My beautiful Auray or An Alre!

It is hot today at 28C or about 82F hot for our region ,and the summer is just beginning. The little train or petit train was working today!! and the ice cream igloo spot too!!! Summer is officially here!! Here is all of Brittany, especially the Morbihan deparment 56,and certainly pays d’Auray.

It is beginning to feel nostalgic again, as I have sign my house contract and the bank loan has been approved, so by end of August will be in another area not far from here, of that ,later ok.

Therefore, all I have is another nostalgic run of my town, first to the bank ,the the insurance, and then pickup my twins coming from a trip to the centre of France with the school as it is vacation time for them too. And afterward, we took a leisure ride around the area we like already.

We went to Saint Goustan, the port, the harbor the oldest area, and the most quaint and unique before the hordes of tourists begin to come in . We went up to the church of Saint Sauveur (b. 1469) up the hilly section of Saint Goustan, with its narrow and steep streets; overlooking the old castle ruins (sold stone by stone in 1569)  and below the river Loch becoming Auray before ending in the Gulf of Morbihan. Here you will see next to the church the Chapelle Notre Dame de Lourdes still under renovation (b1862 )The bridge of stones is old dating from the 13C and then renovated many times, however, it is still there working over the river separating the district of Saint Goustan or low town=baisse ville to the upper town or haute ville of the city of Auray.

Here you have a laberynth of narrow steep street that even had handrails to hold on while climbing such as rue Saint René ,and rue Neuve, rue du petit port, and rue Saint Sauveur. We passed by favorite restos and créperies, atelier d’arts or artists shops such as Ker Daro along the river quais.

This is mostly a pictorial of this wonderful town, Samuel de Champlain sails from here on orders of cardinal Richelieu to see port royal Canada, and Benjamin Franklin landed here to see Louis XVI and ask recognition and support of the American revolution from further attacks by the British.  All nice, you must come and will agree with me.  cheers


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