Returning to Bucharest, oh yes!

Well this is it, another visit to Bucharest/Bucarest/Bucuresti, another short visit but always pleasant. A vibrant city on the move and nice Latin mentality.

I left home from Nantes on AF thru CDG Paris to Henri Quanda airport in Bucharest, and then the return was done on KLM via Amsterdam to Nantes. Flowless as always, but again do not undertand why many tells how difficult is CDG (when its easy) and Schiphol not, but it is long corridors from one D to another C , if you know the airport is small and all this walking fares to me worse than CDG.

I stayed at the Ramada Parc again, very convenience for business if a bit away for visiting. It has the Ramada Plaza on one side and the Crown Plaza hotel on the other.

Even thus, had the opportunity to again sample the Crown Plaza for dinner at the La Veranda brasserie restaurant

I came back to the insignia resto of the Ramada Parc hotel, the Casa Doina, you have an inside entry from hotel to restaurant,

I had plenty of lunches at the Cafe inside the World Trade Gallery shopping complex, friendly staff who speaks English, on a cafeteria style foods that are very good and not expensive  with Best chef cafe on Bdul Topografiei or boulevard Topografiei.  Then pay a visit to a wonderful place sure to come back to it, the taverna Sarbului, the terrace ambiance and friendly service in addition to superb local cuisine and good friends made it special, I could have stay here longer;;;;

For shopping go back to the World Trade Gallery,

After this quick trip it was time to go home again, and be ready to finish july and be ready for our invasion of Italy in August;stay tune. Have a great weekend y’all.

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