Some news from France CVII

ok ok so this is the season of strikes, a national past time here but if you are a regular user of public transport (not me) then you know its hell.

We are having announce pre strike notice of the air traffic controllers for June 11 to 13 and the SNCF from June 12 to 14 all over France, so if coming over check before you leave home and seek alternatives.

In the meantime, here I am telling my wine buds how to enjoy drinking in nice company.  Françoise Pauly,  and his daughter Roxane Brooke  will launch the Vinea site Love June 16, 2013, during the inauguration of the  Vinexpo. is both dating site, social and professional network, site cash together amateurs as professionals of the wine.

The “vinealovers” from around the world will therefore find profiles that their match to seduce or simply friendly or professional contacts. They can also share links, photos or videos and participate in discussion groups via the public forum. Registration to the website will be free until the thousandth Member, then the rate will vary between 15 and 18 euros/month. webpage
SOS for flamenco in Spain, I have been noticing for quite some time now, but recently it was an article in Orange about it. The best are leaving to perform in France !!! “The situation is very difficult in Spain: to dance, I almost have to put myself the money on the table”, exclaims Farruquito, passing through Paris to present “Abolengo” it will give on 6 July in Mont de Marsan with Mexican dancer Kallas Amaya.  Grandson of Farruco and son of the Farruca, two figures of flamenco “baile”, Farruquito made her first on the international stage at  5 years old  on Broadway.  It is part of the flamenco stars running for a long time abroad, like the dancer and choreographer Maria Pagés, who gives his latest creation “Utopia” at the opening of the festival Arte Flamenco de Marsan (South-West of the France).  “The export has always been a characteristic of flamenco,” explains Miguel Mora, correspondent of El País in Paris and author of the book “La voz de los flamencos” (2008).
In France the art of Flamenco  is passionate since the 19th century , after travel of the romantics in Spain (Chateaubriand, Hugo, Musset…), Théophile Gautier and Prosper Mérimée, who found the inspiration for his “Carmen” there resumed subsequently for his opera by Bizet. Therefore, the first biennial of flamenco art at the Parisian Théâtre de Chaillot, in partnership with the regions of  Andalusia.  Among the ten given performances from 19 to 29 June at Chaillot, many come from Seville or international festival of music and dance of Granada, such “Federico según Lorca” of choreographer and dancer Eva Yerbabuena, children of the poet.

Chaillot also organizes “Personals” figures of flamenco (Eva Yerbabuena, Andres Marin) and contemporary artists (Carolyn Carlson, Kader Attou). A Sevillian ball ponctuera this first edition June 27, after a Spanish designers fashion parade in the foyer of Chaillot on 21 and 22 June; webpage for info at . And then,  At Mont de Marsan, “Arte Flamenco“, the most important flamenco festival on this side of the Pyrenees, this year celebrates its 25 years with a galaxy of artists (Mercedes Ruiz, Diego del Morao, Tomatito, La Moneta…). Two great Flamenco pianists of the time, Diego Amador and David Dorantes, will give a concert in continuation of their cooperation on the latest film by Carlos Saura “Flamenco, Flamenco” (July 3).webpage in French,
Well short for now, until next time. I am having problems with the computer internet, seens the screen freezes all over. Need to cut it short today. Enjoy France, its a movable feast….or is it Paris? ::)
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