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March 25, 2013

Paris, its eternal, the more you visit ,the more you like it ::)

And of course, from the title if you happenned to have lived nearby in Versailles and work there in Paris for almost 10 years, now coming back is sublime. For now I will be a tourist and as I always said, the best way to see a city is from the eyes of those who had visited and lived in it.

For the first time in many years, many that I don’t remember, I took the train to Paris. In the past it has been my car or a rental. I took the TGV from Auray to Montparnasse ,very nice fast and on time; then metro to our hotel behind the galerie lafayette. As this trip was beginning to be like a tourist trip, well it continues once arriving at the hotel. It was under renovation no problem, breakfast was not available ,no problem, then ,they switch the key first night and while we were asleep , another couple was just going into our room, we yell, and they step out laughing , call reception, oh yes we notice, sorry, and that was it. Well, its invasion of privacy and we file with the tourist office and the police. There you go our tourist hotel experience in Paris. The hotel is the Antin-Trinite at 74 ave de provence,

Once that was taken care of , we set out to enjoy Paris, and what a joy it always is. We went by the tour Eiffel walking that is, no need to climb ,been there done that.  We visited the marvelous jardin des tuileries, and went into my old churches such as Madeleine, , Trinité, , St Augustin, ,and Saint Roch,  , and the church of  notre dame des champs,  with their webpages.

We went by the Opera garnier, and the Louvre, and of course the deparment stores au printemps and galerie lafayette; we shop at rue tronchet, my old walking plank. and visit my old working places, ok, used to ok, now call the Westin Paris Hotel,  and the Intercontinental Le Grand Hotel, , both as many were under my accounting supervision. It was nice to still be recognised by collegues still there after 7 years ;it was nice.  Oh yes I had the Café de la Paix under as well…

We saw the Seine and the batobus, great ride,  and the many stores we used to go and shop as locals like Salavin, on Tronchet, and the restos we went by just to see ,have  a coffee like at Cafe Montparnasse,  and snacks at Indiana Cafe ,and of course eat at my fav La Gare in the 16th ; delicious porto rouge apero, and kir blanc, 2 menus plaisirs at 21€ with fish and potatoes,a glass of jurançàn moelloux and chablis with coffee for 69,50€ for two, just right.

Then of course there is the endless street walks by quaint neighborhood, we took sometimes the metro, line 12 and 6 , and once the bus no 95 from gare saint lazare to gare montparnasse, great ride, and the walk I insist the walks are sublime.  Oh see the wonderful village outside the gare St Lazare just wonderful we got some macarons there oops! and of course my wonderful passage du havre out from the station into the famous Haussmann and the stores, lol  FNAC is was a must, ,,,, and many more now, just lovely so is the station completely renovated with lots of stores inside, too. passage here,  You won’t even feel tired at the end ::) all worth it. would do it again, tomorrow lol!

I will put some photos to remind me and to show you of the wonders of Paris, until we meet again, soon that is ::) oh forgot , the return trip was great too, nice ride and we were home in a bit over 3hrs, just fine. Cheers.

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