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September 21, 2013

My Travels in the Morbihan,part VII

One of the lately rare weekends where I can take some rides in my new area. Very busy on the job with conventions and preparing for long trip next month. Then, of course, is the new home, doing errands all over chasing the French administration, famous for been inadequate on a Napoleonic system ,they seems to hold on dearly and always fears of change.

Well enough for the squals. Today ,I did my trip to a nice inland town of Grand Champ, not far from my new home, in fact, its where I go now to work as it is easier to get to Vannes. The road D779 passes right by it.

Amazing, it has a tourist office, but closed until Sept 24.  It is call the Landes des Lanvaux, or the lands of Lanvaux for the old lord of the region many centuries ago. Here it is ,

Here you have ,well the traditional market day (marché) on Saturday mornings from 8h to 13h with fruits, meats, cheeses,cookies, galettes, etc by the place de l’église.

Grand Champ comes from its Gallo-Roman language Grandi Campo that has been seen in writings from 1224AD ,it is transform into the Breton language by  a chevalier named  Cillart that proclaims the name of  “Kercamp“,or the village of the fields.  At the Révolution, the people of Grand Champ take side with the local farmers or the Chouannerie revolt again the civil constitution ; the local hero of the revolts born in nearby Auray  Gen Georges Cadoudal  spent many times here. The town is invaded several times by the Chouans that cut the tree of the liberty here in one of their incursions in march 15 1794.

The place has a nice mediathéque or library ,picturesque city center, nice restauration, and the main of course is the church Saint Tugdual, the church dated from the early on but totally destroyed during the revolution. It was rebuilt in 1817. The Church houses  two showcases containing  embroidered chasubles of gold and silver thread, the oldest known in Morbihan, as well as a shining treasure of gold. Chalices, patterns, censer, processional cross, etc. are all unique pieces.

Another is the numerous chapels or small churches around, right in the city ,there is the Chapelle Notre Dame du Perpétuel Secours from 1898,right at rue saint yves.  Many more of interests in fountains, castles, and mansions of even the high fashion folks, some private still. Much to explore around.

Restaurant Roi Stevan, and the Auberge de Lanvaux, with the créperie La Galiflette, and the great chocolaterie artisanal La Cabouse with great chocolates.. And, for relaxing a nice municipal pool heated and covered.Only the chocolate has a webpage of its own at,

For those on public transport ,there is a bus No 2 TIM department network from Vannes passing b the train station /bus station and pl de la liberation near city center, there that is connected to Montparnasse in Paris on TGV.

Enjoy Grand Champ, and me just a tip of the iceberg still. Cheers.

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