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April 30, 2013

Some news from France CII

This is the eve to Labor Day, as the international day here, so I will be off resting, too bad it fell in the middle of the week so no bridge lol! The day is sunny a bit cool but nice darn.

The next big event in Paris is a foire a fairs better a fair than a war. The Foire de Paris with 3500 exhibitors!  From today to May 12 at  Porte de Versailles (75015). Open every day from 10h to 19h. Nightime on May 10 open until  23h. Admission is 12€ . Pass 2 days 18€. Free for the under 12 yrs old.  Here is the site , I love to go there for the Cultures du Monde section, enjoy it if you can, its great.

Over in Honfleur, that I will be in, is the Fête des Marins, (the feast of the mariners or seaman) the 152nd year!! where the boats go out,and its festive all around. I go for a more personal reason, my dear mother is buried at sea and the ceremony is of the blessing of those there buried or fallen in the great Normandy shores. The place is always magical for me and since she is there is a pilgrimage.  Here is the pdf file for the festivitiesête-des-Marins-2013.pdf?3f49bb

And according to the French , where are you the most happy living, which region? well surprise that the top three are my favorites areas in France other than the Paris/Versailles combo of past working and living. Aquitaine, came in first with 93% satisfaction ,this is the area of the southwest where Bordeaux is amongst others. Then comes the Pays de la Loire, where the great chateaux are; and then comes Bretagne, yes where I am living now ,and I can attest to that, its great too. These are the top 10;

  • 1ea. Aquitaine (93 %)
  • 1ea. Pays de la Loire (93 %)
  • 3ea. Bretagne (91 %)
  • 3ea. Alsace
  • 5. Rhône-Alpes (90 %)
  • 6ea. Midi-Pyrénées (89 %)
  • 6ea. Auvergne (89 %)
  • 8. Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur (88 %)
  • 9ea. Languedoc-Roussillon (85 %)
  • 9ea. Poitou-Charente (85 %)

By the way the Paris Ile de France region came in one of the last at 70% lol!!! Well like I said, living and visiting are two different things. Here is in French the real estate publication,

Since tomorrow is off day labor day, we have flea markets in Paris some of my favorites were/are:

On the 9ème arrondissement:
the street  rue Rochechouart is having a small market very friendly and cozy neighborhood gathering with about  80 tables  from 7h to 19H Rue Rochechouart, Métro Cadet

On the 12ème arrondissement:
the flea  Picpus  is been done on boulevard de Picpus, of course !  With about  100 tables with antiques items too. From 7h to 19h  Boulevard de Picpus, Métro Nation

On the  14ème arrondissement:
its happening at  place Maurice Noguès and goes on towards  avenue Marc Sangnier and avenue Maurice Noguès.  You have about  200 tables  with antiques and  new items ! From 6h to 18H at Place Maurice Noguès, Métro Porte de Vanves

You have on May 30th  the 5th edition of the La Veillée Food Stock on the roof of the Cité de la Mode et du Design. From 19h ,here is the fooding event, all so yummy and great music too, wonderful place ,and this year the place is great too the NUBA 36, quai d’Austerlitz, admission is 25€ webpage

And until May 20 you have at Paris jardin d’acclimatation, Bretagne,yeah!!! with over 300 artists from the region showcasing their wares. You will see the «gwenn ha du» the famous Breton flag of black and white for three weeks.  The show will be from 10h to 19h, admission will be only 3€ adults. See more of it here, and do come to know my new region; in one of my top favorite parks of Paris,

Baguettes are so important part of everyday life here that I could not wait to post this ,just in by the jury of the professional guilds of bakers in paris the top bakeries doing baguettes in Paris for 2013 are

1. Au Paradis du Gourmand – Ridha Khadjer. 156, rue Raymond Losserand, XIVe.

2. Boulangerie Raphaëlle – Sébastien Mayerts. 1, rue Feutrier, XVIIIe.

3. Boulangerie Damiani. 125, avenue du Clichy, XVIIe.

4. Christian Vabret. 27, rue Francois Miron, IVe.

5. Maison Cailleaud. 104, cours de Vincennes, 75012

6. Maison Landemaine – Yosuké Fijié. 56, rue du Clichy, IXe.

7. Dominique Saibron. 77, avenue du Géneral Leclerc, XIVe.

8.  Le Grenier à Pain lafayette. 91, rue Faubourg Poissonnière, IXe.

9. La Parisienne. 12, rue Coustou, XVIIIe.

10 tied. Claude Besnier. 40 rue du Bourgogne, VIIe.

10 tied. Samir Ben Habhab. 55 boulevard Gouvion Saint Cyr, XVIIe.

10 tied. Nicolas Marnay. 24, rue Saint-Martin, IVe.

Enjoy your day wherever you are. cheers

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