Le Havre a lot more than ferries,still Normandy.

Its a city that suffers the horrors of WWII when it was practically destroyed been an important harbor. Then ,it reborn from ashes to be the modern nice city that it is today,and still an important harbor. Passengers boats comes this way in hordes, and it has a lot more.

I admit not been here in a while, always stop short of the Pont de Normandie and the Grand Canal aux Havre that follow it to Le Havre. It was special for us to be here and see it full time.  It has its tourist webpage here http://www.lehavretourisme.com/ and the city page with tourist information is here http://lehavre.fr/rubrique/patrimoine-dexception

I spent a weekend here walked all over the city,and visited many nice places, the friendly folks and nice merchants were evident this is a city open to the world ,and ready to be discovered.

The church of Saint François is nice with beautiful chapels and now under renovation by the city to save it from cracking up, we were there to see this work begins. The church is also call locally Saint François of Assisis, and it is one of the oldest building left in the city, done in the 17C. The style is mostly renaissance,and it survived the bombardments of WWII.  The site in French of the city said the renovation was to be done by April 2013 ,but there still lots to be done, as I witness, http://lehavre.fr/actualites/l-eglise-saint-francois-se-refait-une-beaute

You have wonderful Bassin du Commerce, with its wonderful statue at sea to the fallen in previous war, and the wonderful arch bridge over it, all leading to avenue de Paris full of nice shops and restos. It has an extensive bus and even tram service to move you all over, we try the bus line 3 and it was easy and nice. LIA is the local bus system ticket on bus cost 1,50€, more info in French here http://www.agglo-lehavre.fr/article/r%C3%A9seau-lia

We went by car so easier, and took a ride to GrandCap to visit the Auchan shopping center as there is no Auchan where we live now and just nostalgic to see it, nice experience driving under a tunnel right in city center to reach it;  here is the nice musical site of the centre commercial in French, http://www.grandcap.fr/ Auchan is a huge hypermarket here in France.

Of course , we went by the ferries LD to the UK, and the nice harbor area of the Marché aux Poissons, who not only sells fish and seafood but fruits and veggies, right in front of the ferry harbor : http://lehavre.fr/annuaire/marche-aux-poissons

We had to find some video games music dvd store here so of course we check out the omnipresent FNAC, however, we were delighted to find it at the Espace Coty, a super shopping center mall with modern commodities heated or AC, and plenty of parking. The stores were wonderful.  http://www.espacecoty-lehavre.com/ right in city center past the Hôtel de Ville to the right.

It has a nice train station with next door the bus station with connections to Paris, easy nice and on a good area, actually near our hotel. http://www.gares-en-mouvement.com/en/fraez/votre-gare/ also the TER regional site at Le Havre for trains, http://www.ter-sncf.com/Region/haute_normandie/gare/LE%20HAVRE.aspx

And the hotel we stayed is right in Quai Colbert ,the Kyriad Centre  , nice wonderful friendly service, with restaurant and bar we try very well made, and good prices, the rooms were modern and airy, with all amenities, nice stay. http://www.kyriad-le-havre-centre.fr/en/index.aspx

You have a nice structure the Volcan in city center by avenue de Paris, a sort of expo center done in a volcano shape, impressive; just around there you have the Le Lafayette bar great for a drink on the walk or run ::) closer to the shopping center Coty, http://www.cityvox.fr/bars-et-cafes_le-havre/le-lafayette_79324/InfosPratiques . The Hôtel de Ville is a nice building with a clock tower and wonderful gardens and water fountains. The day we were there it seems the whole town was getting married!!! so many one after the other, an assembly line hehehe!

The highlight of the trip was that traveling to Normandy we found Brittany ,our home. There was the Fête de Bretagne with groups, food ,arts, and just a street fair full of Breton tradition including their dance and music ,really super.And the groups were from nearby us Saint Avé lol!!! Actually May 18 and 19 was the Fête de la Saint-Yves at le Havre in the neighborhood or quartier of Saint-François around the church. This is the historic area of the Bretons in Le Havre ::). This is the webpage with info in French, http://www.fetedelabretagne.com/internet/jcms/prod_173417/fete-de-la-saint-yves-des-bretons-du-havre . Right around here we had our lunch at Bistro du P’tit Port  , wonderful and the views of the ferry harbor and fish market is awesome, http://www.bistrotduptitport.fr/

Then, we had across from our hotel and the bassin du Vatine  and Vauban the wonderful complex of the Docks. Here you have a nice cinema Gaumont, restos, shops in an old dockyard building totally restore to house this complex. THe Dock Océane for expo, theater ,arts, the Les Bains de  Docks  for a water park, Docks Café, and Jardin Fluvial. All of this around the places that are nice to use and some nex ones like O Blé Gourmand resto a la breton norman cuisine,  http://www.docksvauban.com/W/do/centre/fiche-boutique-O-BLE-GOURMAND ,  the whole complex is great and easily you can spent at least half a day seeing all around it. Here you have the Océane and Café expo places,  http://www.dockslehavre.com/ ; then you have the shopping and restos here, Docks Vauban, http://www.docksvauban.com/W/do/centre/accueil, the cinema Gaumont has its site here http://www.cinemasgaumontpathe.com/cinemas/cinema-gaumont-docks-vauban-le-havre/  , the Les Bains de Docks is closed until september 2013 but should be good then ,have a pool indoors, site here http://www.vert-marine.com/les-bains-des-docks-le-havre-76/  , and the jardin fluvial is over 2 hectares or almost 5 acres of over  700 meters long ,all bordering the  quais de la Saône ,and de la Marne. Here is more in French,  http://lehavre.fr/dossier/le-jardin-fluvial-0

Lovely as in France. Some photos of wonderful Le Havre. Cheers.

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