Some news from France LXXXXVII

On a peaceful Sunday in Brittany lets recap with time some new items of interests to residents and travelers alike. The news from Paris are never short and now its the time rather than wait for the weekdays when I will be busy preparing for other adventures.

Here it is cloudy, with some of rain, and temps in the 7C.

The latest news is that the nice and well known Zoo de Vincennes at Paris is close. Well it is under renovation to open in 2014. The only problem is how to name it after all is done! The commission in charge of its renovation don’t like to continue calling it the Zoo de Vincennes but rather the parc zoologique de Paris;now a senator from the opposing party in France,UMP is saying this is impossible. She suggest naming it the Parc Zoologique de Paris-Vincennes; so the political race is on while the park is not even yet able to open. As you might know the park is open here since 1934 but its closed since 2008! The park is expected to reopon in spring of 2014. Read more about it here in French, the official site already with the new name lol!

The famous Paris-Nice bicycle race, (at least here is famous) will have this year a prologue stage and the first course stage from my old area in the Yvelines dept 78.  The city center of Houilles (oh so many times in transit to work here!) is full of activity today as the prologue starts today by 13h32 . Houilles  is completely change its facade with stands for bicycles, repairs shops, acrobates cyclists etc. Tomorrow Monday, the cyclists will start the first etape stage from Saint-Germain-en-Laye (nostalgia of its marché and parking pologne to see the wonderful city of Louis XIV) ,the stage will end in my wife’s dept of Seine et Marne on the town of Nemours.  Read all about in English at thet Tour de France webpage

LE PLAYERS ,161 rue montmartre, 75002 ,Metro Grands Boulevards (L 8 or 9) will have on march 23rd “The American Party” with over 30 TV screen showing American shows,with a musical selection of  100% US ! they will have their Quaterbacks & Cheerleaders taken care of you with 4 Dj’s playing : Pop, Electro, HipHop etc…On the program :
– Decoration 100% US
– Distribution of goods made in USA
– Service at the Bar in RED CUPs
– Tables of BEER PONG !
– Stand HOT DOG all night
– Breakfast DONUTS offers from 4h30!

And all is free if you register in advance with a dinner at, i think you can print the pass here if not above link;

From march 22 to June 30, at the Domaine de Sceaux , you can see the exposition 1704, les salons, les Arts, le roi .  The domaine de Sceaux is located in the towns of Antony and Sceaux.,and it is with a castle and garden park inmense that houses the museum or Musée de l’Ile de France.Métro : Croix de Bern,RER B,and Parc de Sceaux RER B. webpage It will have 520 works of arts giving during the expo in honor of the first great grandson of Louis XIV ,and this event is now organised to its identical by the Royal Academy of Paintings and Sculptures.

The Théatre Luxembourg de Meaux (my wife’s native town),at  4, Rue Cornillon Meaux 77100 in Seine et Marne , train direct from Gare de l’Est in Paris, in a time of many soirées when our younger love days,it is equipped with a very good salon and auditorium with great clarity of sound, showing each season with over 60 spectacles  going from the traditional to the modern for different tastes and likes . The Festival Hoptimum  with activities until Sept 15 2013;  an original rdv of dancers, rappers, graffiti experts both amateurs and professionals . In the program for March 23 at 14h30 ,you have  Battle Junior open to all young breakers dancers  of Ile de France region with a surprise closing show.Admission is 3€

In on my beloved Versailles which I will be middle end of March, you have the upper popular and crowded but beautiful and magnificent Les Grandes Eaux Musicales on March 29 to October 27 2013. Discover this year the magic of the fontaines et bosquets or  fountains and forest parks of the Domaine de Versailles  with its fabolous water falling and shouts at the rythme of the music. The hours and days are every Saturdays and Sundays from March 30 mars to October 27 2013. Every tuesdays from May 21 to June 25 2013. Exceptional opening dates in March 29, May 8,9, and August 15 2013. Access to the gardens is payable from  9h to 18h30 at 8,50€ , with the Saturdays of the Grandes Eaux Nocturnes the gardens close from 17h30. The gardens parks are open from 9h to 18h30; the music starts from 10h to 18h30, and  on weekends from  11h-12h and 15h30-17h, tuesdays from 11h -12h and 14h30-16h. The water is on at the Bassin du Miroir every 10 minutes from 10h to 18h30, and on the Bassin de Neptune from 17h20 to 17h30. Same possibility of buying an adult annual card for 21€.

And follow that up with the musical gardens or Les Jardins Musicaux, from April 2 to October 29. For better enjoy the gardens  every Tuesdays in April, May, July, August,September ,and October you will have a musical promenade ; a moment to intensively discover the heart of these wonderful gardens à la française dream and created by the master André Le Nôtre(this year 2013 in the city of Versailles is the Year of Le Notre, see the hotel de ville for activities,and photo), you will walk musically by the statues that lives in the gardens alleys, on the shadows of its spaces of the protected park by the gardeners of Versailles. The opening hours of the gardens for this event is from  9h to 18h30; the music will be played from 10h to 18h30, and the water will start pouring from fountains on the Bassin du Miroir from 10h to 18h30; admission for this event is 7,50€; there is a possibility of taken an annual card for the event for 21€ and you can buy online bringing the bar coded ticket page with you is ok.

Have a great Sunday everyone, I am getting ready for my trips first Brazil, then South Africa, then Paris/Versailles this month. Cheers!!

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