My new home of Pluvigner in the Morbihan Breton!

Hi to all, a few days for the moving ,and its always a stressing moment here, once all the paperwork is in place all works well , but once you change even a bit, and its chaotic times.

After 12 days, I still don’t have television because we have a forfait that includes TV, internet, telephone and cellular, all else works except the TV. Tired of calling customer service and the technical dept of Orange, we ask for a technician to come home at no charge. This is now for the 14 september, which if all goes well, we will have TV after 18 days!!! Vive la différence !

In the meantime, all else goes very well, and we are all settled in with all boxes out, and all on display again.  Back to school for tries or stages to perfectioning of skills for the boys, and Dad is traveling again first to Paris for our company annual convention, and then to Indonesia, China and next month Vietnam.

The town we are now is call Pluvigner, same department of Morbihan 56, in fact only about 11 kms from where we were, but a much bigger home. 255 sq meters of home and 1000 m2 of land!!! The house is great, we will do some adjustment to our convenience but no major works needed.

It is 300 meters from the bus stop, and about 400 meters from downtown or city center, on the crossroad of a road that takes to my job in 35 minutes by car. We have huge supermarkets at 600 meters, and smaller grocery stores, and all amenities including the post office in 400 meters. All our neighbors are single home with big houses and land. So far many Bonjours,and nice help in finding things.

Pluvigner is a town of about 7500 people crisscross by many departamental roads such as the D16, D102,D133 ,D102 and the dept wde D768 going to the beaches of Carnac and Quiberon. About 35 kms from Quiberon and 11 from Auray.

We had our first walk in town today and we just came back in 20 minutes to see all of city center, very compact.  Quiet Sunday of course, all closed ::) But we even have a tourist office attached to the mayor’s office !!! A very historical town with 8 castles, and 19 chapels 2 churches, amongst other goodies all around the area encomprising Pluvigner.

I will have some  photos of it and will need to really start getting to know the region in the next few weeks, months,and years.  Its a country living ,totally change of pace for me, and just training ground for the retirement still years away. Have a great Sunday everyone. Cheers

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