Asia on my mind ,great rides into Indonesia and China

I am back not for long leaving out Sunday again this time in Europe; however, Asia was great and instructive. My trip took me to Surabaya and Jakarta in Indonesia,and Qingdao in China passing by several places.

First,left from Nantes airport to Paris CDG to Singapore Chiangi airport,and finally arrive in Surabaya Indonesia.  Here had the change to eat at a fish:seafood place where you can pick the live fish from the tank and they cook it for you, it is Daun Lada ,original webpage here  I stayed as before in the Somerset hotel résidences,

I,then ,continue to Jakarta, a totally different city ,much more vibrant than Surabaya.  Here, I had the opportunity to see the wonderful TMI park with all the wonderful history and architecture of all Indonesia. It has homes constructed in smaller scale of all the houses style in the country. The museum of Indonesia with the tree of life, and the museum of penangkom for films are good too. The zoo of birds with great species including eagles are wonderful. You can see all about it here

In Jakarta ,I stayed at the wonderful hotel GrandKemang at the vibrant quartier or neighborhood of Kemang, wonderful hotel and location.   The highlight of the trip was to walk just from the hotel to Eastern Promise bar, sports bar, live dance club all in one, just great, you will have a blast here

Well the airports , wow, I spent many on this trip. I have given you before Nantes and Paris, then Chiangi Singapore and Surabaya, and Jakarta but this time there was China.

My next stop was Guangzhou, and I went on to Qingdao, , this is where I stayed at the wonderful friendly and superb service Holiday Inn Parkview here

The stay was wonderful here ,in a city with a German history and the famous beer of Tsing Tao. Here I ate at Anomtoula (not sure on the name), and it was a traditional Chinese place. Then, I had drinks and food at the KR Korean fine dining in the Holiday Inn Parkview, 2fl very nice beef dishes with vegetables in a traditional setting. Refined, authentic Korean cuisine is served in a rustic, yet elegant atmosphere. Exciting table top hot plate cooking is offered in semi private rooms overlooking the lush greenery of the park.

I,then, moved on to Pekin, where I spent several hours in the airport having dinner at the Lei Cafe across from the customs entrance to hallways B where I took m plane to Paris. webpage here

Once at Paris, had my breakfast at the EKKI lounge by gates T2F 29 afterward taken my flight back home to Nantes, driving home in my car.

In the meantime, I flew with Air France most of the way, but I also, try again Garuda Airlines in indonesia from Surabaya t Jakarta, In Singapore, I went to Surabaya in China air at

Then, took China Southern to Guangzhou,  , there took China Eastern to Qingdao and back to Pekin,  . So as you can see, took a wide and long trip around Asia back to my little comfort zone in Brittany.

Have a great weekend y’all.

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