Shopping galore in Paris, where else ::)

I really like shopping sound maybe odds for a straight guy, but love to go those stores, and get the latest. Of course, I am usually a lot quicker than women, I know where to go ,get it and out. I did wrote a story before entitled “Best Shopping, my shopping in Paris” in my blog but its time to tell you more of this peculiar pastime.

There is many things to shop in Paris, from real luxury to common items, and all are magnificents. People sometimes think that items will be cheaper here,and ask me, but in reality most of the well known items are the same price when you compare shipping cost. Still, buying IN Paris is a heck of a lot better than elsewhere….

Of course, I can only talk about men’s fashion, the rest is up to you lol!! Silk & Cashmere is one of my favorite outlets and the fav store is at 31 rue du Four, 75006, Turkish brand of silk and cashmere of course, really great here is the webpage and store

A bit off the fashion trend but very chic, in my fav area of Paris the 16éme arrondissement, you find the L-Arc club at 12 Rue de Presbourg  75116 if you want to show off your new purchase fashion, this is it. Very near the arc de triomphe and pure fashion Paris, webpage

Another twist with opera included is the faboulous Le Carmen at 34 rue Duperré, south of Pigalle in the place, need groupies at night, and great Opera, as it was here that Georges Bizet wrote Carmen, so mingle with great musicians and glamorous people showing off your latest at webpage

Now some directions, the famous Champs-Elysées has many shops, and one of the best shopping in town. Near metro George V is one of my favorites Massimo Dutti 116 ave Champs-Elysées,

Right at Ave C-E and rue de Marignan you have Bruce Field, at 20 ave FD Roosevelt, webpage

The tops streets here off ave C-E are ave George V,,rue François Ier, Rue Marbeuf,rue Pierre Charron,Ave Montagne, all in the stretch from the Arc de Triomphe to the ave FD Roosevelt.

Another area is the Pierre Cardin at 59 Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré. webpage  Another is Hugo Boss at 374 Rue Saint Honoré.webpage

The tops streets here are of course Rue du Faubourg Saint Honoré,and Rue Saint Honoré, but ,also, Rue Royale,Rue Cambon,Rue Boissy d’Anglas,, rue des Pyramides,and Rue de Castiglione.

The Madeleine quartier is a favorite of mine and, also, my walking way to work for many years in Paris. Massimo Dutti, at rue Tronchet,Cafe Coton,32 Rue Tronchet, walking to the church of Madeleine webpage All full of stores around Pl de la Madeleine,from blvd Haussmann up rue Tronchet ,and past the place to rue Royale,and blvd de la Madeleine.

You have nice stores in the blvd des Capucines, with Lacoste, 37 blvd des Capucines, webpage ,and my rugby Eden Park at 12 blvd des Capucines.webpage

Moving over to Pl Vendome to Opera along rue de la paix, lots of watch stores there but the Comptoir des Cottonniers ,17 rue de la Paix, webpage

Other areas dear to me, as to cover all of Paris lol!!! blvd Saint Germain,Rue Saint Sulpice,Rue du Four, Rue de Sévres, and rue de Grenelle.  Near  blvd Saint Germain  at 48 rue des écoles you have my outdoor favorite Au Vieux Compeur, bages winter and summer sports equipement camping etc, webpage  Down further on 174 St Germain you have Façonnable, webpage  You have Hugo Boss here too and rue du four continues into rue de Sévres is loaded with stores. On Rue Bonaparte, you have the comptoir des cotonniers as well. At 58 rue de Rennes you have Guess, webpage , and many other stores.  Just as along rue des Saint Pérés, all a laberynth of shopping delights.

And of course, these are the stores that I have been in, there are others, plenty others all over Paris,because Paris is a shopper paradise of the best on Paradise!

And as I like to mix the good look with the good food, the top chefs in France by revenue are Alain Ducasse, 120m€ with 27 restaurants, Jôel Robuchon, 75m€ and 19 restaurants, Paul Bocuse, 53M€ and 21 restos, Georges Blanc ,26m€ and 8 restos, Jean-André Charial, 17,1m€ and 5 restos, Guy Savoy, 17m€ and 6 restos, and Laurent and  Jacques Pourcel, 12me and 12 restos. There the créme de la créme.Bon appétit!


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  1. Wow. Oh. Wow. What a great list !! I love it. Thanks for including the addresses. Do you have a favorite shop? A favorite shopping neighborhood? Enjoy the weekend! Theadora


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