Vannes and its ramparts towers!

Today it was 20C so sunny and cloudy at times but hot for the area. It seems spring is finally coming around, and yet not summer. I have my anniversary at work tomorrow ,and preparing a champagne and snacks party in my office;so went back to Vannes for shopping.

Its very convenient to shop in the old section in the petit Casino grocery store, actually when you see it from rue saint vincent you think is small but go thru the hallways and at the back is a nice size grocery store with all you for home, apartment, or hotel. I gathered my goodies here such as chips,and sodas, paper plates, etc.

I went over next door to the place du poids public and there is my favorite wine store Nicolas, so got me my Champagne at good prices, and the crême de cassis (will be a nice kir royale).

Of course ,not before making my nice walks in town along the ramparts is great parking at reasonable price, you get two hours for 1,50 euros. just facing the old ramparts and across from the Tour Connetable as well as passing by the Lavoirs or laundry and under the porte Poterne.  And of course, seeing happy visitors riding our petit train thru the old section of town. Just lovely old world and great walks.

Vannes tourist office is at

Now getting organise for the big event at work tomorrow. Oh it is a custom here to celebrate your birthdays, marriage ,and time work in the company with your collegues , so after having a futsal or football salle or indoor football/soccer match today in the corporate league tomorrow will be time to have a drink allowed at work lol!!!

Cheers and enjoy the photos.

Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes Vannes

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