My travels in the Morbihan ,part VIIII

Well one of  those days in Brittany and the Morbihan no exception. Great weekdays and cloudy rainy weekend. Still grapping with the new house purchase and doing work and planning for more on it. So today Sunday , a cloudy and rainy day was a time to relax in the afternoon at home with a nice dinner of rabbit in mustard sauce with white burgundy wines,créme de cassis for the kir, and plenty of cheeses,and desserts ,home coffee and tea, just grand in our new dining room.

We took rides lately on towns surrounding ours such as Locminé, and Grand Champ, then we took a ride into Camors and Baud plus a nice tour of Pluvigner.  There is much to see here.

It is a huge region with plenty of history from the union of Brittany to France in 1532 to now, and the wars and the revolution against the French revolution that is not mentioned much in official media but its very clear and live here. The religious fervor much more than in other regions of France, the numerous chapels or small churches and grand, and the pardon or processions, the costumes, the dresses, the dance, and the language.

The more we interact with the local Bretons, the more friendly we think of them. Today we had neighbors coming in to help get work done and they brought their cousins for additional help, and giving products with good prices. The friendly welcome in the restaurants and services in town we already use, its very comforting to know we are in a nice area and a great friendly town.

This is Locminé main town’s webpage

and here is Grand Champ, , with the area tourist site of  Landes de  Lanvaux,

Here is Baud, where one of my sons take his bus to go his training aprentice job, ,and the nearer town of Camors,

and down to my own now at Pluvigner ,

You have here the Church of saint Pierre in Baud, and the church of Saint Sané at Camors; showing the most outstanding element is the altarpiece of the southern Chapel.  It has embossed with a brutal realism, the scene of the beheading of St. John the Baptist . According to records, the Church Saint-Sane dates from 1640. However, it was amended by annexes which came to piggy back on the main building at different times. The Church is the result of the merger of two chapels, which gives it an original appearance with its two opposite pinnacles. The sacristy was built with stones from the old Sainte-Suzanne chapel which stood to the North. It is its steeple dominates the pinion to the east.

The wonderful municipal pool  or piscine at Baud ,open to the public on Mondays from 17h to 19h30 for adults, wednesdays 15h to 18h for kids and adults, and Saturdays 15h to 19H30 for all, the fees for children under 16 is 1,80€ and for adults is 3,40€.  It is located in the city center, the swimming pool is open all year round. The basin has a length of 25 m and a depth of 90 cm and 2 m 10 maximum. A slide is available to the public. The swimming pool can be open in the summer thanks to its removable roof.

There is a daily bus service to connect with train stations in Auray and Vannes on TIM line 5 where you can connect to the TGV to Montparnasse Paris. 2€ per trip and the schedule now is at pdf file here The gare routiére or bus depot is located across from the municipal pool and nex to the museum of post cards or Cartopole( history of Brittany on post cards nicely display).

Like I said ,plenty to see here and I will try, time permitting, to show you my new area in the next chapters on my blog.  Have a great Sunday. Cheers


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