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November 1, 2013

My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton IIII

Well today is a Holiday in France, it is toussaints or All Saint’s Day. It is a day to remember the loves that have passed away and the cementaries are full of folks visiting and flowers. I have already gone out with my father to purchase some beautiful white roses for my Mom; she rest off Honfleur Normandy amongst the brave like she was. We go there couple times a year to be close,and the flowers are kept in a vase at home with my father. As usual, this day is rainy,cloudy, and cool, all day so far.

We went out just to take advantage the supermarket opens in the morning and do the groceries, that way we will have the weekend freer. Now we are cooking some nice meal and wines, cheeses, etc. My boys are decorating more of their room with signs posts like bathroom, bedroom, game room etc sort of like a map Inside the house; you won’t get lost lol!!!

I took advantage of the short interlude on the groceries to first past with my father in the morning to see the fontaine de St Guigner right in town of Pluvigner, our town.  The fontaine Saint Guigner dates from 1526 AD. It is located at the crossing of the rue des Fontaines ,and  rue du Tanin. You can go by city center or easier go by the road D768 to rue des Fontaines right and the fountain is immediately on your left. The leyend of this fountain is that Saint Guigner with his sheperds pole had made the water come out from the ground and it became a fountain of deep devotion.  The day of the Pardon du Saint martyr ( repent of the martyr saint), the sick with rhumatism will drink the water and walk by the seven relics in the fountain.  The octagonal shape of the fountain, raise with a cross is completed with a laundry of 3 fountains. The source of the water is taken from a Stream rounded well of a meter deep that comes at the level of the stones. The city has other fountains and laundries that I will need to see in person, as seen in the city government page here

Later in the afternoon, I went out with the wife to search for the Chapelle de la Miséricorde; it is a chapel from 1600 AD; as there are many around here and I am just beginning to know my new area; slow by the business travels and house work. The Chapel of the  Miséricorde is located in the village way rural village of Kerven-Miséricorde on the South-East  side of the town of Pluvigner. It is well posted but you need a car as it is deep into farming areas here. The Chapel sits alone but its surrounded by farmers homes. The story is that is was built by the Sirs of the grand town in 1600 AD, then purchase by the family of Le Gouvello de Kériolet (a great Breton family) that lived in the château de Kerlois, nearby (and next on my agenda). The style is flamboyant gothic with traces of the Renaissance. THe building has four angles with pylons across and two poles.  This Chapel was the place of prayers of Pierre de Kériolet, also, known as the “diable de Kerlois”(devil of kerlois), that lived a life of crazy manners until been converted and ordained priest in 1637. The Chapel has several human heads sculpture into the stones and sand-stone building as well as a rich furniture including a tribune in polychrome representing the apostles. The repent ceremony or pardon is done the first Sunday of September. I need to be back for the Inside.

Just a bit more of my new town and area, still lots to do and see as in everything France, its beauty all around you and never a moment to think you know it all. Including things thousands that are not in any so call travel guide written by passer-bys outsiders. I see it too often in travel forums where we are too dependant on these guides, and forget there is a world to see on your own each day in movable feast France. Cheers.


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