Some news from France CXIII

Here I am , back in Brittany,and now getting ready for the last week of work before the French vacation period, this time in Italy, so will be away for a while in August. Keep calm , I will be back !

Some of the latest news from France is that the Chateau de Malmaison at Rueil Malmaison just outside Paris, that was the private residence of Napoléon I and Joséphine is a place to see often overlook but a wonderful property indeed ,and full of history of France!  The current expo is on the travels of Joséphine and her daughter Horténse.

a new concept of wonderful Italian specialities but on the go, that is a truck that comes to you with delicious Italian recipes from mozzarella, arugula, focaccias, all from 5€!! several locations in and around France, see it Mozza & Co. at It comes to you!

If you want to eat and look at the Eiffel tower, see the Monsieur Bleu, 13 avenue du Président Wilson 16éme with a terrace of 650 m2 in the Palais de Tokyo is impressive, try the cod with morels or frog’s legs ! see it at

See the over 20 statues in the Jardin des Tuileries of Maillol,  or the moon bird or L’Oiseau lunaire of Joan Miro in square Blomet 15éme, the epic Zadkine sculpture Birth of Forms on boulevard Edgar Quinet, 14éme, or that of Antoine Bourdelle showcasing at the Théatre des Champs Elysées 8éme.

go see at the Jardin des Plantes until September 15 amphibius photographer Cyril Ruoso, from salamanders of Japan to Oregon spotted frog , on 57 rue Cuvier 5éme, more here

The wonderful magnificent Potager du Roi at Versailles. My beautiful vegetable garden of the kings and now of the people 3 times per week  there is a sale to the public. It was thought of in 1678 by gardener Jean-Baptiste de La Quintinie upon a request of king Louis XIV, and still going strong!!!  Go there at 10 rue du Maréchal Joffre, open April to October and the market days are Tuesdays,Thursdays and Saturdays starting at 10H!

You can now take a nice dive at the Josephine Baker pool in Paris right on the Seine river! 25 meter pool on a flooring mechanism moored beneath the François Mitterand library. The pool is held by 20 metal floats with glass and steel canopy is a true architectural art; Quai François Mauriac, 13éme. Admission is 5€ ,more in city of Paris,

how about see Paris from above, ballon de Paris take you on  a ballon at 150 meters, and when good weather in the mornings up to 300 meters. It takes off from the parc André Citroên, 15éme. Admission is 12€ per adults 10 minute ride.

Paris plage is on until August 18 summer residency at the Voie Georges Pompidou .On the bassin de la Villette ,19éme you will be able to do pedal boats as well. More here

You will be able to do sedway rides in Paris, 50€ for two hour rides, you will be train in groups, more info at Logicway, You will depart from the Ecole Militaire,Place Joffre,7éme, get there on metro Ecole Militaire line 8.

As well as canal river cruises by Paris Canal on the Seine and to the canals by parc de la Villette, 19 Quai de la Loire, admission 19€ for about 2,5 hours, more info here,

Part of Marseille been the European Cultural Capital this  year, there are many activities, I would recommend, Chateau Borély the musée des Arts Décoratifs de la Faience et de la mode; see it all here ,

Try the new Hotel Edgar, at 31 rue d’Alexandrie, 2éme, with room designed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, and the curiosity is the restaurant done in an old textile workshop n the middle of the sentier district, has a terrace in a old village square , wonderful summer address at least. more here even with a technical problem on the site, just go there or call or email, its worth it.

My dear friend Olivier Giraud is doing great from a one day a week performance in an obscure small theater to now doing his fourth season at the Théatre des Nouveautés, at 24 blvd Poissonniére, 9éme. the show, “how to become Parisian in one hour”; admission from 24€ , more info at ,and his personal site,

go to a mythical Parisian night at the Chalet des Îles at the lac inférieur du bois de boulogne, by the porte de la Muette, 16éme; metro line 9 Muette; in the summer menu of Petit chalet entre amis;small chalet between friends; wonderful real Parisian ambiance away from tourists;

Staying in my fav area of Paris,the 16éme come to the only pelota basque or jai alai in Paris, all the best from St Jean de Luz, as well as rugby ambiance, the food is basque and sublime, at Au Trinquet, the cocktail hour is a ritual you won’t want to missed; 8 quai Saint-Exupéry,near pont Garibaldi,  more

And more come to the Maison Bagatelle,16éme, or Bagatelle mansion at 42 route de Sévres, right by the jardin de Bagatelle, great fresh juices, cocktails, the place to party every Friday and Saturday nights. write for info and invitation at

Contineu with class in Paris with the wonderful La Table du 8 at 8 rue Jean-Goujon, 8éme on top of the hotel Maison des champs-elysées, the resto opens into a lush garden away from the noise and buzzle with seafood especialties. more here

See from August 26th the Tréteaux Nomades of the La compagnie du Mystére Bouffe, for over 15 years doing great performances all over Paris in famous and ludic places, such as now this year presentation of work by Moliére and Chekhov at Place Sainte-Marthe and Les Arénes de Montmartre, see more info here

The nuits des étoiles or night of stars at tour Montparnasse will be held august 9,10,and 11 from 21h at the terrace of the highest building in Paris (210 meters) admission to the top 11,50€ it will a telescopic observatory of the stars and heaven, see it, read more here,

The Fête Foraine aux tuileries is a must while in Paris, attractions for all kinds of fair fun, from thrilling rides to the legendary ferris wheel, the carnival is on now to August 25th, Place de la Concorde 1éme inside the Jardin des Tuileries; see it, and read more here

All families traveling in France will have preferential treatment at the airports of Paris. All weekend during July and August they will help get thru the administrative jungle and security maze of todays travel. You have carts for free to seat your kids for free all the way to departure gate, they are in CDG at Terminal 2E halls K, L ,and M. and on terminal Sud hall A and Ouest salle 10at Orly.

And remember if need a taxi , reserve in advance the best Taxi G7 at  and for a shuttle the Yellow Van, my recommendations.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and until we read again, stay tune, I will be out from august 5th to the 30th. cheers



3 Responses to “Some news from France CXIII”

  1. Visited the Château de Malmaison for the first time just two months ago. As you say, the property is wonderful, with both the interiors and gardens well-maintained. The glimpse into the private lives of la famille Bonaparte is what I enjoyed most. That Josephine was a remarkable woman! How to Become Parisian in One Hour with Olivier Giraud sounds like a great time – maybe I’ll return to Paris in time to catch the show before next year’s closing.


    • glad you like it, and thanks for posting. yes indeed the Olivier Giraud show is all over even went over to London to do an act at the leicester theater. Next time do see it.



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