Some news from France LXXXXVI

So here we are again, back from several trips and needed to say something about France.There is always something new when visiting or passing by Paris;and it won’t stop with me, I will be back end of march.

For those in the fashion and this is fashion week in Paris, you can go wrong to go here Save the Queen yes at 189 blvd Saint Germain, tel +33 (0) 1 45 44 14 62 and experience a theater style fashion shop , the chic and trendy of Paris, webpage

Go to the Hotel de Ville from now until July 6 and see the exhibtion on fashion, Paris Haute Couture, capital of fashion since the 19C. 5 rue de Lobau, more info here to see Dior,Chanel,Mlle Vionnet,YSL or Balenciaga ,

For the new pop electro romantic French singer seek out Benjamin Biolay and he will be in concert at the Casino de Paris,16 rue de Clichy from March 26-30, already with 7 albums out he is one to see,

Follow that up with pure romanticism at the musée d’Orsay, printing,sculpture,painting, the dark romanticism of the late 18C will be on display from March 5 to June 9. Don’t missed if you can ,more here

See if you can follow that up with the master from Honfleur Eugene Boudin at the musée Jacquemart-André.  the painter of lights, skies, that pave the way for the impressionists, as once Claude Monet said, “i owe it all to Boudin”, 60 of his work will be on display from March 22 to July 22. more info at

A nice property go up to rent and enjoy it ,Hotel Paradis, 41 rue des petites écuries, just near Sacre Coeur. You can enjoy its bar Le Pompon as I did, and the hotel visit but not stay ,deco by Dorothée Meilichzon, only 38 rooms, 1940 furniture and decoration from England, double room from 89€ suites for 194€ with a view of Sacre Coeur. more info

Back to my area of encounter with France, go to Meaux, the famous city of the cheese Brie de Meaux and Moutard de Meaux, it is even a inexpensive stepping stone to visit Disneyland, but there is something more serious and nice. The musée de la Grande Guerre or the museum of the great war, that is WWI. The most extensive collection of items from the times in Europe, from uniforms, vehicules, arms,recontruction of tranches, video presentation, and many diverse objects,only 40 minutes from Paris. more info here

For something delicious and very French why not a baguette, you can have the classic one at Boulangerie Mauvieux, 159 rue Ordener,+33 1 42 62 76 70 ,near metro Lamarck-Caulaincourt ,no web. winner in 2012 of the Best Baguette in Paris.  You can try Boulangerie Arnaud Delmontel, 39 rue des Martyrs, +33 1 48 78 29 33  the most creative with pumpkin seed , six grains,four seeds, linseed etc varieties, and a former winner of the The Best Baguette in Paris, with webpage Passing by the great gourmet Eric Kayser,8 rue Monge , +33 1 44 07 01 42 now with a branch at Orly airport too( Terminal Ouest salle 40) .

How to read Paris in 10 major works in French,Marcel Proust on DU Côte de Chez Swann, Patrick Modiano on Dans le Café de la Jeunesse perdue, Raymond Queneau in Zazie dans le Métro, and Bret Easton Ellis in Glamorama, also, Emile Zola in Le Ventre de Paris, Gustave Flaubert in l’éducation sentimentale, Guy de Maupassant in Bel-Ami, Louis Aragon in Aurélien, Antoine Blondin in l’humeur Vagabonde, and Victor Hugo in the Les Misérables.  and of course Ernest Hemingway in the movable feast, and newer Cuban Zoe Valdes on La Sous-développée.

And see if you can get in as I did once at the La Pléiade library where once a month the great thinkers read Proust,Camus,Malraux,Kessel,Aragon, Sartre, and more recents Jonathan Littell, Marie NDiaye,and Alexis Jenni.  they are elevated as sage or masters,and read more than 6000 manuscripts and books every month to be able to be publishes with the famous publisher Gallimard, the readers are rated over 1,5 they are discarted,and between 1 and 1,5 they are kept.  more info in French here and the various publication of its HQ Gallimard, here ,and more on it in wikipedia,

And what about those wonderful Parisien markets such as that of St Ouen marché aux puces, starting with antiques at galerie Glustin at 140 rue des Rosiers, or marché Biron at 85 rue des Rosiers at  or at 33 et 41 Rue Paul Bert,at  , and at 27 rue des Rosiers at  

And who said an airport is boring, when you can listen to live jazz at the Bar l’Astrolabe at Orly porte D departures, already try by yours truly and its a boundiful ambiance.  Every thursdays next is Didier Lockwood from 17-19h; this is great so be there early ::)

happy weekend everyone, cheers.

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