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August 22, 2013

Eternal Roma, Rome in Italy of course!

I have been here several times on business and finally the family decided to come over for our summer vacation. We spent two weeks in eternal Rome, walking, busing, metroing, car, tram, and walking, all over the city and beyond its borders.

We stayed in an apartment in the Nomentano district and had buses 62, 310, 445, and 542 or metro bologna or st agnese annibalaino to handle all the trips. We did a different take upon recomm from a friend and book the apartment by, it was a delight. The owner give you the keys and tells you about the surrounding area, plus tips on transport etc. Then, it had two bedrooms, two baths, full kitchen, dishwasher and laundry machine, wifi internet connection, premium TV channels, AC, first floor and breakfast included brought to us every 3 days by staff, linens changes every wednesday weekly. All that for 105€ per day. The direct site of the apartment is at

The transport site for Rome is  the metro and buses tells you end of line stops but once you read the panels on the stops and use them once, you will be cruising like a native ,very easy. The main train bus station of Termini is a great hub and you can have internet cafes along via marsala or via milazzo 3, where you can print your boarding passes in advance and browse your latests emails from home.

We flew on Air France all the way with class as usual for us; took off from Nantes thru Orly and then Fiumicino and on the way back we came by CDG to Nantes. All perfect flights no delays typical with me flying the big blue, AF. The airports of Rome are here

Other than using old colleagues local Italians for advise, we use the tourist office and the travel forum VT for information on our trip as business and pleasure are two different things lol!

After thinking of taken the bus from airport fiumicino to termini and then metro bologna to our apartment with BIT or terravision, by the time we got to the bus terminal all were gone and since we had no pre paid seats ,saw tambus ready to go and took it, 5€ per person on site, very nice ride and into central Rome by the colosseo, site here

However ,even if the ride was good and so use to the car, on the way back we book a shuttle for 55€ for all five of us plus luggage from Nomentano to FIucimino , great ride, great driver and very on time, by the time we came down he was already there!  we did thru the apartment folks.

This is all the logistics, the trip just using a city map plus old rememberance of streets and names and it was a breeze by all. The main events were a bit disappointed as history yes once but once you see ruins it gets kind of down, the colosseo, foro romano,and palatino was all that, now the city is testing pedestrians only access on the via del fori imperiali around these monuments which is a great idea.

I had pizzas galore but let me tell you my pizzas at New York city were better, it reminds of a friend from NYC that now lives for 20 years in San Remo claiming the NY were better,and I argue he was wrong, well as a panel of five big eaters take it, he was right after all. The highlights came on the gelato, or italian ice cream, that is really great and we ate a whole bunch of it all over from big name to just off the street mom and pop like in our area Il gelato dei proscopio along via xxi aprile  near metro bologna.

Our best meal was had at a german oriented place in Weiner Haus at the shopping center Porta di Roma (which was great) the rest was so so; we end up buying better items at the supermarket and gourmet grocery stores and cooking it at the apartment with great Italian wines from Toscana and beers moratti and peroni lol!!! while watching the world track and field championship and the Italian super cup in football/soccer Lazio vs Juventus won the later 4×0!!! here is the porta di roma,

We check out cinecitta too at the metro line by the same name but it was just a small shopping althought nice AC in hot Rome and good gelato there ,here is the site

Later on I will use some of the 536 photos I took to come up with posts that can help future travelers there and reminiscense some nostalgia of those that already visit. Rome is a nice stop but once you have found France, it is difficult to judge ::)


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