Carnac, history, stones, and beaches near me.

It has been sunny all week,and just when week end hits, clouds, winds and some rain early on. Nevertheless ,we head for the beach of Carnac about 23 kms from home to see what is the action on the beach these days. it was half empty and the ice creams places closed.Oh well. I have written many posts on Carnac, the last one was on August 23, 2012.

We did some walks,rode around a bit, went by favorite areas like the mesme tra resto facing the grande plage of Carnac. Went along the beaches of St Colomban, and Legénere, and the inner streets of the beach town.  Nice walk and an excuse to be away from home.

Then ,we headed back to the city center or bourg or town of Carnac is really about 2 kms away, and there we had the big church of  Saint Cornély,  ,around the old Le Cozy restaurant,   and the tourist office,  went by some of our favorite stores, many of them empty, and visited the museum or musée de Préhistoire ,very educational about the area stones or megaliths.

We go by car but the bus line 1 of TIM takes you from Vannes,Auray train station to the beach towns of Carnac, Quiberon ,and La Trinité sur Mer.

Of course, we took a pass by the alignment of stones in Carnac, very popular and an UNESCO heritage site candidate,

We hurry back as the day was becoming really dark, still is,and windy even by me. Before we did our grocery shopping on our way back home  Carrefour in Vannes;

Now getting ready for our big summer vacation trips looking at brochures with the family ,and coming up with all kinds of crazy ideas lol!! Not to mention the paperwork in getting our new home,and the next move, yes, we are moving again but not until end of august if all goes well, cross my fingers. Stay tune ,it will get hot and sassy in the summer. Cheers


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