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Here we are starting a new week. Tough day at work, many arrangements for travel and difficult to convince people of their needs, they are all perfect, and me well I just fill a room lol!! woos that feels good , let it out,now back to travel.

La Samaritaine store was supposed to start construction of the new building layout in three days, but some save the old stone organisations are vetoeing the move as there are some houses from the  17C and from Louis XV time that they want saved. In principle , work value at  460 millions euros -,and take 27 months to do, including a luxury hotel of 72 rooms , restaurant with terrace,  20.000 m2 of office space, 96 social low income housing apts (what a mix!!!) ,  26.400 m2 of shops spaces, a baby care center with  60 beds, and about  2000 jobs created; is all on hold.  The building bordered by the streets rue Baillet, de la Monnaie, de l’Arbre-Sec ,and Rivoli is missing some local authorisation for building codes types. So far they are claiming for the finish year 2015, still. This is one of the groups opposing the construction, and

The tourism in France is here to stay healthy and welcoming, according to the ministry of culture spokewoman M Pinel, and shown in the Le Figaro, we had 77B € of revenue from tourisme in 2012 with an higher influx of visitors from abroad, preliminary figures these are. Lol!

ok so you come to France, buy a souvenir key chain of the tour Eiffel, but made in China lol!! now a group (passion France) is doing something to make sure you buy Made in France. They started selling these souvenirs at the Galerie Lafayette of blvd Haussmann and they were the best sellers over 15 months, the company doing this is Passion France and have a store at the ave de la Grande Armée past the arc de triomphe, a bit more expensive, but it is French lol!!  And here is their webpage,  Now buy French will you ,why the heck you come here for lol!!! Allez les bleus ::)

Ever heard of the old adage , buy early buy cheaper, well with the SNCF train tickets now going up twice per year jan and july , the idea of doing your buy early makes sense, the more you wait the more you will pay ,two raises per year.  So if have time, know French, you can buy last minute and still get good prices from those willing to resale their ticket at two sites, Kelbillet, and Troc de Trains, their webpages here and  don’t say I didn’t tell you ok ::)

In France, in the continuing effort to track and punish money laundering operations, there will be a law on the table to be approved by end of year, that is lower the requirement for payment in cash from the current 3000€ to 1000€ for residents and from 15K to 10K for the non resident. So if the law passes and you want to pay for something worth more than 1000 euros you better have a good proof of purchase or use a card or check no cash lol!!! I think is just a gimmick to make you go paperless, its a conspiracy lol!!! Black Monday.

And this is from my Real Madrid, The Santiago Bernabeu is the first European category 4 stadium to install a high-density wifi network that covers 100% of the field and will be fully operational in the coming months. With this network Real Madrid intends to offer a wide range of services including live video, match statistics and internet access, which will improve the experience of spectators coming to the stadium through their electronic devices. Only two others in the world has it, Kansas City (MLS) and Brooklyn Nets (NBA) in the USA lol!!!

Some update news,  the pizzas in France are losing their size by a few cm, so now occupied 4,3% less in surface. However, the French stay the second most consumers of Pizzas in the World, 1) USA, 2) France , 3) Italy. The French eat on average 20 pizzas per year with the most popular the Reine (queen) and 4 fromages (four cheeses) with some coming in top places such as savoyarde, chorizo, merguez ,and tartiflette. There ,love it, cheers!

if you can go get there quick great jazz recommended  SUNSET HORS LES MURS : SAMY THIEBAULT
Thursays February 21 at 20h30
admission 25,00€  at Le New Morning, 7/9 rue des Petite Ecuries 10éme;

you all a great week!!! Cheers

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