Some news from France CXVII

A storm that was to be passed and nothing in my area, just some heavy gusts but all is ok.  The Mr Winter yes,that has arrive, temps of 5C this morning moving up to 12C during the day.  The house is coming along, slowly putting up with workers to do their job, slow here. We have the garden all cut, now waiting for getting the tree trunks out, and finish a terrace that eventually will have tiles. The beat goes on with a house we never end doing things.

For the France beat, many things as always.

The bibliothéque nationale François Mitterrand is doing an expo on Astérix; From now thru 14 january 2014. Tuesdays to Saturdays at 10h and Sundays at 13H.  There will be 120 designs color and not colored from the two first albums of the collection “Astérix le Gaulois” and “La serpe d’or”, but ,also of the last one signed by René Goscinny, “Astérix chez les Belges”. webpage

Of course, tomorrow is Halloween, here is not that big although in the Paris area is more known.  So some places there such as Le Manoir de Paris, its the biggest there and will have 2 themes in two floors; deambulation to the doors of hell , where two demons will face each other,and asylum, a medical cabinet where the shaking and cold IV will be sharing front court.

The galerie W will have  a contest of work of art brooms of witches for a funny Halloween ;they will expose on 30 octobre  at the gallery in Montmartre,before been offered to the sick kids at the Hôpital Necker, the  31 october during a candy tasting. Nice cause; webpage

A night with Fantômas. The théâtre du Châtelet  will dedicated the night of Halloween to Fantômas, mythical heroe of the French fiction born out of the pen of Pierre Souvestre  and Marcel Allain.  The francophones will remember these were put into cinema with the great Louis de Funes, and I learn my French watching them as a Young boy.

For the  11-15 yrs old, the Aquarium de Paris propose «l’Aquaparty», its a giant  boom aquatic!  An evening of terrifying proportions where the teens will dance in front of a giant pool of  8  meters high.  Lighted podiums, diabolic cocktails (no alcohol) and contests for the most horrible costume are in the program Under the eyes of zombie animators.

One of my favorite American restaurants of Paris, Trick or treat, a real American Halloween at Joe Allen near Halles, an institution in Paris since 1972. There will be a costume party until 3H morning, buffet of American goodies until 00h30. Located at  30, rue Pierre Lescot, Ier. Tél.: 01 42 36 70 13.  Adultes: 30€, children: 20€ (until 21h). drinks not included. Réservations advice.

In other world, during 11 days from  11h to 19h, at the  place de La Bastille  there is the rendez-vous of antiques lovers at the biannual salon  Antiquité Brocante  welcoming  70 antiquaires, that will installed their wares on the tent and  480  fleas spread all over the bassin de l’arsenal; admission 10€ and more here

So Happy Halloween to all Young and old, and there be plenty of candies, be safe and responsable. Cheers from the Morbihan Breton.

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