Some news from France LXXXXIII

Here is mid week freaky me shooting at my blog, can’t wait for the weekend, so much going on, how are things doing in your neck of the woods or place on earth?

A great act on jazz in Paris, right by Vanvin metro station, Jazz Act. Salon open by 20h, music from 20h30 ;15€ admission for great jazz, and they have other places in Paris such as Montparnasse 28, rue Vavin,(the one I visited) , Louvre-Rivoli 49, rue Berger, Vaugirard 1, rue du Général Beuret, Beaubourg 22, rue du Cloître Saint-Merri. You read more at a sister wordpress site

How many times we go by airports and feel stress, with all these crap security  measures that only makes us feel uncomfortable and miserable while the sob continues doing their things. Well here is some advise to help out.

1. Leave all prohibited objects in your check in luggage. 2. Keep all liquids in the carry on bag n hand. 3. Don’t wrap your gifts. 4. pre registered  yourself online. 5. Carry bags adapted to your electronics gadgets. 6. Dress yourself light and with no metals objects, 7. of course, eliminate all metal items to carry on luggage or in yourself. 8. empty your pockets. 9. Have ally our papers , boarding pass, passports ready. 10. Arrive early ,3 hrs international 2 hrs domestics.

Of course ,after all of the above ,you may decide to cancel your trip lol!!! and more airlines out of business.

And a bit from my beloved Madrid, there is a expo at the Thyssen museum of Impressionists artists starting today. “The Impressionists and Open Air Paintings from Corot to  Van Gogh”, the early painters from John Constable or Camille Corot,to  post-impressionnists such as Vincent Van Gogh, passing by  Claude Monet, Paul Cézanne or Pierre-Auguste Renoir,. The exposition will have  113 works that will be shown by themes of different sceneries. Some of the work on display will be that of  Claude Monet,  “Marée basse devant Varengeville”  1882, “Etretat, mer agitée” from  1883. Others will be  “Sous-bois” of Gustave Courbet (1856), “Le clos normand” of Cézanne (1885-86) or “Peupliers au bord de l’Epte” of Monet (1891). webpage

If you want to come back to Paris and see Art, check out the PLACE to be for American Art in Paris. The Mona Bismarck Foundation at 34 ave de New York,near trocadero. Not only the home ground of many American org and club in France since 1919 but a great art museum of American art with exchanges and history of the two countries cooperation. ,and direct here is what you expect to see in the next weeks,


Lastly , a quiet place to relaxed in Paris, I use it once in a while now more than ever when coming over to Paris. Jardin de l’Observatoire,98, bd Arago, best way to get here is by metro line 6  Saint-Jacques, usually open from 13h to 17h,   it has at least 100 trees of 15 different species including a noisetier (Corylus laciniata) , and a  zelkova, large segments of flowers and great green fields with one being  900m² . From 1992, the Jardin de l’Observatoire has materialise the meridien in Paris.

Until next time,cheers.




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