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February 23, 2013

Madrid to heaven and a hole in the sky to look down on it every day!

I just came back from visiting again Madrid, my Madrid. IF you have not read my blog, I lived there for four years in the 1970’s, and then came back for the 1982 World Cup of Football/Soccer,then again in 1990, and then from 2003 , I have been coming here two to three times per year. Needless to say is one of my favorite cities in the world, rather high on my scale.

Madrid is envigorating to the soul, active, modern, no taboos, free, open, lively, enthusiastic even in the worst economic situation like now, with an Iberia strike that needed two re schedules of my flight but so what,its Madrid, all worth it a million times.  Madrid is From Madrid to heaven and a hole in the sky to look down on it everyday. I do look on it every day thanks for the TVE tv station that I see here,and the radio Los 40 principales, and countless of friends and family,and my soul brothers of the Real Madrid FC; its a treat to be back,and I savour it every second of its air.

I made a short visit, business needs, but took the time the best I can manage it to see a bit of the city, from the wonderful magnificent Prado museum to the interesting and history museo naval or navy museum all is glitter. Webpages here  where the van goth exhibition has been extended by popular demand. and the navy at

You have many wonderful churches full of history from the church of Nuestra Señora de Carmen, history of Madrid since 1575 with the carmelites rites, and and the church built between 1610 and 1640,   and the church of San Gines de Arles,  it is know in writing since 1332, but they are some indices it could be from the 13C , the church of calatrava  done in the old monastery of  Real de la Concepción, better known as the commandements of Calatrava, here since  1623. Church of San Jeronimo, a history full of Spain, it goes back tot he order of the Saint Jerome from the year  1464. In May 9 , 1502 Queen Isabel the Catholic give the monks of jeronimos Santa Maria del Paso a place close the courts, a place that came to be known as Prado de San Jerónimo, and now you know the museum of Prado ::), and mine Church of San Benito and San Manuel right off Alcala and across from Retiro park ,

The Retiro park,parque del buen retiro and the Real Madrid stadium Santiago Bernabeu with the Cibeles fountain, all a symbol of my Madrid, the stay was at Ayre Gran Colon hotel off pez volador and calle dr esquerdo,

My Puerta de Alcala, and Plaza Mayor, and so much more need to have a blog just for it, but you get the idea, Madrid is heaven, and you should discover it. If you need more let me know, I bet I know every nook of it. Enjoy Madrid!!!. Cheers.


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