Some street scenes from Roma!

I wandered all over the streets of Roma and believe something it was so beautiful ,had no time to see where it was, then took so many photos (really more than ever in one place) that now some of them are in the unknown category lol!

Rome, does that to you, it embraces the very essence of Europe, history, and origins, and as we come from people overrun by Romans we all have a bit of blood relation even a tiny bit counts ::)

There were streets but also buildings, some churches, passing by saw a nice facade ,architecturally appealing and voilà photo taken. Another in the unknown, no matter , now looking at them they all look beautiful ,and will one day allow me the opportunity to go back and retrace my trails to find what they are. Another excuse to visit Rome.

The tourist office gives you the starting point in visiting any place, and most of the time I go by car, but this time with the family in tow and miles to use ,got on the airplane with Air France and use the  public transport in Roma, a bit confusing at first ,but very nicely later on.

In my search, I found some sites that were useful in my wandering around (even if can’t tell the name!) so putting it here for references;  and (in French but has to change to English but it did not work try it);  a cultural place at

I know many will tell you the public transport, but we were out outside the center away where the closest metro was 13 minutes on foot; and we love. It was like coming back home every night ,and seeing the local routines, going to markets and riding the area buses with them, just superb, my idea of a far away land vacation.

Once you reach the central nerve of the city , the multi transport station Termini (second busiest in Europe behind gare du nord paris), you are within walking distances of everything. Of course, we are used to walking, some folks visiting from outside Europe are not used to long walks. Pity, they are missing a lot of the place they visit, you can’t go like back at home ,you need to adjust to the local life to soak in all the culture and manners and learn, as learning the human being is an everyday routine.

I leave you with several photos of Roma, unknown, perhaps some avid visitor to Roma can tell me, enjoy them and have a great week. As for me will be away now, as will have my new house signature closing tomorrow and then move , oh yes moving again , its part of my life , average a house every 7 years of my life, long. The truck is rented, and the cartons mostly done, now will see about the transporting, loading and unloading, setting up the new rooms, and the paperwork of the administrative parts, the post office has been notify. So perhaps will missed a few days of posts in my blog, bear with me I will be back with a bang and a new city in the Morbihan Breton. Cheers.

Roma Roma Roma Roma Roma

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