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November 22, 2013

Some news from Spain XII

This is time to write about Spain, its been a while but when you are far ,well busy…..

My team the Real Madrid , that have written so much on it here, is now in third place but will have that change at the end of the season ::) They are getting ready for the next Liga BBVA match vs Almeria;in the 14 game of the season in Almeria.  We have 31 points with 13 matches ,10 wins,1 tied,2 losses ,35 goals in favor, and 17 goals against (poor).

We play the first round of the King’s Cup (Copa del Rey) vs Olimpic de Xàtiva, on Dec 7 and the return on Dec 12 2013. And the bigger Champions league of Europe, we are playing the group rounds in Group B, vs Galatarasay of Turkey, Copenhagen of Denmark, and Juventus of Italy. We are in first place with 10 points our seconds only have 4! so we will go thru the next round.

In basketball, we are in first place undefeated 6×0, in the Liga Endesa with our next match Nov 24 vs our derby Estudiantes at home. In the Euroleague or basketball equivalent of the Champions league we are in Group B with Milano Italy, Efes Pilsen Turkey, Zalguiris Lithuania,Brose of Germany, and Strasbourg of France.

The sorting of the groups for the World Cup in Brazil next June 2014 will be held on december 6, and Spain will not be with France for the group ::)

In a contest in metropoli of El Mundo newspaper they had chosen as the best souvenir boutiques of the muséums in Spain as the Prado, Thyssen-Bornemizra, both of Madrid, then Alhambra of Granada, Fundacion Joan Miro , Barcelona ,and the Guggenheim of Bilbao.

In Spain we rendered honor to the 50 years of the Pirelli calendar;you know the one with the beautiful women…

And now that its about the time to be Christmas i missed most my times in Spain, Castilla y Leon, Zamora, Leon, Salamanca, Valladolid, Segovia, Soria, Avila y Palencia. memories….

The Centro Cubano, 41-1º Calle Claudio Coello, Madrid, the oldest Cuban restaurant in Europe (open in 1967) closed in 2011. Now I hear that members of the family are trying to open a new one in José Ortega y Gasset street. no name yet. Stay tuned.

I will be back again early December 2013 ::) Have a great weekend.



November 7, 2013

Some news from France CXVIII

Here we are in the fall, well almost winter. and we still doing house work on the new home. I just started opening my travel Library of boxes and hopefully finding my cdrom of photos lol!

The Le Figaro ran a competition on the best kouglofs of Paris, the nice alsacien specialty. The winner was Boulangerie Vandermeerch , 278, avenue Daumesnil,(75012). Tél. +33 (0) 1 43 47 21 66.  open every day except mondays and tuesdays. Again another winner from the overcrowdely touristic center districts of Paris. Like I said…

France benefits from one of the biggest and most dense network of libraries in the world. It has about  2500 of them (compare with only  1000 in the UK).  In Paris,there is a Library for each  4800 inhabitants – a record. The government just came to help more with an aide package of 9M€ to help the indépendants. there is even a new internet site that regroup them all.  It will help find your book, choose the Library closest to you, and reserve to pick up there. THe site is in French,

The fleas, brocantes, markets are plenty in France,and plenty also in Paris, there are two sites that will help you find them all. one is  le site  , and the other is the site ;now go shopping the season is coming and so is New Years…

Now you can even have alcohol delivered  in 30 minutes!  it is on from 19h to 6h.  Allo Apero Night. You can choose from  champagne,  whisky,liquors,  Baileys, vodka,  gin, rum, and wine, also, apéritifs,beers, softdrinks and  salads ! webpage

nice place to stay ,the Hotel de l’Abbaye, 10, rue Cassette, 75006. Room done a la English with flower wallpapers, just magical to look ,so to stay is sublime. webpage

Until March 8 2014 at the Salle Saint Jean de l’Hôtel de Ville de Paris, you will see wonderful photographs of inmense Paris by Brassaî, call  Brassaï : Pour l’amour de Paris.  For more than 50 years Brassaî ,the writer, photographer, and movie maker had with Paris a total passion.  The city that made the red cord of his work and the heart of his réflexions all along his career.

Short and sassy, enjoy the week, here rains continue lol!!! AND just notice, this is my 550th post ,wohoo!!! I am smoking the WordPress page!

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