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July 27, 2013

Some news from France CXIII

Here I am , back in Brittany,and now getting ready for the last week of work before the French vacation period, this time in Italy, so will be away for a while in August. Keep calm , I will be back !

Some of the latest news from France is that the Chateau de Malmaison at Rueil Malmaison just outside Paris, that was the private residence of Napoléon I and Joséphine is a place to see often overlook but a wonderful property indeed ,and full of history of France!  The current expo is on the travels of Joséphine and her daughter Horténse.

a new concept of wonderful Italian specialities but on the go, that is a truck that comes to you with delicious Italian recipes from mozzarella, arugula, focaccias, all from 5€!! several locations in and around France, see it Mozza & Co. at It comes to you!

If you want to eat and look at the Eiffel tower, see the Monsieur Bleu, 13 avenue du Président Wilson 16éme with a terrace of 650 m2 in the Palais de Tokyo is impressive, try the cod with morels or frog’s legs ! see it at

See the over 20 statues in the Jardin des Tuileries of Maillol,  or the moon bird or L’Oiseau lunaire of Joan Miro in square Blomet 15éme, the epic Zadkine sculpture Birth of Forms on boulevard Edgar Quinet, 14éme, or that of Antoine Bourdelle showcasing at the Théatre des Champs Elysées 8éme.

go see at the Jardin des Plantes until September 15 amphibius photographer Cyril Ruoso, from salamanders of Japan to Oregon spotted frog , on 57 rue Cuvier 5éme, more here

The wonderful magnificent Potager du Roi at Versailles. My beautiful vegetable garden of the kings and now of the people 3 times per week  there is a sale to the public. It was thought of in 1678 by gardener Jean-Baptiste de La Quintinie upon a request of king Louis XIV, and still going strong!!!  Go there at 10 rue du Maréchal Joffre, open April to October and the market days are Tuesdays,Thursdays and Saturdays starting at 10H!

You can now take a nice dive at the Josephine Baker pool in Paris right on the Seine river! 25 meter pool on a flooring mechanism moored beneath the François Mitterand library. The pool is held by 20 metal floats with glass and steel canopy is a true architectural art; Quai François Mauriac, 13éme. Admission is 5€ ,more in city of Paris,

how about see Paris from above, ballon de Paris take you on  a ballon at 150 meters, and when good weather in the mornings up to 300 meters. It takes off from the parc André Citroên, 15éme. Admission is 12€ per adults 10 minute ride.

Paris plage is on until August 18 summer residency at the Voie Georges Pompidou .On the bassin de la Villette ,19éme you will be able to do pedal boats as well. More here

You will be able to do sedway rides in Paris, 50€ for two hour rides, you will be train in groups, more info at Logicway, You will depart from the Ecole Militaire,Place Joffre,7éme, get there on metro Ecole Militaire line 8.

As well as canal river cruises by Paris Canal on the Seine and to the canals by parc de la Villette, 19 Quai de la Loire, admission 19€ for about 2,5 hours, more info here,

Part of Marseille been the European Cultural Capital this  year, there are many activities, I would recommend, Chateau Borély the musée des Arts Décoratifs de la Faience et de la mode; see it all here ,

Try the new Hotel Edgar, at 31 rue d’Alexandrie, 2éme, with room designed by Yann Arthus-Bertrand, and the curiosity is the restaurant done in an old textile workshop n the middle of the sentier district, has a terrace in a old village square , wonderful summer address at least. more here even with a technical problem on the site, just go there or call or email, its worth it.

My dear friend Olivier Giraud is doing great from a one day a week performance in an obscure small theater to now doing his fourth season at the Théatre des Nouveautés, at 24 blvd Poissonniére, 9éme. the show, “how to become Parisian in one hour”; admission from 24€ , more info at ,and his personal site,

go to a mythical Parisian night at the Chalet des Îles at the lac inférieur du bois de boulogne, by the porte de la Muette, 16éme; metro line 9 Muette; in the summer menu of Petit chalet entre amis;small chalet between friends; wonderful real Parisian ambiance away from tourists;

Staying in my fav area of Paris,the 16éme come to the only pelota basque or jai alai in Paris, all the best from St Jean de Luz, as well as rugby ambiance, the food is basque and sublime, at Au Trinquet, the cocktail hour is a ritual you won’t want to missed; 8 quai Saint-Exupéry,near pont Garibaldi,  more

And more come to the Maison Bagatelle,16éme, or Bagatelle mansion at 42 route de Sévres, right by the jardin de Bagatelle, great fresh juices, cocktails, the place to party every Friday and Saturday nights. write for info and invitation at

Contineu with class in Paris with the wonderful La Table du 8 at 8 rue Jean-Goujon, 8éme on top of the hotel Maison des champs-elysées, the resto opens into a lush garden away from the noise and buzzle with seafood especialties. more here

See from August 26th the Tréteaux Nomades of the La compagnie du Mystére Bouffe, for over 15 years doing great performances all over Paris in famous and ludic places, such as now this year presentation of work by Moliére and Chekhov at Place Sainte-Marthe and Les Arénes de Montmartre, see more info here

The nuits des étoiles or night of stars at tour Montparnasse will be held august 9,10,and 11 from 21h at the terrace of the highest building in Paris (210 meters) admission to the top 11,50€ it will a telescopic observatory of the stars and heaven, see it, read more here,

The Fête Foraine aux tuileries is a must while in Paris, attractions for all kinds of fair fun, from thrilling rides to the legendary ferris wheel, the carnival is on now to August 25th, Place de la Concorde 1éme inside the Jardin des Tuileries; see it, and read more here

All families traveling in France will have preferential treatment at the airports of Paris. All weekend during July and August they will help get thru the administrative jungle and security maze of todays travel. You have carts for free to seat your kids for free all the way to departure gate, they are in CDG at Terminal 2E halls K, L ,and M. and on terminal Sud hall A and Ouest salle 10at Orly.

And remember if need a taxi , reserve in advance the best Taxi G7 at  and for a shuttle the Yellow Van, my recommendations.

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and until we read again, stay tune, I will be out from august 5th to the 30th. cheers



July 17, 2013

Some news from France CXII

Here this is the day of the middle of the work week; so here we are again with sunny skies temps in the late 20C and just heat;but of course to my lovely family and dear friends , I work so no beach no time off no nothing but work my butts offs.

This is Vannes the city I work, and then go home by Auray,and then well here in the internet in the shade and cool. Something happening around France, yes , you heard of the Tour de France, they run on the roads up hills and mountains and flats ,and they get some substances in my old days you went to jail but heck its the Pros. So what else is there.

The federation des tonneliers de France or the coopers federation of France says that in 2012 France had  525 100 units sold (that is barrels for wines) or a +2,7 % over last year  2011  with a turnover of 328.5 million euros or a + 6.8% over last year. Doing very well coming back to the levels of 2007 , while maintaining its position as world leader. According to the press release, the French production of barrels is exported to 66%. The first destinations are the United States,  Italy,  Australia and Spain. The sector employs 1 805 people in France.

At the Musée des Lettres et de Manuscripts, 222 blvd Saint-Germain ,75007. the Museum of letters and manuscripts, has on display the original of the declaration of rights of men or the déclaration des Droits de l’Homme dating from 1793. Next to it you will see the original of the testament or will of king Louis XVI   Tuesdays to Sundays from 10h to 19h, nights Thursdays to 21h30 admission is 7€ adults.

And Until September 29 at my beloved Chateau de Versailles, the expo “Fleurs du Roi, Peintures, Vélins et Parterres” the gardens of the domaine de Trianon, and the paintings of flowers that were gifts to Louis XIV on minituare paintings that lasted to Louis XVI. The gardeners have done the gardens in the style of the 17C!!! Sublime my gardens ; go see it pleaseeee!!

Get a guided visit to the Republican Guard or the Garde Républicaine at the hq at 18 bd Henri IV, 75004,cost is 12,50€ adult await a group max of 25 persons so booked early. Push the door of the quarteir or district of Célestins and discover the place of training of the horsemen of the Republican Guard. Built in 1895, the district houses since that date headquarters the cavalry regiment of the Republican Guard.  The stables today welcome 140 horses 1 Squadron, and the brass band of cavalry. You will begin your guided visit by the traditions room dedicated to the history of the Garde républicaine from 1802 to the present day and housed in a former stable. You will be captivated by the magnificent structure type Eiffel of the ride where the riders of the district train daily. Your guide will detail you within the Grande Ecurie and the stable of the staff, the characteristics of majestic horses. A guided tour unusual in the heart of Paris, with scenes of the Cavalry of the Republican Guard, contact for appointment at

Lets take a walk shall we, now that we are in the 4éme arrondissement of Paris la belle. I would begin at the Place du Marché Saint Catherine, houses from the 18C around you; you past by the Church St Paul St Louis at 99 rue Saint Antoine;  the only Jesuist church of Paris; the Lycée or high school Charlemagne is now house adjacent in the old house of the Jesuist dating from the 17C; walk along the Hôtel de Sully at 62 Rue Saint Antoine; the  Caisse Nationale des Monuments Historiques et des sites is now installed there,  at the end of the garden there is a passage way to the Place des Vosges at No 7 it is the old orangerie built by the Duke de Sully, superintendant of Finance of king Henri IV. AFter stop by the Hôtel de Mayenne at 22 rue Saint Antoine, built in 1613 . at 11 rue Saint Paul , you arrive at the musée de la magie et des automates, with wonderful magical and automated gadgets. You enter the village Saint Paul by here, and see at 1 rue de Figuier the emblematic Hôtel de Sens,middle ages examples like Cluny in Paris built for the bishops of Sens;and now a library Fornier email; by the garden you arrive at the Hôtel Aumont that now houses the administrative courts and on the other side of the garden the youth hostal MIJE at 11 rue du 5 rue de Fourcy, you see the Maison Européenne de la photographie; .Here you enter the quartier or neighborhood of Saint Gervais, with medieval streets along rue François Miron and rue de Barres. At 66 rue François Miron, you find the Hôtel Beauvais built in 1655, further at 44-46 rue François Miron ,you have the Maison de l’Association pour la sauvegarde et la mise en valeur du Paris historique  that sees that the tradition and architecture of Paris is not lost. See the wonderful houses from the middle ages along 11-13 rue François Miron.  Take a left into the rue Geoffroy at No 17 see the Mémorial du martyr juif inconnu , housing the center contemporary of the Jews people, arriving at the Place Baudoyer; over direction of the SEine you are in pretty rue de Barres to come to the place Saint Gervais and the Church of Saint Gervais, very old houses and the tradition that men of justice swear to a tree here, the French revolution and later a bomb in WWI did lots of damage, the city restore it ,and from 1975 the monks of Jerusalem resides.  . Here on the same plaza you have the Maison des Compagnons du devoirs, see work of carpenters masons etc. End of trip. Enjoy the walk of Paris, avoid as much as possible the trains, metro,buses, cars, once in it WALK IT!

There was a huge electrical cut off today at Paris, apparently according to the Le Parisien newspaper, they were working on cable lines at the gare d’Austerlitz and accidentically cut off a cable that feeds electricity to the metro system, therefore, many hours of no service on lines 2,3,6,8,9,and 10!!! now its ok

There is a new Hilton hotel coming up this time in wonderful Chantilly.  Opening end of 2014 at Avilly-Saint-Léonard,near Chantilly. The hotel will have expo room, reception rooms, showroom with 1000 seats, 28 rooms of gastronomic restaurant,9 suites,22 rooms around these complex than another 150 standard rooms in the front,all surrounded by a huge banquet restaurant. The promoting real estate cabinet Arthur Bras has the agreement to do it according to the Le Parisien newspaper.

ok so what is open in Paris this summer, as usual many will,including the popular Chateaubriand, 129 avenue parmentier. Auberge Flora,44 blvd Richard Lenoir, Café Constant, 139 rue Saint Dominique, Le Comptoir du Relais, 9 carrefour de l’Odéon, La Cigale Récamier, 4 rue Récamier,  Jaja, 3, rue Sainte-Croix-de-la- Bretonnerie; Mama Shelter, 109  rue de Bagnolet, Brasserie Thoumieux, 79 Rue Saint Dominique; atelier Robuchon, 5, rue de Montalembert; Coq Rico,98 rue de Lépic; L’Essentiel, 168 rue d’Alésia; amongst my favorites.

And to finish this book, lol! Versailles again, always Versailles, Les Grandes Eaux Musicales,2013 ;in the gardens of the castle museum; still until October 27 2013. In the 400th anniversary of the birth of gardener André Le Nôtre, see it this year is glorious.

See you soon around your favorite blog. Cheers.


July 10, 2013

Some news from France CXI

Well this is wednesday mid week and the sunshine still here, love it; and the tour de France is in Mont Saint Michel, and the San Fermin bull running is going on in Pamplona Spain; and the football season (soccer to some) is already on in Spain and France starting mid august. And my vacation time and house closing is getting closer.

Oh well so much going on I am overwhelmed;so decided to come here and blah blah blah a bit with new and old things of the movable feast of France.

The sad news is the beautiful Hôtel  Lambert, worked of great architect of France,  Louis Le Vau at the point of the île Saint-Louis in Paris, has burned down on the night of tuesday to wednesday ,today. The fire cause no casualties after starting out in the roof of the mansion. It was purchased in 2007 for  60M € by the  family of the Emir of  Qatar. More in city of Paris webpage ,

At the Pinacothèque de Paris, in parallel with the New Evolution current at public exposure “Art nouveau”, the Pinacothèque of Paris present art to the Art deco movement. This shift is traced through an emblematic figure of its  kind: Tamara de Lempicka, a strong performer in the roaring twenties. Will be to September 8 2013  everyday from  10h30 to 18h30. Night shows Wednesday until 21h. May 1, July 14, opening from 14h. webpage

remember until July 14 there is still the treasure of the saint sepulcre at Versailles faboulous palace. Every day except Mondays from 9h to 18h. Here it is the full info in French,

And the biggest national party is coming up what most of the world knows as Bastille day and in France it is National Day; 14 July.  Leading the military parade on the Champs Elysées, and activities from 12h30 at the esplanade des Invalides, and also, place de la Nation, Place Saint Sulpice,Place de l’Opéra, Parc Montsouris, Place Péclet (15éme),and Place Armand Carrel (19éme).  of course, the fireworks at the Champ de Mars, follow it from 23h with more than 25000 firecrakers togo off.

Also, at the Point Ephémére, from 19h,  and go to the Olympia for the most revolutionary, from Saturday July 13 at 23H,La nuite est morte, vive la nuit, or night is death long live the night!! a replica action of La liberté guidant le peuple as done by Delacroix. Go and reserve for Edgar so the Foodies can have the cafête nationale; , the site will come alive soon, but go there anyway.

The Wanderlust will be the most Breton in Paris, with a shop on how to do a crêpe! from 14h to 17h free,  and the most snob at the hippodrome de longchamp , between the horse race of  the Grand Prix de Paris, and fireworks on Saturday from 16h to 01h;

Versailles wont be behind with 50 000 persons expected on Saturday July 13 night with the Talon Sauvages and the zumba, by the place Notre Dame (the markets), and by 23h at the place d’Armes.  There will be fireworks for the Grand finale with the title « Côté jardins, côté lumières »  rending hommage to the great gardener  André Le Nôtre.  It will be follow by paintings of many variations and fairy tales with a live band… Enjoy it.



July 5, 2013

Some news from France CX

Thanks God is Friday alright , and like I said, summer is finally here with temps today in the 25C in my area of Brittany. We are heading towards vacation time here in Friday from the National Day 14  July (popularly known as Bastille day), and until the rentrée or re entry of schools in September 3 in my area.

I start by saying that the harrassment on cars continues with more radars for speed been put in the Paris periphérique. Porte de Passy, Dauphiné,Sévres, Brancion, Champerret, Vincennes are some of the new entries. This couple with the fact that they is an intention from the government to increase the tolls/péages on the roads base on kilometers run on them, and past the extra cash to them and some about 40% to departments. Its all money and nothing on security.  They are looking at 1% tax in 2014, I will surely keep an eye on it. Happy Motoring in France, its easy.

In continue with transportation, the tramway T5 of Paris is now running test runs without passengers to eventually become operational  Test runs until July 29.  This tramway will put together the town of  Saint-Denis (Seine-Saint-Denis- 93) and Garges-Sarcelles (Val-d’Oise-95).

New Palais de Tokyo is having an international extravaganza; After “Soleil Froid”, the Palais de Tokyo experimented again and coached 30 galleries and art venues throughout Paris to make manifest the emergence of the figure of the curator. At the Palais de Tokyo, ‘New waves’ (nouvelles vagues) is a large demonstration composed by 21 curators or groups of international curators (13 nationalities), selected by a jury from among more than 500 applications. running thru Sept 9 2013. webpage

Then go the newest thing the Moonshiner bar,

Invisible to the uninitiated, the Moonshiner, the whisky with 83 references specialist, is also preparing elaborate cocktails, including the excellent Salsa Verde 20 (mezcal, cucumber juice, lime, coriander, agave) or the Number 6 best-selling (rums 3 and 6 years old, ginger, lime, pineapple, combawa). All on a jazzy music, in the half-light of a deco 1900 , with integrated comfortable smoking room. It is in the antechamber that happens: the Neapolitan pizza maker cooks up one of his specialties products carefully from sources (Prince de Paris ham, olive oil and oregano’s head in olives, bufala of the farm of Alexandre etc.). Da Vito / Moonshiner. 5, rue Sedaine, (75011). Tél. +33 (0) 9 50 73 12 99. Open every day from 18h to 2h, and soon the lunch at midday for the pizzeria. Pizzas from 10-14€. Cocktails from 7-14€. More of it here in French,
Don’t forget the summer is Paris Jazz Festival to July 28th, at the  Parc floral de Paris (75012) more here . You have the FNAC live with performers like Oxmo Puccino, Olivia Ruiz,Cali, and Jacques Higelin , this one until July 21, at the parvis de l’Hôtel de Ville de Paris ,free admission.
Rock en Seine, will be big and nice, such as Phoenix, Alex Hepburn and La Femme amongst others , August 23-25 at the Domaine national de Saint Cloud (92) ; the site


Festival Sin Fronteras until July 31 at the dome in the Cabaret Sauvage (75020) a musical travel thru India, Cuba, USA, the Tziganes, and Jamaica. the site,

Scénes d’été now until August 25 at Parc de la Villette (75019) , world music for six week ends; free, music from Italy to South Africa ,from hip to tango. webpage

Soirs d’été-ouî FM or the evenings of summer from tomorrow to  July 13, it sth district festival of the 3éme arrondissment of Paris at the renovated place de la République ,and for five evenings of concerts for free, with a grand bal on July 13. performers such as Jake Bugg, Deportivo, Naive News Beaters ,and Rachid Taha, site here

Enjoy Paris ,and France, I do ::) Cheers.


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