My travels in the Morbihan ,Part VI

Today we have a scorching summer weather with 35C sunny hot, and good for the beaches. However, we are in the pre moving mode ,and me getting ready to fly out tomorrow to Romania on business trip for the week.

Therefore, we did last minutes shopping while celebrating my father’s 78th birthday eating out at our local steakhouse; La Boucherie. The only thing was it says the resto is air conditioned but apparently it was at minimum, it fell hot inside. The rest was good as usual with the entrecôte des forum, faux filets, entrecôtes, and plenty of aperitifs with beers, mojito, americano ,porto ,and while the meal with a bottle of Faiverly Mercurie Domaine de la Framboisiére red burgundy. Then we have our ice creams from summer rendition of strawberries red fruits and real fruit in a coupe de l’été, to vanilla vaucherin, and cafe glacé, all for 182€ for 6 persons.

We visit on shopping Bricomarché in Auray, to get some paint,and brush, etc , by the porte d’Océane that leads you directly to the beaches of Carnac and Quiberon,

We took an eye at a new store to visit Electro Depot , and saw some interesting prices on household items, my oldest found his i phone cover. This is in the store at the Atlanville area of Vannes,

We went by E Leclerc hypermarket to get our luggage bags for the boys in different colors, practical for today’s tight security and inexpensive. The store is in Parc Lann ,Vannes surrounded by a nice shopping center that Leclerc anchors.

and finally ,we went to Mr. Bricolage near Pluvigner, to get our order for window shades.

We came home to pack for my trip and all duties to be carry while I will be out for a week. See you have a great weekend,and stay cool. Cheers!


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