtions, now they are part of the Reina Sofia museum here

We took the boys to the Parque de Atracciones or amusement park in the Casa de Campo taken the cable car or teléferico from parque del oeste(paseo del pintor rosales).  and

Before all that coming by car from France, we stop by Pau and stay on the one night rest at the Atlantic hotel. rue Jean Mermoz. now part of the Citotel chaine,

So its little refresh of my Madrid roots. Enjoy Madrid, or as we said, From Madrid to heaven and a hole in the sky to look down on it everyday. Cheers.

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4 Comments to “Is time to talk about Madrid.”

  1. Isn’t that a coincidence! I am Spanish too! I was born in Alicante, but my parents moved to La Coruña when I was 5. I also spent a year in Madrid as a student and stayed with my aunt, who lived in Batan, near La Casa de Campo, so I used to spend hours walking around there. I love El Retiro too and that huge fountain where the guitarist play their lovely music. Happy memories. I hope your children enjoyed it too. Thank you for sharing!


    • yes I was born in Cuba (also post in my blog) my grandparents on all four sides are from Candelaria and Pájara in Tenerife. Left as Spanish Citizen the island. Now I have American (lived most of my life there), then French by marriage. So have four Nationalities…!
      The big fountain in Retiro is the Galapalogos . I lived not far from there and stayed when visiting nearby. I am trying to visit again early in December.
      We will have lots of talk about when passing by here in summer.

      mis hijos hablan Español tambien y la esposa! chao
      un abrazo


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