Versailles ,an ever lasting love affair

VersaillesVersailles Versailles Versailles Versailles Versailles Versailles VersaillesWell back from a nostalgic wonderful weekend in my old town of Versailles. I have written according to my blog statistics 186 times on Versailles, last on November 19,2012. Its an ever lasting love affair indeed. Versailles, I won’t forget you.

For the first time in many years, I did it like a tourist would; we took the TGV from Auray to Paris Montparnasse, so we can visit Paris as well, and then took the RER C from the Invalides station to Rive Gauche in Versailles. My kids for school have done it but it was the first time for us as we took the car before. The ticket is 3,35€ one way per person, and the ride is very nice in wagons decorated with paintings from the chateau de Versailles. The trip back was very easy too, however, the wagons were not decorated this time. We went to stop Musée d’Orsay to be closer to the Tuileries in Paris. RER C map,

IN Versailles we past by the wonderful museum Lambinet with all the history of Versailles in it. See it here in the city of Versailles site We visit the Collegiale Notre Dame church in my old neighborhood, website here, , and went by the open marché notre dame, wonderful alive and plenty to buy, it was again a delight to be here, tourist office webpage, . We visit our Hôtel de Ville,and went all the way up visiting the different departments as if were still here,and the people were nice enough to let us roam thru the hallways (hospitality Versaillaise). webpage of the city with a map you can click the points you want to see in the map, I have on tourists spots,

We wondered the gardens of the chateau de Versailles, where we roam many times for walks and lunch, no need to go inside the castle we have seen it hundreds of time as we are friends of the castle. the info on the gardens in English,–  ,and if you want to become a friends of Versailles, here

We saw the les manéges, where my oldest son worked and full of boutiques,and the ticket office for sightseeing in Versailles including tickets to the chateau. We took for a bit the Bus B, our kids old bus to school, on the wonderful Phebus system of Versailles, have webpage on itineraries page,

We went up where most do not go when visiting Versailles, a pity. Its more than a castle;; up in the Montreuil district going away from the chateau on avenue de Paris you reach No 73 on your left hand side, see the Domaine Madame Elizabeth (house of sister of Louix XVI, also guillotine for defending her brother) ;you can even come straight to it from Paris on bus 171 from pont de Sévres, and stop arrêt Jean Mermoz, the same bus that takes you in front of the chateau!!!

If you go thru the gardens get out on the back door to your left trails, and go out in ave Champ Lagane, take left and go straight to find the the Maisons des musiciens Italiens at No 15, these were the musicians that king Louis XIV brought from Italy to sing and play at his court. Then it house the Madame de Marsans that care for the children of Louis XV.  Now, it is the museum of the Compagnons du tour de France, that have their hq here too.

Then visit the Hôtel des Menus Plaisir du Roi; at no 22 avenue de Paris ; right hand side from chateau .This is where the toys and amusement of the king’s children were kept, then it serve to host the Etats Généraux in 1789. Where the deputies voted a National Assembly and abolished all priviledges and rights of the nobles creating the declaration of the rights of men and citizens. Today, it is the musical baroque center of Versailles with baroque music plays( Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles).

We visit wonderful history in the old Lycée Hoche, one of the highest learning secondary or high school in France in the scientific field;  It is at 73 ave Saint Cloud, and were before the convent of the queen, that were given to the school after the French revolution. Built between 1767  and 1772,and became an Imperial college in 1806,by 1888 it was rename Hoche in honor of local native General Lazare Hoche.

You can revisit wonderful churches such as St Symphorien in the Montreuil district just from the maison des musicians take rue de condamines right and go straight down behind the church on pl st symphorien, you take a quick left on the circle and take right on rue de Montreuil to reach ave de Paris main artery.

Monument statues to Le Notre and J.H. Mansart, and beautiful architecture plus exciting stores and restaurants of my time there such as Au Chien qui fume, or the leyendary hotel du cheval rouge, where many many years ago I stayed when visiting Versailles as a newbie Frenchmen, and then had the opportunity to see it everyday on the market of notre dame area, old stables of the king’s horses, recommended to you too,

All wonderful Versailles, a royal town, my kind of town. And ,I am sure if dare to visit all of it, away from the chateau ,it will become your town too. Last not to forget, of course, we ate here, and we went to our favorite place, and the one I always bring my guests and family when visiting us here, this is at the marché de notre dame ,4 rue au pain, La Boeuf à la Mode, This is an authentic traditional French restaurant serving the best of the best in gastronomy country. I had the apero, porto rouge, then main plat boeuf bourguignon in spaghettis, all wash down with house red wine glass, Poire au chocolat dessert, cafe, my other half had kir aligote (white wine with cassis flavored), travers de porc caramilisé or pork ribs in caramel sauce, with the pudding in English sauce; cafe, and glass of red wine. all for 43,50€ for two.

And back to Paris. lol!!! Enjoy the photos, we did too;again ::)

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