My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton II

well another week is coming to an end, and here I am at home with a rest day off from work but really was more tiring.

The house is finally free of paperwork, and beginning to unload all those boxes, shaping our new home. Today , we finally have TV after a local tv repairmen took some live plug and replace those of Orange and bingo it works. Just to show you how poorly the customer service is still in France from the normal operators. Find a friendly store neighbor just about 500 meters from me and that is all it took. TV is back on lol!

Today is really when everything works and we can call it our real first day in our new home. So ,this weekend will be ,also, our first free of worries about administrative crap. My sons will begin a new job next week ,and so we are on for the last part of the year.

I will be in company annual convention in Paris then more meetings at home before heading next month on a busy schedule visiting Indonesia, China, and shortly after Vietnam. All company paid of course ::)

I just past another milestone as it was my birthday and my sons gave me a refrigerated wine cellar as gift,nicely neat to keep those bottles cool. Of course, I am still young ::) and created, and played and captained our company corporate football/league team! Season starts next week with games every friday at nearby town.

Just a reminder to all this weekend is Heritage days in France, and many buildings monuments, churches etc will be open to the public when normally not, I will try to see a couple in my new area, and try the homemade locally made home brew lol!

Until next time in Paris 1972 Versailles 2003 blog doldrums. Cheers. the way the picture is my new house, see the forest!


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