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June 26, 2013

Some news from France CVIIII

Mid week is always fun around here, light work and little school so we come home earlier. The big news is the Summer sales begins today all over with few exceptions in FRance!! Soldes d’éte.

They began wednesday June 26 at 8H and will finish on Tuesday July 30. see more of it here, you know 64% of French people do their shopping during this period! according to an article in L’Express of today.

In other news ,the heritage days will be this year on September 14-15. The sites will be up with the programs by July 15. This is the journée du patrimoine where many site usually or always closed to the public are open, and it has catch up all over Europe too.  The site will let you know,

You can splash in a 15 meter  pool at the hotel Shangri-La. 10, av. d’Iéna  this summer for 250€,

You can have a nice dinner at the Comptoir du Relais and then ask for room  n° 56, attached to resto, and available for the night. The room is next to a wonderful nid nest of swallows on the roofstops of Paris. They will leave in the morning. Hotel Relais Saint-Germain 6, carrefour de l’Odéon ;  I must add one of my favorite spots in Paris!

In the Jardin des Plantes we have the bats night event coming back and ever so popular, a film by 19h30 and the see the bats by 21h;this is for August 24, and see webpage

Before that for the July 14 National Day festivities or Bastille day, at the Chateau de Rambouillet, a fireworks display to remember. From 22h45 to 02h and then a bal dance at place de la liberation. Catch the tourist office for details as the event approaches,

and for summer with 50 tons of sand, come for the best beach in the area city wise that is. At La Plage. From June 21 to September 15. at  Glazart, 7-15, av. de la Porte-de-la-Villette;

Paris to the conquest of the Seine is ready since June 19 ,the Bergers du Seine, and many innovations along the mythical river of Paris.  Among the facilities already in place, a climbing wall, a space picnic, teepees for kids, containers housing games. The restaurants have more difficult to finalize their project, including Faust and Rosa Bonheur. It also expected with curiosity the garden floating and the five islands moored near the pont de L’alma, forming five different atmospheres, illustrating biodiversity.  Some more traffic congestions but the city is not for the car anyway, we just try harder ::) The city plans a private monitoring device and rounds mountain bike police day and night. Life isn’t always a bed of roses. more on a webpage

At the Stade de France June 29 we will have Bruce Springteen, with tickets from 57€ to 99€! yikes

WELL JUST IN CAN’T WAIT FOR NEXT POSTING SO HERE IT IS. The chateau de Champs sur Marne is finally open after restorations. 31 Rue de Paris  77420 Champs-sur-Marne, this is just outside Paris(18 kms on RER A)  and on the Seine-et-Marne dept where my wife is from.  Built in the 18C , it had many famous tenants from the Duke of Valliére, Duke de Lévis, and Marquise de Pompadour. In 1895, Louis Cahen d’Anvers, a great collectionist in love with the 18C ask architect Destailleur to restore it and call upon Henri Duchêne for the park/gardens. webpage

Well this is it for now, happy trails in France, the movable feast country !!!!!!!


June 19, 2013

Some news from France CVIII

Another midweek stage n wonderful Brittany. The weather is cloudy, sun ,cloudy,and cool with light rain; but then again this is Brittany. I said this is Brittany lol!

Summer is coming and work ,construction, and improvement are here as well. This is Paris RATP transport site given the latest that I receive instantly, the best way to plan.  So June 30,July 7,21, and 28 line 1 of metro will be close  until 10h. Station Barbés-Rochechouart line 2 closed june 24 to August 30 to do the glass protective walls. Line 5 between place d’Italie and Bastille, close July 1 to August 30 to do viaducs work. Line 7bis station Jaurés renovation of station from August 5 to October 27. line 13 between Saint Lazare and porte de Clichy and porte de Saint Ouen closed August 3-4 for track work.

Continue with the tramway T1 between Théatre Gérard Philipe and Hôtel de ville de La Courneuve , closed from 20h work on tracks between june 18 and July 2. Between La Courneuve 8mai 1945 and Bobigny-Pablo Picasso closed from 20h on June 25. Between La Courneuve,Six Routes and La Courneuve 8 mai 1945 closed from July 8 to August 30th.

OrlyVal, between Antony and Orly airport ouest /west terminal closed until July 31 from Monday to Thursday from 21h to end of service. RER A, between Rueil-Malmaison and Saint-Germain-en-laye modif train circulation from July 22 to August 25. and RER B between Lozére and Orsay-Ville, same from July 14 to August 18. WELCOME TO PARIS!

The group restauranteur Bertram who manage several known restaurant is now the manager of all the restos and event rooms at the department store Au Printemps. Brasserie Printemps, the next door ,salon Montmartre, and Le Déli-cieux, located in the roofs of the store with a magnificent 360 ° view of Paris to Sacre Coeur and al.  and for detail on their restos ,some are my all time favorites in Paris like la Gare,

The first automobile in France was a peugeot in 1891!  since then a lot asphalt has been done, today there are over 38 million of them with 31 million private cars. The average time to hold on to a car in France is 8,3 years, (me I am well  under lol!)  Cars with gasoline reach  38,7%, of the market while those with diesel or gazole reaches  61,3%.  Here they tell us that if you use the car for under 15 000 kms it is better the gasoline and if over 15K then its diesel (good too I have diesel and go about 25K lol!!).

The Autolib electric car rental in Paris in place after 18 months is holding up well. The first one in December 2011 at Rue Victor-Hugo (75016). At that time there were only 60 cars, today they are 1800 Bluecar in circulation with almost  30 000 users. The system will be expanding in France to another dozen cities soon. It even has its site in English as well,

a marvelous market in Paris, the flea market of Porte de Vanves, avenue Georges Lafenestre. Métro Porte de Vanves, open Saturday all day and Sunday from 7h to 13h, avenue M Sangnier 7h to 15h and to 17h by avenue G Lafenestre. The story: for hygiene and taxes the market were done outside the city, then in 1920 this one was done after been moved twice; first for the low income rising buildings or HBM and then when the beltway périphérique was done the famous BP in 1965.  Now under the trees you have 350 vendors of second hand items, objects of the arts of the table, glassware and silverware, ceramics and pottery, but also furniture and objects of 18th, 19th, 20C , various vintage furniture from classical to the sharp vintage lace. webpage

A destination from Paris Gare du Nord, in about 45 minutes you arrive at L’isle Adam in the dept 95 Val d’Oise. Balzac said of l’Isle-Adam that she was ‘the earthly paradise ‘… Even today this metaphor has its meaning… Located 32 km from Paris, in a green setting, l’Isle-Adam is a haven of peace and tranquility. A beautiful forest ideal for hiking, a verdant Park of 6 hectares in the city centre, a guided path for peaceful walks on the seafront of the river Oise, la Garenne that host swans, ducks and other coots, a fragrant rose garden and ponds of many gardens and alleys flower according to the seasons, are what makes  the Isle-Adam deserves of  its epithet “City Park”. L’Isle-Adam is also its rich heritage: it is the bridge of the Cabouillet dating from the 17C, it is the Church Saint-Martin that the Constable Anne de Montmorency was completed in 1567, it is the castle of blinds witness of the history of the town since the 18th century and which is currently undergoing renovation, the streets of the City Centre with their fountains and statues and it is the Chinese Pavilion pretty “factory” of the 18th century which has benefited from a high quality restoration. Built in the Carolina Park, it is now open to the public every Saturday and Sunday afternoon for free and tours.L’Isle-Adam, in summer, it is its famous sandy beach with its cabins dating back to 1920 and which served as decorations in many films, its two basins and its great outdoor games space. L’Isle-Adam is still the culture with the Centre of Art Jacques Henri Lartigue, which submits each year two exhibitions of the Museum of Art and history Louis Senlecq. L’Isle-Adam is finally rich associative and sports (golf 18 holes, tennis courts, equestrian centres,…) and animations throughout the year: Carnival, the Art market, the Salon des Antiquaires, the fair in books, the horticultural fair, the race of bathtubs, flea, exhibitions, concerts, river cruises… and its inevitable market TuesdayFriday and Sunday mornings under the Hall from the city centre. L’Isle-Adam also allows boaters from all over Europe to dock on the banks of the Oise thanks to its pontoon equipped with a hydrant water supply and electricity. A heaven to be discovered and now you know, the webpage

See you around in the roads of France. Cheers.

June 16, 2013

My travels in the Morbihan, Part V

ok so nice weather again is back although sometimes is sun and shadows alternatively, the beaches are still half empty and we decided to go inland and see the marvelous little towns of the Morbihan, my department 56.

First, the overall tourist page for the Morbihan is

We set out by car as usual from home and took the free expressway N165 (nantes to brest); we got off at Plouay,Morlaix, Lanester exit/sortie 42. Heading towards Plouay, we saw this wonderful little town,in the middle of the race Rallye de Bretagne auto race right on the streets !!! the tourist page is on the tourist page in events you see in French the info on the rallye wow, nice surprise, . There you see the nice church of Saint Ouen, the Church was built at the end of the 14th century, it has a plan in the form of a Latin cross, with two aisles.Its limestone and marble choir develops in three parts: a central panel and two concave wings.All connected  at the beginning of the 18th century.In the large niches we can see the statues of Saint Barbara and Saint Eloi who seem contemporary, while in the niche above, the statue of Saint Ouen is older.The altar is of simple form.The Monument to the dead lying on the church square was built in 1923 by architect Chandran and the sculptor Gauthier. On the 4 pillars are the corps of the great war: a soldier, a gunner, a sailor, and an airman. Nice complex.

We continue to the old town of Le Faouêt, picturesque town with a nice museum of  traditions and folklore of the region,or Musée du Faouêt.  The mid-19th century, the richness of the heritage and traditions of le Faouët attract many French and foreign artists in inland Brittany. Inaugurated in 1987  in a former convent of Ursulines of the 17th century, the Museum of  le Faouët strives to revive this effervescence passed. Its collection consists of paintings, drawings, prints and sculptures, includes more than 450 works.  The major attraction here is the covered market hall, Les Halles, old halls of 1542 welcoming the market 1st and 3rd Wednesdays of the month. As in all the cities that had, the halles belonged to the local Lord. He held the right to establish a market and to build a Hall to House it. Le Faouët, it was mainly fairs to cows and horses. In the 16th century, there were 9 fairs  and a market was held every Wednesday. In the 17th century, it is the site of  up to 14 annual fairs. Today, the market is held every 1st and 3rd Wednesday of the month. Built as early as 1542, the building has undergone many restorations in the 19th and 20th centuries. Rectangular in shape, the halles cover an area of 940 m2. Their 53 meters by 19 meters  dimensions are impressive. Despite such a surface, they prove too small time compared to the affluence of some days of fair. The building consists of a large relaxing roof on a row of short columns of granite brought by a wall of stones. The elegance of these columns surprised; halls, commercial buildings, were generally devoid of any ornament. In the middle of the roof stands an octagonal Bell Tower topped with a  8-sided crown. Access is via two lateral entrances covered with a roof to rump (indoor elongated end of a roof at one or more triangular sections) and two axial entries covered a roof supported by two columns. The construction of the frame is wood of oak and fir. The day we were there it was a brocante or flea market on Saturdays going on,lovely. More for le Faouêt,

We continue our journey towards Kernaclésden, home of a wonderful 15C church that I have heard of; it was close but the exteriors are impressive for a second visit inside. The church of Notre Dame has an interesting house of bats next door,also closed. THe church of Notre-Dame ,its a building, of  flamboyant Gothic architecture, with all the riches of this time. Inside, it is blown away by the magnificence of the frescoes depicting scenes from the life of the Virgin Mary and Jesus. We face the Angel musicians dreaming perhaps of a visitor ; the painter Maurice Denis. Is more worried about hell and its Devils or danse macabre, which reminds us that we are all equal facing death. The Church also contains another “treasure”. A colony of bats is housed in its bell tower! That is why, next to the Church, walkers can visit the House of the bat in order to know everything from the mysterious world of these ladies of the night. More on Kernaclésden,

We end up our trip in the famous breton sausage town of  Guémené sur Scorff in real Breton territory,deep in, deep traditions.

We saw the wonderful small church of Notre Dame de la Fosse, the church  (19th century), rebuilt around 1820. The Bell Tower dates from the 18th century and stood near the present Church: it houses four bells. The former Bell Tower collapsed in 1757. This church’s square and surmounted by a dome, whose construction was decided by the Guémené(-sur-Scorff) factory in 1761, has replaced a former collegiate church of the 14th century who disappeared during the Revolution, despite many vicissitudes. A college of canons was founded in 1529 by Mary and Louis IV de Rohan, the Lords of Guémené. The choir of the Church is enlarged in the 16th century to accommodate the chapter (six canons) and stalls are installed. Stalls are reworked in 1932 and only remain today the sculpted panels. These sculpted panels now adorn the side altars and are the only remnants of the former collegiate church.

You can move on to the ruins of the castle of the Rohan , a wonderful historical property,here is the long illustrious story from the source: the castle of Rohan (14th century), modified in the 15th century. The first castle was built in the 11th century by the family Guegant (ou Guégant). He was replaced in the 12th century by a fortress which belongs to the Rohan family. Redesigned in the 13th century, it becomes the property of Mabile or Mathilde de Rohan (wife of Robert of bar or Beaumetz) in 1251, and then the property of the Duke of Brittany (after 1369). Duke Jean III died in 1341, a struggle is committed for his estate between Jean de Monfort and Charles of Blois. The captain of the stronghold of Guémené is a named Raynaud. In July 1342, on the orders of Charles de Blois, Louis of Spain besieges Guémené who surrounded. Pierre Porteboeuf succeeded a little later and Louis of Spain called Gerard of Malin, Captain of Guémené. In December 1342, the English, allies of Montfort, who put the seat in throne of Guémené. The English eventually leave Guémené in 1369. In 1371, Jeanne de Rostrenen yields to Guémené-Duke Jean IV against a life annuity of a  thousand pounds. The latter makes Guémené Jeanne de Beaumer, its lawful owner and her husband Jean de Longueval. In 1377, John, Duke Viscount of Rohan, married his second wife Jeanne de Navarre and buys from the Lord of Longueval the”city, chatel  for 3,400 francs of gold. October 31, 1378 the acquisition by the Viscount of Rohan of châtellenies Kemene-Gomez and rock-Periou is confirmed by the King Charles V. Charles de Rohan, son of Jean I de Rohan and Jeanne de Navarre, inherits in 1384 ‘ châtellenies, cities and fortresses of Quesmenet-guégon. Charles de Rohan – Guéméné, in 1406, married Catherine du Guesclin, and both are the founders  of the branch of the Rohan-Guéméné. About 1474, Louis I, Duke of Rohan – Guéméné (husband of Louise de Rieux) built the current Castle. The work extend until 1486. The walls to a height of 15 metres and 300 metres in diameter, was defended by eight towers (including the Dungeon). In 1522 Louis IV de Guéméné and wife Marie de Rohan make disarm the castle into a Palace. The Bishop Claude Rohan died at the Château de Guémené July 8, 1540, and Marie de Rohan (wife of Louis V), June 9, 1542. In September 1570, Charles IX penalised the principality of  Guémené , by order letters given at Monceau, in favour of Louis VI de Guéméné. The castle is taken by Gabriel de Goulaine (right arm of Mercœur) and his Catholics in 1589, while Louis VI de Rohan had left the place by asking Thomas Tuault of the Palevart and the master of Saint-Georges to defend (the garrison consisted of then Lords of Kerdisson, de Launay, of Rimaison, of Kermahon, Kerhourin and a few adventurers). January 28, 1590, the castle was taken over by the royalists commanded by Prince de Dombes. In April 1591 and in January 1592, the Leaguers attempt again, but without success, to reconquered the Castle. In 1592, were Spanish League soldiers who occupy the castle for three weeks. In April 1598, following the signing of the edict of Nantes by Henri IV, the Spaniards then leave the Kingdom. By 1629, the Castle began to be dismantled on the orders of King Louis XIII. Attempting to restore the castle to 1644. An admission of 1682 briefly describes the castle: “the Château de Guémené, closed and closed high and strong walls, trimmed of machicolations and gunners, eight towers and pavilions, with several body building, surrounded and enclosed by moats and ditches, wide and deep and full of water, closing at drawbridge; the extent of which contains funds, including the moat, four newspapers and a half. Said Castle and the town of Guémené are required of the King as ancient Châtellenie in high, medium and low justice, with all the prerogatives of the edict of Principality in 1570, to which are appended the seigniories and fiefs of Leon, La Roche Messina, Trefaven and Plouhinec.” Partially restored in the 18th century (c. 1775) by Jules-Hercules prince of Rohan, the castle is confiscated as many emigrated by the Act of February 12, 1792, and serves as a military prison during the Revolution (it hosts approximately 500 English prisoners). In 1795, on 29 January, the garrison of Guémené, surprised by the chouans, takes refuge in the Castle and leaves the enemy loot the barracks and burn the papers of the municipality. In 1803, he was designated to accommodate invalids, in 1804 or 1808 to serve as a barracks. The princesse de Guéméné died in 1807 and prince Henri-Louis died in Prague in 1808. In 1814, the Duchess of Montbazon receives the succession of Guémené and resells all at a named Declerq, Tournay banker, for a sum of 2 115 000 francs. The castle was acquired in 1843 by the Juttard-Lannivon family. In ruins, it was demolished in 1926. The ramparts that remain date from 1380 and the door dates from the end of the 15th century; a piece of history to walk on by.

It has a nice mairie or hotel de ville of Guémené sur Scorff as well near the ruins of the castle ,in the shape of a mansion or manoir. Nice architecture. Also nice monument to the fallen near the church of course.  webpage  and a site for the tourisme on the pays du roi morvan including these communities ,

Enjoy the ride. Cheers.

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June 11, 2013

Some news from France CVII

ok ok so this is the season of strikes, a national past time here but if you are a regular user of public transport (not me) then you know its hell.

We are having announce pre strike notice of the air traffic controllers for June 11 to 13 and the SNCF from June 12 to 14 all over France, so if coming over check before you leave home and seek alternatives.

In the meantime, here I am telling my wine buds how to enjoy drinking in nice company.  Françoise Pauly,  and his daughter Roxane Brooke  will launch the Vinea site Love June 16, 2013, during the inauguration of the  Vinexpo. is both dating site, social and professional network, site cash together amateurs as professionals of the wine.

The “vinealovers” from around the world will therefore find profiles that their match to seduce or simply friendly or professional contacts. They can also share links, photos or videos and participate in discussion groups via the public forum. Registration to the website will be free until the thousandth Member, then the rate will vary between 15 and 18 euros/month. webpage
SOS for flamenco in Spain, I have been noticing for quite some time now, but recently it was an article in Orange about it. The best are leaving to perform in France !!! “The situation is very difficult in Spain: to dance, I almost have to put myself the money on the table”, exclaims Farruquito, passing through Paris to present “Abolengo” it will give on 6 July in Mont de Marsan with Mexican dancer Kallas Amaya.  Grandson of Farruco and son of the Farruca, two figures of flamenco “baile”, Farruquito made her first on the international stage at  5 years old  on Broadway.  It is part of the flamenco stars running for a long time abroad, like the dancer and choreographer Maria Pagés, who gives his latest creation “Utopia” at the opening of the festival Arte Flamenco de Marsan (South-West of the France).  “The export has always been a characteristic of flamenco,” explains Miguel Mora, correspondent of El País in Paris and author of the book “La voz de los flamencos” (2008).
In France the art of Flamenco  is passionate since the 19th century , after travel of the romantics in Spain (Chateaubriand, Hugo, Musset…), Théophile Gautier and Prosper Mérimée, who found the inspiration for his “Carmen” there resumed subsequently for his opera by Bizet. Therefore, the first biennial of flamenco art at the Parisian Théâtre de Chaillot, in partnership with the regions of  Andalusia.  Among the ten given performances from 19 to 29 June at Chaillot, many come from Seville or international festival of music and dance of Granada, such “Federico según Lorca” of choreographer and dancer Eva Yerbabuena, children of the poet.

Chaillot also organizes “Personals” figures of flamenco (Eva Yerbabuena, Andres Marin) and contemporary artists (Carolyn Carlson, Kader Attou). A Sevillian ball ponctuera this first edition June 27, after a Spanish designers fashion parade in the foyer of Chaillot on 21 and 22 June; webpage for info at . And then,  At Mont de Marsan, “Arte Flamenco“, the most important flamenco festival on this side of the Pyrenees, this year celebrates its 25 years with a galaxy of artists (Mercedes Ruiz, Diego del Morao, Tomatito, La Moneta…). Two great Flamenco pianists of the time, Diego Amador and David Dorantes, will give a concert in continuation of their cooperation on the latest film by Carlos Saura “Flamenco, Flamenco” (July 3).webpage in French,
Well short for now, until next time. I am having problems with the computer internet, seens the screen freezes all over. Need to cut it short today. Enjoy France, its a movable feast….or is it Paris? ::)
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June 5, 2013

Some news from France CVI

Well amazing we had three straight days of sunshine in the middle 20’s Celsius this week;finally ,I think summer is here and even early lol!

Some of the news around France for now are,

Cinéma Paradiso at the Grand Palais, a drive in cinema !!! June 10 to 21 2013. From 11h.

A roomful of cars Fiat 500 family and cinema seats will be made available to Parisians to attend screenings of films on the big screen: Grease, psychosis, Goldfinger for an evening dedicated to the Intense 1 Million perfume by Paco Rabanne, and preview Star Trek Into Darkness by J.J. Abrams. The programming of meetings is available online on
The laboratory of cuisine contemporary, omnivorous joins the event by inventing the largest Food Court of Paris, with a dozen of poles of restoration unique in their kind, the nibbling at the head with the Gita Seaton Canadian or the French dinner Jean-François Piège. Official supplier of the Drive-In Cinema Paradiso, the champagne Moet & Chandon; with spaces for tastings!
Next to the Drive-In and catering, a huge play area will host, “The age of gold of Video game” exhibition with more than 100 games vintage collectors, and the flippers in open access. Many brands such as Sony, King or NVidia will unveil their novelties and Konami will host the final of the League PES on the spot, on Sunday, June 16.
Track roller for up to 100 people will be open from 11: 00 to 21: 00. At the end of the night, she will turn into dance. Every evening an actor of Paris nights will take orders for ‘Cinema Paradiso SuperClub’: Club, Sandwich, Kitsune, the Baron, O-Five, Wanderlust. Programming of the evenings on
To stay connected in the atmosphere of the day, it will listen to which, minute-by-minute rebroadcast the tone for the day. The program is in   where it will be also the Boogie Night roller contest or colette call Party People, organized by the most trendy Parisian concept-stores which also offer a selection of exclusive souvenir products in its gift shop.
Finally the corridors of the Grand Palais will receive within the exhibition “the twilight series Belle”, a movement composed of designers, artists, thinkers and entrepreneurs who take the opposite of the American rating system ‘AAA’ (more information on ). Culture, gastronomy, leisure, commitment and a few sleepless nights in perspective, it’s really the Parisian spring event.
And if the key to the origins of the city of Paris was hidden under the Police Headquarters? Since a few weeks, in the heart of the île de la Cité, archaeologists are conducting excavations which have already uncovered a medieval church!. church of St goval, founded by merovigian king Dagobert!!! wow!!! 10 tombs with human remains in the cloister section of the church wow!!! Paris is amazing!!!
And more detriment for the poor car drivers in us…. more rules and fines !

Paris City Hall or Hôtel de Ville  announced yesterday the establishment of new traffic rules which will force the road users to raise the foot. Dubbed ‘the street sharing’, the plan aims to restore the place to pedestrians and cyclists;of course. Protected tests will result in the creation of new zones 30 kph- and even areas 20 kph- in all of the districts… with the exception of the 8th, where the Mayor is not asking for them!!!Go the 8th and the Champs-Elysées. New speed reduction to 30 kph will be at  avenues de Clichy and Saint-Ouen (XVIIe), and rue du Faubourg-du-Temple (Xe) as well as  rue Oberkampf (XIe).

A client to coax, a patron for a continental breakfast time where Paris awakens. Then, at dawn or on the later, all this small world (from 2 to 6 pers.) embark aboard a boat-lounge, and on the deck, can be found at his coffee-growing taste much better than in a vulgar troquet. Green River, cruise breakfast from €36 / pers., from the port of the Arsenal at the Tuileries (1 h), or even more. Coffee, tea, orange juice and croissants. The new way to cruise the river Seine. webpage at 
Feelings strong safeguards in the cockpit of the Flight Experience ,21, quai d’Austerlitz (XIIIe) .On Flight Simulator chooses a destination, flight time, and we took off with an instructor on board a Boeing 737. Only downside: the turbulence does not shake the cockpit. From €169 for 30 minutes of flight. webpage
Invite his buddies to a spree in Paris aboard an authentic bus of the 1930s with benches in wood and rear platform? Memorable! Book (in advance), provide champagne and picnic, agree with the driver on the route. In the evening, when there is less traffic, it is better. It is recommended a group photo at the foot of the glittering Eiffel Tower, down the Champs-Elysees in singing Joe Dassin, loudly, a passage near the Louvre pyramid and a beautiful breakaway on the banks of the Seine. €1349 for 2 h on weekends and €1249 during the week. Reservations at +33  01 58 78 49 06. or email at  lovely!
Until next time by the waves of France. And tomorrow i have my corporate league indoor football/soccer match lol!!!we won 10X8!
and so much to tell don’t want to wait, these exciting events just hot off the press
The ministry of Transport has authorise the arrival of big cruising ships into the Seine for 2015!   The boats of 135 meters, the police or préfecture de police will modify the rules of navegation in the Seine river. Now only the boats up to 125 meters are authorised but to have them park they need to be not longer than 110 meters. The new rules will take effect from now to September 2014.
And at Chantilly, you will have the musical nights or Nuit Musicale with 80 concerts of classical music in open air, an equestrian show , fireworks all in one night. This is at the Domaine de Chantilly on June 22 2013. You will see presentations of  La Truite from Schubert, Wedding Cake from Saint- Saëns or the Casse-Noisette from Tchaïkovsky, the best gastronomy brought in by the area best traiteur to help you along the musical notes!!!. The time 18h to 23h admission  38€ (access to the park and concerts), 68€ (access to the park, concerts and 3 plats dish choices to taste/eat), and  200€ (access  VIP). It is FREE for the under 12 yrs old. Purchast tickets in advance at FNAC stores here
June 1, 2013

My travels in the Morbihan ,Part IV

So it seems summer is trying to arrive , cool mornings and hot afternoons, rising to 18 even 20C, great fun are starting again in my Morbihan. We have purchase a home, is under contract so not much more for now, will tell more when its really ours, expected date end of August 2013. After our long summer vacations.

Today, we were just looking at the road ,distances, times, to go places and work, all fitting very well. We went far out to near Lorient to check on building material prices,and the boys to check some video games, so we did a bit of road warrior and then all the normal family things for a normal Saturday in the Morbihan. Again for memory, the Morbihan is Breton language for small sea or in French petite mer, meaning Mor=sea/mer to bihan=small/petite.

The tourist site for the department 56=Morbihan of France is at  and the regional council  site that takes care of all of us here is at with a bit of history of us in French. The services of the government that serves us or the préfécture is here

Therefore, now that you know where I am, this is what we did today.

We left the apartment and drove up road D768 to Pluvigner to go around it onto road D779, and then road D135 and then road D775. Passing by nice new town of Grand Champ in the community of the Loc’h ( the main river going into the Gulf of Morbihan classify Unesco world heritage site on the gulf islands), the town itself is country inland , very typical of the Breton towns here, the mairie or towns site is at of course in French.

The best here is the church of Saint Tugdual, dates from its renovation in August 10 1817  as this was chouans territory ,the local opposition to the French revolution,and visited by the rebels call chouen many times.  The march was ended with the chants of Long live the King, and it was not until renovated again in August  20  1865, that the church continues its normal functions.  The church is built with granites stones in a latin cross style, it has a belltower also in granite stone, the inside is resplendicent of the granite white stones. The Church houses two showcases containing  embroidered chasubles of gold and silver thread, the oldest known in Morbihan, as well as a shining treasure of gold. Chalices, patens, censer, processional cross, etc. are all pieces unique and remarkable that you can admire.

We move on to Lorient on the expressway N165 to exit 43 to go to the shopping center K2 for Keryado a commune of Lorient, there we had our lunch in one of the cheapest family chain of restaurants in France ,the Flunch, meals of main dish,cheeses, breads,salads,half bottles of wine for 5,entrés of patê canard or duck, banana splits,bottle water, coffees all for five persons for 87€ or about 17€ pp (about 22,4USD). ok the food is cafeteria style nothing fancy but well done, and nice friendly family service always. Good for a family lunch on the road. Here is the resto at the shopping center,

We,also, went into the shopping to see stores like Brico Depot for building materials, and Micromania for video games my boys are very much into it. Then , we decided to the grocery shopping right there in the Carrefour hypermarket. The shopping K2 site is here and you get info on each store by clicking on their names here

On our way back , we stop by the chocolaterie Henri le Roux at landevant, the main store and factory of the famous Breton chocolats caramels with stores already in Paris, they are here  we buy here the chocolate spreads to eat for breakfasts on toasted breads, the caramels chocolats and the boxes of mix chocolates. Simply wonderful.

We ,then, got in thru the small village of Landaul, where we went by city center to admire the Church of Sainte Marie Magdaleine the old chapel of Notre Dame de Bon Secours, now there since the 15C the previous church of St Marie Magdaleine built in the 12C is gone and the chapel took the place of the church since the 19C.

We arrive home and now I am ready at the computer writing hot off the press. Why wait until tomorrow what you can do today !!!

Cheers and until next time.


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