Basel into Switzerland; a short stay

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A short two days trip to Basel in Switzerland. Not much time to do any sights and business does took more than I anticipated, but a nice glimpse of Switzerland. To start, this is the only country in the world (been to 79) where I have been search at customs passing the border with France. I guess they have nothing else to do lol!

The trip was done by train so its ,also, a first for me; took off from Auray in the Morbihan Breton by TER train to Nantes. There took the TGV to Paris Montparnassse. There took the metro line 14 to Bercy and then line 6 to gare de lyon. At Gare de Lyon took another TGV Lyria to Basel. ON the return was easier as just skip the TER and came straight from Montparnasse to Auray. The cheaper alternative is always the most of the connections.

I arrive in Basel train station, which is a beautiful building in city center, and the hotel was just across it, nice lively place lots of people out which is always good. . However, I was very impressed by the tramways all over the city huge quantity of them, and very clean easy to take.

The hotel I stayed is the Hilton Basel , which had all the amenities you can think very chic ,nice, and great city Bar and restaurant.

The markthalle or covered market around the corner is unique place to buy produce, fruits, etc typical of many European cities. And the train station is wonderful and easy to move about even for a not so train person like me. The Migros store got me some fine Swiss chocolates,

I had dinner at Da Roberto , an Italian resto, here I was disappointed, the food was not that greeat and the service very slow, but the setting is nice with artist movie stars on the walls and near both the train station and hotel.  Very fancy, but did not live up to my culinary expectations which are high.

In all, it was a nice quick visit to the city of Basel, overall good visit. Except the customs guys;honest all I brought back is chocolates ! Enjoy the photo of my little European escapade.

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