My travels in the Morbihan ,part III

I continue seek out new places and some I return to in my new area. This time in our search for a house we went back to a town I almost live in. This is Saint Avé in the agglomeration or metropolitan area of Vannes,a city of about 11K people.

When I first came into the area there was an apartment offered here but thought the stairs were a bit tight to go to the second floor so decided not to. This is how I got to know Saint Avé. Thereafter, came by several times to eat and shop at the Hyper U hypermarket here.

This time came in with the whole gang to seek some addresses for houses and see the neighborhood. Needless to say, the area is tops, very nice,big homes,clean, and a quiet feel even if on May 1 Labor day here in France.

The town has a walkpath on the camp de César as records have it the great Cesar of Rome had a camp here . Difficult to determine the exact date, but there it was at 125 meters high surrounded by wells and canals to protect its access and a good view over the gulf down Vannes way. It is a historical place named in France. More on the Saint Avé city govt page in French

The church of Saint Gervais et Saint Protais suffered a lot on humidity problems, was destroyed in the 19C and rebuilt between 1830 and 1834 where the building of today is from. The old church dates back to the 15C and those parts dates from  1426 to 1481.  Read more in French at the city govt page ,

The other more known and kept is the Chapel of Notre Dame du Loc where built from  1475 to 1494 is still an example of the Breton religious art. Amongst the richest inside you will find retables in sand, a chancel cross from 1500, granite retables and an alabaster from England, a formidable collection of polychrome statues from the 15C to 19C where the it has the Virgin and the Child recently restored. More in French at the city govt page

There are many nice castles and manoirs or mansion houses around the city, a nice forest area, and great lively city center,a potential for the family,and a nice getaway for visitors and guest alike!

It is attached touristically to the Vannes regional government center and capital of the Morbihan, unfortunately the info on Saint Avé is not translated, you can see the items some of them posted here and use a translation service like google or bing, it will be a nice exercise to do so because of my post ::) Enjoy the tour.

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