Some news from France CXV

Well its time I get back to my France posts and Paris in particular. This was a cloudy some light rain day and my favorite bakery is closed. So time for some latest à la Française.

one thing that I have notice for some time and finally getting into France ,and Paris latest journals or newspapers is the 13éme arrondissement of Paris.

The Biennale de Belleville comes back in September 2014 with new artists in vogue, al. ways something to look forward to.  Look for this site for the updates, it’s a great event.

In the same vein, the Ateliers de Ménilmontant come back in September  each year and again for  2014 with 150 artists that take over the streets with great art extravaganza, the site to follow is here

You have two good ones in the 11éme arrondissement in Le Perchoir,with a dancing rooftop.  Typical  new-yorker on top of an industrial building. The bar offers great folks and magnificent views 360° of Paris.  Cocktails, tapas ,and music pop will gladly welcome an Indian summer at, 14, rue Crespin-du-Gast site here ,

Freddie’s Deli continues the new york experience at  22, rue Crespin du Gast, more here 

Some new boutique hotel in Paris, as folks always looking for something new and unique , is the Hotel Joséphine  with much glamour. It is open just this last summer, small distance from the  Moulin-Rouge, and it has a spirit of  cabaret design. it is at  67, rue Blanche (75009), website

For the noctambules , the latest disco music hangout is Le Dandy at the district of  Pigalle.  It was made out of an old house from the 1930’s, redone in an intimate apartment with furniture of fleas market. Concerts pop rock with DJ as well as electro. It is at  26, rue  Pierre Fontaine ( 75009)  webpage,1,1424.html

At the Hotel Salomon de Rothchilds at 222 blvd Saint-Germain, from October 4,5,6 the European days of letters or the Journées Européen des lettres manuscrits will be on display at the museum.  webpage

Les Docks encircle a whole block. at the banks of the river Seine, just open last year and already life in the district. Boutiques ,bars, restos, salons de thé, night clubs such as Nûba and Baron, then the star ,the  Wanderlust at the street level with a restaurant le WE, a club, lots of night activity with films shows in plain air and a huge terrace with all kinds of performers even yoga on Saturdays: located at  34, quai d’Austerlitz (75013) webpage for more  at

At short steps from the cemetary of  Père-Lachaise,in a small street surrounding the  place Gambetta, La Colline, théâtre national  is the excellent hidden of contemporary modern art. Two rooms, a bar, a light food restaurant, a library, and many acts is a living breathing center of this district nowadays. Plenty of bistros and small restaurants in the area very much in vogue by the youth or young at heart like me. Located at  15 rue Malte-Brun ( 75020) webpage at

The metallos of Culture. With a great effort of local neighborhood associations the city of Paris purchase this house in 1997, The Maison des métallos, was an old factory of the metallurgical union. From 2007, it is a cultural center with an auditorium, audio and video studios, expositions for all publics. NExt will have work showing the work at Rwanda by the group Groupov with La Cantate de Biserero located at  94, rue Jean-Pierre-Timbaud (75011). webpage at

And last but not least, for the nostalgic Francophones like me, the Innocent are coming back, October 4 -11. In the course of the Festival Les rendezvous de la Lune,at the  Fondation Biermans-Lapôtre; the Les Innocents, a French pop group formed in 1982 and separated in  2000,make a comeback very intime. You will have the occasion to listen to their famous songs such as  “Colore”, “L’autre finistère” or “Saint Sylvestre”, that plays in the radios of France in the 90’s.  Held at the Cité internationale universitaire de Paris -75014; webpage for more info here

Have a great week y’all Cheers.

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