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November 30, 2013

Brest at Christmas time, marché de Noêl

Today was weekend opening day of the Christmas market or marché de Noêl at Brest and we were there right from the start at 11h.

It is a city I have written before ,last on April 11 2012. It is about 2 hrs from where I live now by car;and no tolls in Brittany! So we combine the trip to the city to do some shopping at the Christmas market, window shopping in city center,and lunch in one of our favorite hangouts here in Brittany.

We got up early and went by car following a new road from our new home, very country indeed and fast… Like I said, we arrive by 11h and decided to take a quick look at the place de la liberté where the marché de Noêl is held. The place was still trying to be open by the merchants so just did a walk around inspecting the différents chalets.

From there we went on a walk around town, into the train station, the pont de la recouvrance , the tour Tanguy, and the shopping center street of Rue du Siam.

Afterward ,we had our lunch at Au Bureau, right in 10 rue du siam.  This is a pub with road signs of California USA,and a modern classic menu. I  had a toast on hot goat cheese, or toast au chévre chaud as entrée, then a huge hamburger curry, then a moelleux au chocolat, or chocolate cake with the center is melting hot ;at the end, two glasses of Leffe royale belgian beers, and all for 14,70€!!!

We got back to the marché de Noêl ,where we did some shopping in sausages, pan d’épices and one with chocolate; different cakes with Christmas motifs, vin chaud or hot wine drink, and a leather belt for me! For activities see the city site,  it will last until 24 December 2013. Saturday 21 december there will be a teen party at the conference room of the Hotel de Ville! music by charles Dickens on Sundays December 8,22, Mondays 23 and Tuesday 24. Presentation of sister cities like Denver CO USA; different kiosks with music of several genres in city center ,concert on the 24Dec by Jean_Luc Roudaut; Choruses at salon Richelieu Hotel de Ville on each Saturdays and Sundays;revue from the 50’s,marionnettes for kids, and many more.

We then took a peek at the musée de la marine at the Château de Brest. We were there but very quickly and did not see the collection last time so this time we made up and saw the whole thing. Very nice welcome,and interesting story of marine;naval history of Brest and Brittany and France. Here is the official site in French,  as well as the city of Brest info on it,

Its a museum on a laberinth of castle fortress rooms, towers, and dungeons, really neat to visit for only 6€ adults. After that we came home,and ready for another week of getting kids to their jobs in new location and me business trip to Madrid,Spain. Already thinking what to do next,and where lol!!! so difficult to choose in la belle France ::)

Brest Brest Brest Brest Brest

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November 29, 2013

I made it to Prague!

Well last time here, lost all the photos, and now back Lucky enough to be back even if only for 3 days; Prague, Czech Republic.

I was there very short period and very busy with business matters. I did walk the city,and went to the periphery of praha 10 or Prague 10 district away from touristic center.

The airport is smallist but easy to move about, not too many stores, but a nice restaurant in El Mundo del Tabaco cafe. Where I had my lunch with a nice Czech beer Pilsner Urquel. Then there was the hotel ,very nice mansion villa in Praha 10 as well call Hotel Villa, very nice friendly service, good space rooms,and good breakfast, restaurant.

and the hotel webpage is here it has an 8,5 rating from and they displayed proudly.

From airport to city I took a taxi AAA is very good and they give you a discount on the return leg.

I had great lunches at Peugeot Restaurant; very local food and away from tourist, good food and nice prompt service. I went for the menu of Czech specialties and all good. The owners love the Peugeot cars and the rooms are decorated with replicas and posters of them plus scènes from Paris.

Usually I do these business runs and if I like it will come back with the family. That is the case here, looking forward to a vacation in Prague and surrounding areas one day soon. Enjoy Prague!! Cheers!!!

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November 23, 2013

La Roche Bernard, a boater’s heaven protected by a rock!

Well back on November 6 2011, I wrote an article in my blog about La Roche Bernard. For some reason, the text was lost when i was saving it, and only realise the missing text the next day. So only photos shows up on that one.

Now a bit over 2 years later , I went back with the family and took additional photos, hopefully the text will stay in this one ::)

It has been a cool cloudy day but no rain, and perfect for a day out awaiting the start of the Christmas markets season.

For tourist info on the town, email them with  ; the site for tourism of the region is in French here , and the city of La Roche Bernard (or Bernard’s Rock) is here

All in French so I try to give you the translation from them to show you a bit of everything here, it is wonderful.

The rock is as old as the  Millennium, Around the year 1000, a Lord had a castle on a rock in the new parish of Nivillac. The village of La Roche-Bernard develops from the 11th century through the establishment of merchants on the site and port traffic.
Local historians have long speculated on the origin of the name of the Lord who gave his name to the rock: Bernard. They give him a Norman or viking origin. If there were actual Normans in the entourage of the Lords rochois, it is however not possible today to know the origin of the first of them. It was in the 13th century only the line of Lords of rock is attributed as founder Bernard. The place became in acts, from 1231, “Rocha Bernardi», La Roche of Bernard.
La Roche-Bernard in the middle ages stretched along the paths of Nantes (Hospital Street) and Redon (Saint James Street) based in Grant Street descending passage on the river Vilaine. The primitive village or Bailiwick stood in the bottom of the town, in current “Old neighbourhoods” or vieux quartiers. The halls were built on the current place du bouffay. François de Coligny D’andelot, Lord, baron of La Roche-Bernard, installed the Protestant faith in his barony in the second half of the 16th century. This cult lasted in La Roche-Bernard until 1685 when the  renunciations. Local traditions still speak of the Protestant memory places: the two doors of the chapel Notre-Dame: one used by Catholics, the other, now blocked, borrowed at this time by the protestants, the granaries of the Tour de l’Isle, places of clandestine worship that communicate…
In 1666, la Roche-Bernard officially became a city. This prosperous period saw the construction of great houses: “the House of the basses-fosses” (Museum of the Vilaine), down the street from the dumpling houses are examples. The port internationally trade especially with Northern Europe (Sweden, Norway, England, Wales…) as well as with the Spain.  Set off local production (cereals, timber, salt and wine of the Guérande peninsula…). At the beginning of the 17th century, one of the first vessels of the Royal fleet, the Crown, was built in La Roche-Bernard on the orders of Richelieu. 60 meters long, 600-man crew… The ship much impressed his contemporaries by its allure.
La Roche-Bernard during the revolutionary period was often described as a Republican bastion encircled by chouans. The Revolution creates new territorial entities and La Roche-Bernard passes  the responsibility of Nantes (Diocese of Nantes and sénéchaussée of Guérande) to Vannes (Morbihan Department).
La Roche-Bernard thrives in the 19th century in part thanks to its market and fairs established as early as the middle ages. It benefits from its location, on the border of two regions of different agricultural production (livestock and animal by-products, cereal…). It was at this time that appear the big squares in the city, places of markets (the church square with the relocation of the cemetery in 1830, place du Bouffay with the demolition of the halles in 1877…). The port contributes, in the second half of the century, with a regular exchange of wood and coal, especially with Wales. The arrival of the railway in 1912 however is greatly reduce port activities. Travelers have that tray of passage as a solution to cross the river Vilaine, however, the reputation of La Roche tray is not always very good. In 1839, it inaugurated the first bridge on the Vilaine. However, in 1852, apron brakes, then in 1871. The bridge is then replaced by a bridge of metal  in 1912. The bridges have an effect on the urban landscape rochois and the allure of the medieval village is shattered by a transverse axis: the current rue Crespel key, insulating the bottom area.
La Roche-Bernard is occupied by the Nazi army from 1940 to 1945. From August 1944 to May 1945, it is part of the “pocket of Saint-Nazaire” which the boundary to the North was the Vilaine. It was bombed by the Americans in August 1944. The bridge, undermined by the Nazis, blowups, struck by fire powder on August 15, 1944. The crossing of the river Vilaine is back traverse by boats. In 1960, a new bridge was inaugurated. Today, the crossing is also half a mile upstream, on the deck of the Morbihan, built in 1996.
A wonderful place to visit, we had our walks again there today, and had lunch at the wonderful Le Yackam’s bar brasserie at 8 Quai St Antoine, just by the port or harbor area; plenty of free parking.  great tagliatelle st jacques with cafe gourmand and a bottle of 2013 Beaujolais nouveau!!! less than 22€ per person.
If you have the time, we see them bits by bits as I live only about 52 minutes by car from it; these are the main attractions:
The bridge of the Vilaine of course, La Maison du Canon, Château de Basse-Fossées, La Quenelle, Le Lavoir, Chapelle Notre Dame, Church St Michel, Maison Bertho, les Garennes, la maison Coligny, and do walk the rue de la saulnerie. The maison du miel is wonderful for the history of honey in the area.
Enjoy La Roche Bernard. Cheers!
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November 22, 2013

Some news from Spain XII

This is time to write about Spain, its been a while but when you are far ,well busy…..

My team the Real Madrid , that have written so much on it here, is now in third place but will have that change at the end of the season ::) They are getting ready for the next Liga BBVA match vs Almeria;in the 14 game of the season in Almeria.  We have 31 points with 13 matches ,10 wins,1 tied,2 losses ,35 goals in favor, and 17 goals against (poor).

We play the first round of the King’s Cup (Copa del Rey) vs Olimpic de Xàtiva, on Dec 7 and the return on Dec 12 2013. And the bigger Champions league of Europe, we are playing the group rounds in Group B, vs Galatarasay of Turkey, Copenhagen of Denmark, and Juventus of Italy. We are in first place with 10 points our seconds only have 4! so we will go thru the next round.

In basketball, we are in first place undefeated 6×0, in the Liga Endesa with our next match Nov 24 vs our derby Estudiantes at home. In the Euroleague or basketball equivalent of the Champions league we are in Group B with Milano Italy, Efes Pilsen Turkey, Zalguiris Lithuania,Brose of Germany, and Strasbourg of France.

The sorting of the groups for the World Cup in Brazil next June 2014 will be held on december 6, and Spain will not be with France for the group ::)

In a contest in metropoli of El Mundo newspaper they had chosen as the best souvenir boutiques of the muséums in Spain as the Prado, Thyssen-Bornemizra, both of Madrid, then Alhambra of Granada, Fundacion Joan Miro , Barcelona ,and the Guggenheim of Bilbao.

In Spain we rendered honor to the 50 years of the Pirelli calendar;you know the one with the beautiful women…

And now that its about the time to be Christmas i missed most my times in Spain, Castilla y Leon, Zamora, Leon, Salamanca, Valladolid, Segovia, Soria, Avila y Palencia. memories….

The Centro Cubano, 41-1º Calle Claudio Coello, Madrid, the oldest Cuban restaurant in Europe (open in 1967) closed in 2011. Now I hear that members of the family are trying to open a new one in José Ortega y Gasset street. no name yet. Stay tuned.

I will be back again early December 2013 ::) Have a great weekend.



November 17, 2013

To Vannes and my boys 20 birthday !!!

Ok today is short and sassy. It is so nice that a special date falls on a Sunday. My twin boys are 20 years old today.

I am proud of them for been good, well behave kids. Always helpful around the house, and already on their way to adult life with their first job.

One is pursuing his wish of working in a garden wooden housing building here, the ones you see as tool sheds in your patio.. The other is working with cabinet and hospital suplies Equipment, building them such as the medical cabinet you see in hospital rooms and the beds that takes you into emergency rooms and operating rooms…

They chose the restaurant today as they are not level headed kids. Vannes is the perfect town as it is lively , biggest town in the area,and beautiful inner city still preserve as nothing was damage during the wars. I was happy that my father could join us as he is a diabètes patient and Under heavy medication. He took the trip just for his grandchildren :::)))

We went to Vannes and had reservation at A l’Aise Breizh Café, right in the  capitainerie in the Le Port area of Vannes. This is the pleasure marina with berths for 3000 boats!!! You eat on top of the capitainerie and see the canal with all those boats. webpage

The ambiance here is excellent, very helfpul happy, prompt service always.  The food is great well done and well presented. You need réservations for the evenings and weekends as it is packed with locals. ON Sundays you have many families from the area bringing their eldest to eat together. The dining room was packed and I love it.

I usually don’t go into what we eat here, (don’t want to make folks jealous ::)) but this is a special date and simple eating with family. We started with the apéritifs or apéros, we have Americano, juices, water  (grandpa), and breizh mojitos;all nicely done.

After that and some chat, we went for entrées or plat main dish as each had different tastes and hunger! I had the excellent fish soup, and then the dos de cabillaud with vegetables dish of the day or plat du jour; here always call the poisson du jour(fish of the day); then a banana split, and finally a expresso coffee. All that we drank a wonderful Rioja red Navajas bottle to blend in all origins lol!!!

We took a little walk in Le Port area as my father can’t walk too much, and then went back home. In the restaurant , my twins got a nice gift as a coffee mug from A l’Aise Breizh Café ,which ,also, has a boutique on each of their location ,and more alone.

it is a chilly 8C, day started cloudy but then went sunny in the afternoon, now in the evening is back to cloudy. We had expectations of 4C during the night;winter is here early….! Stay warm and have a great Sunday  and week.Cheers!!!

November 16, 2013

Lorient is for shoppers on weekend.

Well I have written before on this town not far from me. Today after a bit scare on my father’s diabetes, false alarm. We headed for Lorient.

On Saturdays it is a very busy city, full of life and lots of youthfulness. It is a major university town here, and the Young were all over,not to mention it seems every resident out in the shopping alleys and squares of the city. Where is the crisis?

Driving here is great, the best. However, due to recent strikes on the ecotax by the Bretons, the gendarmerie was all over! Many speed radars were vandalise so the roads were fill with real cops/ We were hoping from traffic jams free ride and it was.

We left at home the workers that are doing our Garden, 1000 m2 of it; we got rid of the old trees, plants, flowers etc; now we took off the roots to level the terrain and finally in the spring we will redo the garden with Breton motifs, lots of gravel and stones. Some of the fruit trees like figs, pears and apples were left. At the same time we are redoing our front open terrace (we have an enclosed one too), we took a hit this week as the man who is doing this work was just diagnose with cancer. We hope he will recover even if we need to find someone else to finish the work; he seems like a real nice guy and very helpful to us.

We arrive at Lorient and went for our treat, yes treat. I know many people come here looking for the French culinary richness, and we love it;however, been living in the USA for so long we yearns for that special American touch, such as eating out at Subway sandwich shops in a cool grey afternoon in the place Aristide Briand of Lorient.

We went attack into our La Trinitaine store and for a surprise we finally entered the Stockmani store just before reaching city center. This is a discontinue series store with brand name items, at discount prices. It was a great find, and glad we stop by. Certainly we will be back. We got Christmas décorations, and clothings for all.

Finally ,we stop at my wife’s favorite Damart, where not only she purchase shoes but got a free small  cocotte or cooking pan in ceramics as a gift! We came back alright still with so many cops/gendarmeries out over bridges and hideouts, the drivers here blink their headlights to help out on approaching them ::)

Of course, tomorrow is my twin boys birthday ,so out again to Vannes at a restaurant they choose and like,and grandfather is coming too. Cheers and enjoy your weekend.


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November 10, 2013

Is time to talk about Madrid.

I am Spanish by grandparents from Tenerife, and have the luck to live in Madrid back in the ’70’s when things were different. I used to visit after long intervals, and then luck have it came to France to live with my French wife. This was 2003, and since then, my trips to Madrid have been often twice a year and every year. Lucky me.

The city has a lot of memories of trying times, living there with my mother, and sharing with strangers that over the years became like family. Nice to know the grandchildren of those even considered you family still. My time there is never enough for the “family” there.

IF you have been reading my blog you know I recently moved again lol!! can’t stop. Now purchase a house and lots of work to make our own, plus my business travels, little time for anything else. I finally got all my pictures cdroms out and arranged in my new bookshelf ,wow! So will be digging these slowly and choosing some to post here.

I will put the one I was able to stay at the Intercontinental Hotel in Castellana with a friend price so low cannot say it ::)  anyway this is the hotel,

We had a suite for the family there and still nice to my ears. We walk all over, to the Prado museum and the Retiro park visiting the Palacio de Velázquez there.  In the old days they had temporary arts expo and exhibtions, now they are part of the Reina Sofia museum here

We took the boys to the Parque de Atracciones or amusement park in the Casa de Campo taken the cable car or teléferico from parque del oeste(paseo del pintor rosales).  and

Before all that coming by car from France, we stop by Pau and stay on the one night rest at the Atlantic hotel. rue Jean Mermoz. now part of the Citotel chaine,

So its little refresh of my Madrid roots. Enjoy Madrid, or as we said, From Madrid to heaven and a hole in the sky to look down on it everyday. Cheers.

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November 7, 2013

Some news from France CXVIII

Here we are in the fall, well almost winter. and we still doing house work on the new home. I just started opening my travel Library of boxes and hopefully finding my cdrom of photos lol!

The Le Figaro ran a competition on the best kouglofs of Paris, the nice alsacien specialty. The winner was Boulangerie Vandermeerch , 278, avenue Daumesnil,(75012). Tél. +33 (0) 1 43 47 21 66.  open every day except mondays and tuesdays. Again another winner from the overcrowdely touristic center districts of Paris. Like I said…

France benefits from one of the biggest and most dense network of libraries in the world. It has about  2500 of them (compare with only  1000 in the UK).  In Paris,there is a Library for each  4800 inhabitants – a record. The government just came to help more with an aide package of 9M€ to help the indépendants. there is even a new internet site that regroup them all.  It will help find your book, choose the Library closest to you, and reserve to pick up there. THe site is in French,

The fleas, brocantes, markets are plenty in France,and plenty also in Paris, there are two sites that will help you find them all. one is  le site  , and the other is the site ;now go shopping the season is coming and so is New Years…

Now you can even have alcohol delivered  in 30 minutes!  it is on from 19h to 6h.  Allo Apero Night. You can choose from  champagne,  whisky,liquors,  Baileys, vodka,  gin, rum, and wine, also, apéritifs,beers, softdrinks and  salads ! webpage

nice place to stay ,the Hotel de l’Abbaye, 10, rue Cassette, 75006. Room done a la English with flower wallpapers, just magical to look ,so to stay is sublime. webpage

Until March 8 2014 at the Salle Saint Jean de l’Hôtel de Ville de Paris, you will see wonderful photographs of inmense Paris by Brassaî, call  Brassaï : Pour l’amour de Paris.  For more than 50 years Brassaî ,the writer, photographer, and movie maker had with Paris a total passion.  The city that made the red cord of his work and the heart of his réflexions all along his career.

Short and sassy, enjoy the week, here rains continue lol!!! AND just notice, this is my 550th post ,wohoo!!! I am smoking the WordPress page!

November 2, 2013

Some news from Bretagne XIII

On a cloudy rainy Saturday night, here are somethings that will happenned in my neck of the woods.

We are having the salon habitat November 16-18 at Vannes Parc Expo; this is the event to see al lthe latests on home ,decoration,renovation, énergies, gardens, pools, you name it for the home.  and the chorus park is here with more information

They follow with the  Salon des Vins et de la Gastronomie de Quimper, in the GRAND HALL du Parc des expositions de Penvillers , this is November 16, 17,and 18 2013.

We will have a wonderful event from November 30th to December 1st 2013 the Salon Festi’Vini 2013 at Lorient and later on at Quimper. 30 winegrowers will show their wares and tastings purchases on site. Also, whiskies, rhums, chocolates ,and goodies gastronomiques.  This around one of the top wines and gourmand store in the area VINIGUSTO – 4 Rue  Jacques Brel, ZA Du Plénéno – 56100 Lorient webpage here  The area will be by the Brit Hotel, Le Kerotel,  1 rue Simone Signoret, traffic circle or Rd point du Plénéno(sortie or exit Lorient Centre).

At the parc du Chorus in Vannes (see link as in salon habitat above), we will have the Salon du Chocolat from November 8-11 2013, delicious eating all around, this is the 4th edition of this event ever so more popular. You have it all here

We have a unique festival of mimics here call the Festi’Mômes 2013 running from now to the 11 November at Questembert in inland Morbihan dept. Mimics from all over Europe comes over, and its great for the kids at all ages or the Young at heart like me. I have the webpage of the city of Questembert here just go to programme “télecharger le programme” and download the program

At the cinéville cinémas of Vannes, you have a whole season of opéra right on the screen, cinema style, There are presentation from the Metropolitan Opera like Tosca, Prince Igor, La Bohéme, and Falstaffs, then the Bolshoi theater will have présentations on Spartacus,the Golden age, (l’age d’or), and others for the 2013-14 season running now; click on the booklet to see the entire program in pdf file here

A unique lodging experience, go in the woods and rent a house on a tree or a train wagon turn lodging. This is the Dihan Evasion of different housing choices, all in a natural environment.  It is a space of 25 hectares with spa, hamman, sauna, tissanerie) , polynesian massages etc. it is at the lieu dit dihan-Kerganiet 56400 Ploemel near me, see more here

I like to go over some restaurants that I have written before, they are still in vogue and we frequent them such, today again .

A new one with new owners and totally remodeled is Le West, 14 allée des Menhirs, Carnac plage, glass, woods, sculptures, panoramic mezzanine, jardin and pergola all wonderful ambiance and great food. Beef angus from Scotland, and breton raised pigs with real ocean shrimps.—west-pub-compagny/741aba91-15d5-4271-891f-22e1778efe59

One of my favorites in old section of Vannes (town I work) is Chez la Mére 6 sous, 11 rue de Closmadeuc (at the end of street sort of alley). here you are like in a parisien bistro of old, pizza à la flammenkûche, hachis parmentier on site, are just to kill for, plenty of hearty dishes and great company. open Tuesdays to Saturdays.

La Gargouille, 9 rue Aristide Briand (near hotel la marébaudiére) open 7/7!!! a medieval restaurant setting, with a huge chimney, with traditional brochettes cook in front of you; st jacques, shrimps, beef, lamb, and diethetique dishes. The foie gras is done on site, unique, and the chocolate cake is known by many including my boys !!) Its unique for anniversaries and parties as the places is old, marvelously done.

Closer to new home and the happening place at nights is L’Armoric at the St Goustan district of Auray (my previous town). This is concerts with live music, evenings karaoki, etc, great bar drinks, sports TV, and great restaurant next door all same complex by the river Loch. Great food and great times here;we are back often.  The magrets and foie gras are sublime here.  3 place St Sauveur, St Goustan, Auray.

And right in my new town of Pluvigner, one of our best spots is a castle!!! Inside the Château de Rimaison, you have the créperie du château, at road D768 just before getting into city center.  You have a beautiful park, a chapel, and wonderful trees all around you. , and this is their own site in a blog!  ,and this is their blog for the castle,

Enjoy Bretagne, and especially the Morbihan dept 56 ::)

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November 1, 2013

My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton IIII

Well today is a Holiday in France, it is toussaints or All Saint’s Day. It is a day to remember the loves that have passed away and the cementaries are full of folks visiting and flowers. I have already gone out with my father to purchase some beautiful white roses for my Mom; she rest off Honfleur Normandy amongst the brave like she was. We go there couple times a year to be close,and the flowers are kept in a vase at home with my father. As usual, this day is rainy,cloudy, and cool, all day so far.

We went out just to take advantage the supermarket opens in the morning and do the groceries, that way we will have the weekend freer. Now we are cooking some nice meal and wines, cheeses, etc. My boys are decorating more of their room with signs posts like bathroom, bedroom, game room etc sort of like a map Inside the house; you won’t get lost lol!!!

I took advantage of the short interlude on the groceries to first past with my father in the morning to see the fontaine de St Guigner right in town of Pluvigner, our town.  The fontaine Saint Guigner dates from 1526 AD. It is located at the crossing of the rue des Fontaines ,and  rue du Tanin. You can go by city center or easier go by the road D768 to rue des Fontaines right and the fountain is immediately on your left. The leyend of this fountain is that Saint Guigner with his sheperds pole had made the water come out from the ground and it became a fountain of deep devotion.  The day of the Pardon du Saint martyr ( repent of the martyr saint), the sick with rhumatism will drink the water and walk by the seven relics in the fountain.  The octagonal shape of the fountain, raise with a cross is completed with a laundry of 3 fountains. The source of the water is taken from a Stream rounded well of a meter deep that comes at the level of the stones. The city has other fountains and laundries that I will need to see in person, as seen in the city government page here

Later in the afternoon, I went out with the wife to search for the Chapelle de la Miséricorde; it is a chapel from 1600 AD; as there are many around here and I am just beginning to know my new area; slow by the business travels and house work. The Chapel of the  Miséricorde is located in the village way rural village of Kerven-Miséricorde on the South-East  side of the town of Pluvigner. It is well posted but you need a car as it is deep into farming areas here. The Chapel sits alone but its surrounded by farmers homes. The story is that is was built by the Sirs of the grand town in 1600 AD, then purchase by the family of Le Gouvello de Kériolet (a great Breton family) that lived in the château de Kerlois, nearby (and next on my agenda). The style is flamboyant gothic with traces of the Renaissance. THe building has four angles with pylons across and two poles.  This Chapel was the place of prayers of Pierre de Kériolet, also, known as the “diable de Kerlois”(devil of kerlois), that lived a life of crazy manners until been converted and ordained priest in 1637. The Chapel has several human heads sculpture into the stones and sand-stone building as well as a rich furniture including a tribune in polychrome representing the apostles. The repent ceremony or pardon is done the first Sunday of September. I need to be back for the Inside.

Just a bit more of my new town and area, still lots to do and see as in everything France, its beauty all around you and never a moment to think you know it all. Including things thousands that are not in any so call travel guide written by passer-bys outsiders. I see it too often in travel forums where we are too dependant on these guides, and forget there is a world to see on your own each day in movable feast France. Cheers.


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