My travels in the Morbihan ,Part IV

So it seems summer is trying to arrive , cool mornings and hot afternoons, rising to 18 even 20C, great fun are starting again in my Morbihan. We have purchase a home, is under contract so not much more for now, will tell more when its really ours, expected date end of August 2013. After our long summer vacations.

Today, we were just looking at the road ,distances, times, to go places and work, all fitting very well. We went far out to near Lorient to check on building material prices,and the boys to check some video games, so we did a bit of road warrior and then all the normal family things for a normal Saturday in the Morbihan. Again for memory, the Morbihan is Breton language for small sea or in French petite mer, meaning Mor=sea/mer to bihan=small/petite.

The tourist site for the department 56=Morbihan of France is at  and the regional council  site that takes care of all of us here is at with a bit of history of us in French. The services of the government that serves us or the préfécture is here

Therefore, now that you know where I am, this is what we did today.

We left the apartment and drove up road D768 to Pluvigner to go around it onto road D779, and then road D135 and then road D775. Passing by nice new town of Grand Champ in the community of the Loc’h ( the main river going into the Gulf of Morbihan classify Unesco world heritage site on the gulf islands), the town itself is country inland , very typical of the Breton towns here, the mairie or towns site is at of course in French.

The best here is the church of Saint Tugdual, dates from its renovation in August 10 1817  as this was chouans territory ,the local opposition to the French revolution,and visited by the rebels call chouen many times.  The march was ended with the chants of Long live the King, and it was not until renovated again in August  20  1865, that the church continues its normal functions.  The church is built with granites stones in a latin cross style, it has a belltower also in granite stone, the inside is resplendicent of the granite white stones. The Church houses two showcases containing  embroidered chasubles of gold and silver thread, the oldest known in Morbihan, as well as a shining treasure of gold. Chalices, patens, censer, processional cross, etc. are all pieces unique and remarkable that you can admire.

We move on to Lorient on the expressway N165 to exit 43 to go to the shopping center K2 for Keryado a commune of Lorient, there we had our lunch in one of the cheapest family chain of restaurants in France ,the Flunch, meals of main dish,cheeses, breads,salads,half bottles of wine for 5,entrés of patê canard or duck, banana splits,bottle water, coffees all for five persons for 87€ or about 17€ pp (about 22,4USD). ok the food is cafeteria style nothing fancy but well done, and nice friendly family service always. Good for a family lunch on the road. Here is the resto at the shopping center,

We,also, went into the shopping to see stores like Brico Depot for building materials, and Micromania for video games my boys are very much into it. Then , we decided to the grocery shopping right there in the Carrefour hypermarket. The shopping K2 site is here and you get info on each store by clicking on their names here

On our way back , we stop by the chocolaterie Henri le Roux at landevant, the main store and factory of the famous Breton chocolats caramels with stores already in Paris, they are here  we buy here the chocolate spreads to eat for breakfasts on toasted breads, the caramels chocolats and the boxes of mix chocolates. Simply wonderful.

We ,then, got in thru the small village of Landaul, where we went by city center to admire the Church of Sainte Marie Magdaleine the old chapel of Notre Dame de Bon Secours, now there since the 15C the previous church of St Marie Magdaleine built in the 12C is gone and the chapel took the place of the church since the 19C.

We arrive home and now I am ready at the computer writing hot off the press. Why wait until tomorrow what you can do today !!!

Cheers and until next time.

Grand Champ Grand Champ Grand Champ Lorient Landevant Landaul

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  1. Congratulations on the purchase of your new home.


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