Paris and Neuilly-sur-Seine, pourquoi pas?

Slowly coming back to my blog as moving a house and a entire family is not easy. We are now settling in, and keeping with my travels. I went back to my beloved Paris again, and this time to my ultra chic quartier des sablons in Neuilly-sur-Seine, dept 92.

This was an area that I used to worked so know it well; this time had a function at the marvelous théatre des sablons, site a fantastic place too ,and I had a blast.

Well, I went by TGV train from Auray to Montparnasse, and then took metro line 13 to my hotel, (company oblige) at Grand Hotel du Calvados,, right by the gare saint lazare, typical hotel here is smallish rooms and baths, basic breakfast place, nice friendly staff, good for a night or two and or single or couples. It is centrally located with unlimited transportation options.

However, before reaching the hotel ,I stop for dinner with colleagues at Restaurant Le Carré at 12 pl Saint Augustin; wonderful modern ambiance and inventive fusion food, with a côte de cochon that was to kill for it and great southwestern madiran red Tourus, nice souffle grand marnier to boot all for 54 euros, tops, chic, class, well done.

It was an easy to roam area, nice updated, Gare Saint Lazare is wonderful with a big modern shopping center inside. The area seems lively, LIKE I NEVER LEFT IT lol!!!!

Next day was business, so ,off I went to the theater of Sablons or Théatre des Sablons, I took bus 43 right at the Pasquier-Anjou stop across from the Chapelle Expiatoire monument to Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette many missed. The bus dropped me off at Chartres just next to the theater. The line is here from RATP ,

Then, in the evening, I took bus 82 right at Chartres stop too, and it goes all the way to Gare de Montparnasse in rue des departs, wonderful right to some of the best spots in Paris such Tour Eiffel! The line from RATP ,

Had my late night snack at La Porte Océane at Montparnasse, and took my TGV back to Auray. The parking here is free, so very nice indeed. It is ,also,, the closest to my house now about 20 minute car ride. Reaching home by almost midnight and ready to work again today on a very light day. Now its weekend time.

You all have a great weekend ::) Some photos.

Neuilly sur Seine Neuilly sur Seine Neuilly sur Seine Neuilly sur Seine Neuilly sur Seine PAris PAris PAris PAris PAris PAris PAris PAris PAris PAris

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