My travels in the Morbihan, part II

I am out getting ready to travel outside France but took one last ride around my area always fascinated by the wonderful architecture , history ,and good food all around me. This is Morbihan or petite mer in French, it is Breton meaning small sea; dept 56 of Brittany or Bretagne or Breizh, France.

This is our tourist webpage for all of the Morbihan,

I set out today into deep country past Pluvigner into something call Bieuzy-Lanvaux! yes way deep country, where the mailboxes is just your name,there is no street address!!! Beautiful rustic country thus along road D16 to D779. We continue our ride to Sainte-Anne d’Auray, nearer me. This is a shrine to the patron saint of Brittany ,and according to the book the grandmother of Jesus , mother of Mary.

Sainte-Anne d’Auray is very spiritual town with visits by Pope John Paul II, and pilgrims who flock here every july 25-26 for the feast of Sainte Anne, coming from all over France and some in Europe,not just Bretons, as most think. The basilica is imposing and so is the statues on her honor, and the mauseleum to the Breton fallen in wars, shrines all over the city, with two retirement homes Sainte Anne and Sainte Marie, and then Catholic elementary and college and high schools. Its a state of mind.

In Sainte Anne d’Auray is ,also, one of our favorite family places to go and on the list of best traditional creperies of Brittany, that is  Créperie Les Ajoncs, right across from the basilica. We had our paysanne with potatoes and sausages, a glass of grimbergen abbey beer of Belgium, the breton far aux pruneaux ,which is like a prune pudding,and coffee all for 17€ per person.

We visited city center Pluvigner, which we always past by ,this time we stop; one of the differences of having a blog to write about the region,and living here with no need for pictures taking. Pluvigner is a country town small on road D768 amongst others. It has a nice church or église de Saint Guigner; founder of the town. It is mostly from the 16C as one sable stone on the north side tells you it was in 1545 when built. However, it has been found traces on the building that is even older. The antique tower and bell were done in 1781. Many renovations since 1841 have been carry out . The inside has stained glass marking the events of famous names of the parrish, like Saint Guigner, Saint Guénaël  or the penitent  Kériolet.  You will see statues of Saint Guigner, Saint Michel,Saint Vincent Ferrier and that one of  Notre-Dame de Bon Secours. It ,also, a wonderful painting of the assomption of Mary from 1770. The outside you have vestiges on the north side of the old Chapel Notre-Dame des orties, built in  1426, having survived the cross transept. Surrounding the church you see many monument to the fallen  as well as calvary, and a cross.

You see the modern nice mayor’s office or mairie giving contrast with it and the nearby church describe above. Right back in our area we finally took a picture of the bus system of Morbihan that serves our area Le Divennah in the town of Brech along road D768.

We went over Saint Avé which is near Vannes on our way to our shopping at Carrefour and the kids videogames at Micromania lol!!! I finally show my family where I work, even if close, I took them to Saint Nolffs and my chateau (yes I work in a castle! château de Talhouët) In city center I finally took pictures of the town church complex. The church of Saint Mayeul, is from the 16C. it is now under a massive renovation to save it , a mayor work on a historical monument of great beauty you can see in the photos here. It is surrounded by monument to the fallen, and a little fellow ,and the chapel of Sainte Anne next to the church and built in 1493.

We came home for the night ready to prepare for my next trip out of France Sunday.


Enjoy the tour and until next time in the Morbihan!

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