Pays de Vannes,and the Gulf of Morbihan

This is where I work, but do come often with the family too. Its the biggest city in the area, and just lovely especially its inner central parts. However,it is ,also, the gateway to the gulf of Morbihan, and many boats do prowls the gulf waters to several islands.

This link will give you 360 views of the gulf area, and I have on Vannes,

More on Vannes in French,hopefully you can translate it with bing or google or other ,it is gorgeous as the best info is always in French.

Here is the tourist office in French with link on connection to the islands,

And this is a local paper, very local, that tells of the sea current and highs on the cities here in the Morbihan such as Vannes,

So why water, well its all over us, in rivers, lakes,and the vast ocean not to mention the UNESCO Gulf of Morbihan or Golfe du Morbihan. The gare maritime or passenger terminal station at the Parc du Golfe is wonderful; we walk by it today, looking for information to take our jump into the islands this coming summer.  These are by the department all the boats and liasons here ,and this is the nice boats that go to the Ile d’Arz from the gare maritime of Vannes, . Gorgeous ride just like you see in the picture on the link.

The compagnie du Golfe does the run from the gare maritime of Vannes to the beautiful Belle-île-en-mer,

You can tell the gare maritime on any map by putting Gare Maritime, 7 Allée Loïc Caradec. Right in the same park or the parc du golfe , you have a wonderful Mercure Hotel with brasserie Edgar, one of our favorite hangouts when away from the city bustle and hassle; prices from 91€. and  with nice happy hours from 18h30 to 20h at Edgar’s Café next door.

You ,also, find a garden of butterflies or jardin aux papillons ,and the Vannes aquarium or aquarium du golfe ,, and our favorite bowling alley, Le Master,

There is plenty of free car parking, and great bus service to the parc using the Kiceo transport system of Vannes, lines 3 and 11 takes you here.

In addition a great walkers, bicycle trails into the chemin des émigrés, bordering all the gulf area around Vannes starting from the parc du golfe to Conleau along the promenade Paul Chapel.

A sad story to finish as the above name or the point des émigrés is due to the atrocities of the French revolution ,when in 1795 , 748 immigrants who came to fight for the King were taken prisioners after the failed expedition of Quiberon, and shot to death in various parts of the Morbihan. The head of the expedition was executed on July 28 1795 in Vannes on the site of the Garenne today.  374 others were shot around town with many at the site of the Ermitage.  As a souvenir of this event symbolic this point was renamed the Point des Émigrés. The Chemin or pathway was done around its 70 hectares to make a preserve natural setting protected by law. The remains of these 748 are now resting at the Chartreuse in Auray where I live now.

Enjoy the sun, sea, and the pictures. Cheers!!

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